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1000 years after the beginning of the events of the famous MMORPG Dofus, a terrible cataclysm has shaken the World of Twelve. Blame it on an ogre by the name of Ogrest, who achieved the feat of bringing together the six primordial dofus, six dragon eggs which, if brought together, give their wearer a power surpassing that of the gods. The latter tried to confront him but the monster sent them back to their homes, before mourning his beautiful, dead during the battle. So inevitably, when an ogre mad with grief and more powerful than the twelve gods starts to cry from the highest mountain in the world, it does damage ...

With the gods slowly recovering from their defeat, it is up to men to take matters into their own hands. In Wakfu, it all depends on the players! Climb Mount Zinit to face Ogrest, or make your way through a world in the throes of rebuilding. Be a fierce warrior, an honest politician (it seems you can), a talented craftsman, a skilled trader, or a vile thief. All of these doors will open when you enter the game!


17 different classes to play

Your strategy is "we go into the heap and we strike"? So you have the soul of a brave iop. Do you prefer to type from afar? The crâ is for you. Do you like treating teammates' minor injuries? Go for the eniripsa. Treasures are your thing, and you tend to be tight-fisted? Then you will enjoy yourself in the car. Are you deceitful and like to act in the shadows? In this case, take a sram.

There are a total of 17 classes available, here is the list with a small description line:

Feca : a protector, able to block enemies and protect allies.
Osamodas : a summoner who captures monsters for use in battle.
Enutrof : a treasure hunter who tends to find the best items on monsters.
Shame : a thief and an assassin, who can adopt different techniques to finish off his victims.
Xelor : a temporal magician, able to inflict great damage and manipulate time in his favor.
Ecaflip : a warrior who relies on his luck to win the battles.
Eniripsa : a master of care ... but also poisons. He protects his allies while correcting his enemies.
Iop : a go-getter warrior, whose philosophy is "hit first, then speak".
Cra : an archer, a pro at distance combat, slaughtering his opponents before he reaches him.
Sadida : a multitasking summoner with affinities with the forces of nature supporting his team with the help of his magic dolls. Do not laugh, they are formidable.
Sacrier : a berserker, whose power increases as he takes hits. It is therefore not out of altruism that he protects his allies ...
Pandavas : a warrior with a good descent, but who makes an excellent setter.
Rogue : a cunning bandit who takes advantage of his arsenal of weapons to gain the upper hand in combat.
Zobal : A schizophrenic warrior, who can be a healer, an usher, a single-target hitter or a multi-target hitter depending on his mood.
Steamer : a saboteur, weakening enemies using his sophisticated Stasis-fed weapons and advanced mechanics.
Eliotrope : a mobile warrior, tapping into the world's primordial magic, Wakfu, to create portals and move in a flash.
Huppermage : an elementalist mage, drawing from all the elements to achieve balance and strike with all his might.


Choose one of these 17 classes

You see, you are spoiled for choice!


Turn-based battles

Battles in Wakfu are not played in real time but turn-based. This gives them a strategic dimension. Evaluate your investments, plan your strategy and collaborate with your team to defeat the most powerful enemies in the game. Master the different rules that govern combat to win! Prepare your most powerful spells, try to hit the target's back for more damage, and manage your various stats!

Place yourself ... … And knock!


A complete and living ecosystem

In Wakfu, it's all up to you, and this is especially true for the environment! Monsters and plant resources don't reappear, it's up to the players to manage the game's ecosystem. Want to mow all the wheat to sell your bread? Go for it, but if you don't sow it behind it will be your last harvest. Do you want to exterminate an animal species? It's your right, but it will be gone forever. Too bad for you if you realize that you need live critters.

The reproduction of the monsters has even been animated ... The game ecosystem is alive and well!


An important political system

The world is in ruins, and nations must rise up after the Chaos of Ogrest. Anyone can participate, including by trying to access the office of governor, by being elected by the other players of his nation!

There are 4 nations, Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia, as well as a bandit clan that does not belong to any other nation, Clan Riktus, with its own governor. You can't really say it's a fifth nation because it only has one lair, but the clan still has things in common with the nations.

Each nation has its own laws, defined by the governors. They manage their own taxes, the ecosystem of their regions, they influence the climates of the regions and can even trigger small quests in their territories.

But these nations are at war and they clash to conquer the neutral islands! Finally to be honest there is currently only one island that can be conquered, but more will come.

Become governor of your nation. Only you can sit on the throne!


The final word

Wakfu is a very rich game that has enormous development potential. Its various features already offer a lot of ways to play, but, alas, it suffers from a lack of development which slows its popularity and can cause a feeling of boredom. Despite this, the turn-based combat, the idea of ​​an ecosystem entirely managed by the players and a generally friendly community provide this game with the foundations to become a great game. We only regret that after 4 years, he hasn't gotten there yet, but personally I remain hopeful.

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