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After the update that took place last night April 7, here is the patch notes of the fixes deployed.



The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.2 makes a number of fixes to existing content, especially issues with quests blocking progression.


Fixes and Improvements

Alliance War


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in siege engines behaving strangely after a crash.


Crafts and Economy


  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when selling an item to a merchant.
  • Supplier bags can no longer be exchanged.


Dungeons and groups


  • Changed the names of several items that can be found in dungeons.
  • The Tongue of Sheogorath: The cave boss will now respawn at a suitable rate.
  • Crucible of Elders: Choking Bramble will now always become aggressive when tapped.
  • Veteran Darkshade Cavern Boss: Engine Guardian's green phase properly engages.


Black anchors

  • Fixed an issue where a Black Anchor could get stuck when a large group attacked it.
  • Dark Anchors return to their original state when no one is nearby.




  • Fixed an issue where members of a guild who could only deposit deposits could not do so in the Guild Bank.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not ride their mount if they discovered a new area while on horseback.




  • Fixed an issue occurring in several areas where monsters or other players could be knocked out of the world.


  • Frog races are now prohibited; the organizers are holding a petition right now in support of their return.
  • Wishing wells have been removed from Skygarde.
  • Cut the Bridges: High Matriarch Estre should now appear at the appropriate time.
  • In the Name of the Queen: Colanwë should no longer get stuck and hamper quest progress.
  • Queen's Rights: Queen Ayrenn should no longer get stuck and hamper quest progress.
  • La Mallari-Mora: Uricantar no longer instantly respawns.


  • Challenge Gruznak: Gruznak can no longer be continuously summoned.


  • Ghosts of Westria: Fixed an issue where the “Listen to Rosalinde and Leon's Discussion” stage correctly ends and advances the quest.
  • Return of the Elements: Each player can now open a portal and progress the quest.
  • Master the Talisman: Gabrielle will always respawn next to the tree now.
  • Champion of the Guardians: If a monster defending the Wyresses gets stuck, it will reset correctly and advance the quest.
  • Return of the Elements: Fixed an issue where the quest would break when abandoned.
  • Wolves Among Us: Refugees will now transform into werewolves as they should.

Graht wood

  • Haven of Agitation: Jeer-Tei will always spawn on the ship.
  • Haven of Restlessness: Enemies should always spawn during the ritual.


  • Craft Guardian: The Bosmers are no longer interested in brawling with the Sutures.
  • Scare the Dreadful: Kollopi's Essence Disguise will no longer work in Cyrodiil.
  • Reclaiming the Pass: You should now be rewarded for closing rifts in the “Close Shadow Rifts” step.

Mages Guild

  • Forgotten Knowledge: Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the portal from being able to be used at the end of the Rumbler Hollow.

Main quest

  • Worm Castle: Overwhelming Power is now properly removed from you.


  • The Taillemont Split: High King Emeric should correctly spawn.
  • The Yokuda Children: Poison barrels should now appear in the "Let the Poison Conspiracy Fail" step.


  • Fangs of Sithis: Barvyn should now respaw if he gets stuck.

The Screes

  • Desperate Souls: Boss events reset if the boss gets stuck.
  • Slaves of the Hereafter: Spectral slaves should be able to be freed.
  • The Brothers Will Rise: You should no longer be stuck after being killed by a Summoned Atronach.
  • The Brothers will rise up: Brimstone and Hateguard should now respawn if they get stuck.

La Brêche

  • Gift of the Worm: Sepulchral renderers should now respawn correctly if they get stuck.




  • Added a warning message warning that deleting a character will cause all items attached to that character to disappear, including pre-order bonuses, Imperial Edition, and beta.
  • Reduced the limit on the number of characters that can be entered in a chat message. This should fix the viewing issues in the chat window.

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