FFXIV - The different Jobs

As you know Final Fantasy XIV: ARR works with a principle of JOB which is the "mixture" of 2 starting classes of the game. But a real vagueness has settled as to know which class is necessary for such or such JOB . A little clarification is needed, here it is. Here, no presentation of the various JOBS, but just a list recapitulating which class goes with which class for which job.


Dragon Knight

  • Master of Hast: lvl30
  • Marauder: lvl15



  • Archer: lvl30
  • Pugilist: lvl15



  • Gladiator: lvl30
  • Elementaliste: lvl15



  • Pugilist: lvl30
  • Master D'Hast: lvl15


Black Magus

  • Occultist: lvl30
  • Archer: lvl15


White Mage

  •  Elementaliste: lvl30
  • Arcanists: lvl15



  •  Arcanists: lvl30
  • Occuliste: lvl15



  •  Marauder: lvl30
  • Gladiator: lvl15



  •  Arcanists: lvl30
  • Elementaliste: lvl15


Do not hesitate to test, this list is subject to change!


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