FFXIV - Update 30/10: Labyrinth of Bahamut

La update which took place this morning was intended to correct several bugs taking place in the Bahamut Maze.

In a post this morning, Yoshida reviews the behavior of Gemellia, its various attacks, as well as on Hygeia. The latter, for example, remained alive even after being killed. This bug has been fixed.

Yoshi, on the Labyrinth of Bahamut V

This is Naoki Yoshida, producer / director of FFXIV: ARR.

I would like to give you some explanations about the 5th floor of the Bahamut Labyrinth, in particular the maintenance that we will be doing today and the adjustments that will be made on this occasion ...

But, before that, I would like to announce to you that valiant adventurers of the Excalibur World officially succeeded in conquering this dungeon on October 26th (Pacific time)!

I would like to congratulate this team wholeheartedly.

Okay, back to the subject of this post.

  • Adjustments made to the "Gemellia" monster in the Labyrinth of Bahamut V

    The entire development team would like to pay their respects to the adventurers who managed to defeat Gemellia despite the zone closures we had to make due to a critical error, and the various issues about which we received many comments. and questions from all of you.

    The Bahamut Maze is the first end-game item we created for the release of FFXIV: ARR, and it will serve as a teaching ground for developing new high-level dungeons and future tweaks.

    As I mentioned above, many of you have given us feedback on the regular strategies of this fight, and therefore, I will communicate to you the corrections and adjustments that we are going to make to Gemellia.
    They will be implemented during the maintenance that will be carried out today from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. (GMT).

    1. About Hygieia (phase 2 of the fight against Gemellia)

      The "Hygieia" monster is the main objective of the 2nd phase of the fight against Gemellia, but you have reported an error where it sometimes remained alive with 0 HP when it was defeated immediately after appearing or in a state where he could not act, for example having suffered "Stun".
      Upon investigation, we discovered that this was an issue that had existed since launch and was the result of a data handling error when a monster nearing completion was inflicted with the effect. " Stun "while performing an action.
      We have fixed this bug and are sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

    2. About Gemellia's "Firestorm" Status Damage Resistance

      We have also received a lot of feedback that various status ailments have an effect on "Firestorms" normally cast by Gemellia.

      These "firestorms" get in the way and cause continuous damage to players who are caught in them, rendering them oblivious if these prisons are not destroyed for a period of time. However, these players are at the same time protected from enemy attacks.
      We have had many questions about this on the North American forums or in videos, but I want to make it clear that "firestorms" have both harmful and beneficial effects on players and what to use them for. is by no means a problem with the strategy of combat against Gemellia.

      However, by applying state ailments to "Firestorms" it is possible to negate the negative aspect, upsetting the very balance of the game. To resolve this anomaly, we have made changes at the same time as the changes relating to "Tornado" described below, and adjusted the overall difficulty of the fight against Gemellia.

    3. About Gemellia's "Tornado" attack

      US players also asked us if the "Tornado" algorithm was really random. We have already answered this question, and this attack is not done on a random target but very specific.
      However, the management of "Tornado" at the level of the server being quite delicate, we decided to adjust the balance of the combat by simplifying this first in return for the installation of a resistance to the alterations of state for the " firestorms ".

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the maintenance required to resolve these issues and the adjustments that accompany them.
We look forward to learning from the problems that have arisen in the Bahamut Labyrinth for our future updates and bringing you all even more exciting dungeons and other gameplay elements.

I hope you continue to enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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