ESO - Patch notes 1.3.4

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The Elder Scrolls Online recently updated to version 1.3.4 which fixes many aspects of Update 1.3.3: changing weapon (s), bows, ordeal gear and dyes.


Alliance War


  • The point gain in Cyrodiil has been increased by 10%.


Combat and Gameplay


  • Reset costs have returned to normal. However, they're 50% cheaper than they were before Update 3.
  • Fixed the issue with the falling animation that could get you stuck if you changed weapon while in the air, stealth, or switching weapon (s) multiple times.
  • Fixed the issue with changing weapon (s) that could occasionally change the appearance of your armor.
  • Fixed issue with changing weapon (s) that could occasionally cause the wrong weapon to spawn.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from attacking if you switch weapon (s) while teleporting to an Oratory.


  • Arc
    • Fixed enemy health bar not showing damage taken by bows, although that damage is effective.


  • Alliance War
    • Barrier: Fixed issue with protective shields being able to be refilled multiple times.


  • Mages Guild
    • Burning Rune: The issue with this ability's temporary damage that could stack on a single target has been corrected. We also fixed the issue where the animation could play multiple times in a row after using this skill.
    • Guild Might: Fixed the issue when using this passive skill, combined with Searing Rune, which allowed multiple runes to be placed at one time.


Crafts and Economy


  • Fixed the issue with the infamous Rectory gem spawning too frequently.


Exploration and Objects


  • Fixed the Armor Prediction trait not increasing enough while under the effect of a Mundus Stone.
  • Fixed the issue with dyes getting a reward when the required achievement was not yet unlocked.


  • You will now be credited with the title Master / Mistress of Rare Styles precisely for the styles you are learning.
  • Fixed the Recipe Book achievement starting at 6/10 regardless of the number of known recipes.

Item sets

  • Robes of the Necromancer: Added a 3 second delay to the generation of this item set.


Dungeons and Groups


  • The haven of Cœurnoir
    • Fixed the issue with the Aviary Mother occasionally becoming invisible.


  • General
    • You must now defeat all Trial Bosses to be included in the Trials Leaderboard.
    • Fixed Trial gear that was binding when equipped. All of the gear you get from Trials, Normal and Hard difficulty, is now Bind when picked up.
  • Citadel of Hel Ra
    • Some places in Hel Ra Citadel now exclude horses, so you won't be able to summon them. You will receive an error notification in the UI if you try to invoke one in a prohibited location.
    • All projectiles from the Celestial Warrior Shehai's Storm ability are visible again.



Malabal Tor

  • Restore the Silvenar: You will no longer have a problem interrogating the Sorcerers.


  • Fixed an error that occurred when you successfully completed the first mission for Rkhardahrk in Raidelorn's Exploration Cave that also gave you the wrong marker for Rkundzelft.


Art and Animation


  • Removed a recent color change that was causing some pieces of armor to appear salmon pink. They will now be a dark red.

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