ESO - Patch notes 1.3.5

Here is a new list of hotfixes applied recently to the game that fix, among other things, quest issues with some fixes for dungeons, gameplay and NPCs in Cyrodiil.


Alliance War


  • Scrute-the-Path has decided to find the correct path to the North Gate of Morrowind, and is selling Elite gear.
  • Part-Loin has reduced the price of its goods, and now charges prices comparable to its neighbors.


Art and Animation


  • Riding a horse while wearing the Goblin Disguise from the Goblin Affection quest will no longer cause an animation error.
  • Light attack animations will now chain together more smoothly.


Combat & Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue where certain bonuses stacked more than intended, and in some situations could make them permanent until you log out.
  • Fixed an issue when switching weapons to take a bow: arrows could disappear, and the health bar could get out of sync.


  • Daedric Summon
    • Fixed an issue that prevented weapon attacks from being used after switching weapons while Explosive Familiar is in your action bar.


  • Vampires can no longer suck blood from camels.
  • Fixed an issue where most peaceful pets would no longer collide.


Dungeons & Groups


  • Members of Aldmeri Domain or Ebonheart Pact can no longer attack Petronium Libo.


  • Selene canvas
    • You will no longer be out of sync with the dungeon if you log out during the fight against Selene and that fight resets.


  • General
    • Trial quests on hard difficulty will now grant you level loot suitable for Hard difficulty.
    • Fixed an issue that did not increase the value of weapon enchantments from Hard Mode in Trials.
  • Citadel of Hel Ra
    • When playing on Hard difficulty, you can now use the Destructive Access synergy to free yourself from the Stoneform monster skill.


Exploration & Objects


  • The Divine armor line now increases the effect of the Mundus stones as expected.


  • The White Gold Tower achievement has been removed from the achievement list until content is available to complete it.




  • Queen's Rituals: Queen Ayrenn will no longer get stuck during combat in the heart of Tanzelwil.


  • The Corrupted Stone: You can now help your party during the "Reach the Warrior's Apex Stone" phase even if you don't have this quest.

Warriors Guild

  • The Prismatic Core: Fixed an issue where Merric could get stuck and prevent the quest from progressing.


  • Brambles and Rascals: You will now be able to progress this quest whether or not you have the Scarlet Rook disguise in your inventory.

March of the Camarde

  • Path of the Two Moons: You can now discover and complete the POI in this area, and Cadwell's Silver quest will no longer progress until the Path of Two Moons is completed.


  • Sadal's Last Defeat: Fixed an issue that prevented Sadal from being defeated.




  • Fixed an issue where you would incorrectly pay for items that were not deposited after the 30 days allowed when repeatedly depositing items in the Guild Shop.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in stacks of Runes of Enchantment appearing as unknown attachments when returned by return mail. You will now receive the correct items.

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