FFXIV - The Planning

With all the information disseminated in the Live Letters or other events and interviews, it is sometimes difficult to remember what the future holds for Final Fantasy XIV. Here is a recap of everything that has been said.


3.35 should be deployed by mid-July.

  • Addition of the Deep Dongeon and its first 50 floors. (LL E3 2016, post-E3 2016 interview with Naoki Yoshida by Gamewatch)
  • /changepose pour /sleep (LL E3 2016)

This summer

  • Event highlighting Yo-Kai Watch (LL XXIX)


Update 3.4 should be available for September, considering that it will be released before the Fan Festivals.

  • Augmentation de l'ilvl (post-E3 interview 2016 by Naoki Yoshida by Gamewatch)
  • The apartments (LL E3 2016)
  • "Casual" content, information to come in an upcoming LL (post-E3 2016 interview with Naoki Yoshida by Gamewatch)
  • A mirage system for the Egi.


September 15-18, 2016: Tokyo Game Show

We will talk about update 3.5 and the epic (post-E3 2016 interview with Naoki Yoshida by Gamewatch)


October 2016: FanFest in Las Vegas

From October 13th to 15th the first FanFest will take place in Las Vegas. The extension will be discussed.

December 2016: FanFest in Tokyo

On December 24 and 25, the extension will be discussed.

3.5 update

We can count on January 2017 for its implementation since Yoshida has declared that it will be done after the Tokyo FanFest.

  • The epic will take a new turn, starting 4.0 (post-E3 2016 interview with Naoki Yoshida by Gamewatch)
  • A kind of inter-data center mission tool


February 2017: FanFest in Frankfurt

On February 18 and 19, the extension will also be discussed!

Before extension

  • Une nouvelle application under development will allow you to chat with your friends list, your Linkshells and your free company. These features are already ready but the team is developing others such as access to servants. This app will be released before the next expansion. (LL Pax East 2016)


4.0: the new extension for May-June 2017?

  • Expansion of the Arsenal (LL E3 2016)


One day...

Here are ideas still under study or under development (In italics the last points added):

  • Developing Flying Mount Sleipnir
  • Send a report on a player by right-clicking during development (LL E3 2016)
  • Capacities for mounts (like the Magitek, LL E3 2016)
  • Increase in the maximum number of furniture in houses under development. (LL E3 2016)
  • A roulette raid in discussion (LL E3 2016)
  • An icon to report RP players under study (LL E3 2016)
  • Possibility of stacking the treasure maps under study (LL E3 2016)
  • A pure Mhach Difficult mode is under study (LL E3 2016)
  • New land for CL
  • "Maybe we'll see the Doom Train in 5.x ..." Yoshida smiles and adds, "Maybe in the future the player will travel to Garlemald? Maybe even the Doom Train. will fly? "(LL Pax East 2016)
  • ALEA in relation to the FF license. (LL Pax East 2016)
  • Unlock gender-limited equipment. (LL Pax East 2016)
  • Registration in the mission tool while having his companion out. It's still in development
  • Possible modification de la stat Parade (LL Pax East 2016)
  • The FFXIV event on PSO2 makes you want to have the opposite. It is under discussion (LL Pax East 2016)
  • 7 Eleven campaign items for the rest of the world (LL Pax East 2016)
  • To be able to fish at home in the study (source)
  • An emote for Hyurgoths (source)
  • Quests and new CL rank.
  • New areas around Mor Dhona.
  • Possibility of dueling (under study).
  • Having Primaries roaming freely, fighting them to capture them: still under study, the team is considering incorporating this into the scenario.
  • Changes to the main points distribution system.
  • New content for beginners, used to measure their DPS: reach a certain number in less than 2 minutes to complete the goal.
  • New emotes, hairstyles, outfits.
  • There is still one nation to explore on Eorzea and afterwards they will be interested in Ala Mihgo.
  • We will learn more about Sharlayan.
  • The Forbidden Territory, Eureka, a new raid that will replace the Crystal Tower. (LLXVI)
  • Modifications to complete the Ancient Daedalus with fewer players, possibility to do low-level dungeons solo ((Special LL TGS)
  • API is under development (LL18)
  • New quests on the characters encountered during the epic.
  • The bonus of the random function of the mission tool may be able to accumulate if you miss a day for example. (LLXXIII)
  • Content is planned for the Companion Chocobo and Magitek Armor. (LLXXIII)
  • There are plans to make potions more attractive. (LLXXIII)
  • It is planned to increase the capacity of a dwelling to accommodate more objects. They first work on another feature. (LLXXIII)
  • Possibility to share macros between characters during development. (LLXXIII)
  • New attractions at Gold Saucer

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