FFXIV - Level 50: what to do next?

When you reach level 50, you can ask yourself the famous question: and now what do I do? Well, let's try to answer it!

  • The epic and the quests
  • Equip
    • In the beginning
    • Ilvl 75 and more
    • Ilvl90 and more
    • Zenith weapon obtained? Go on!
  • To improve


The epic and the quests

Complete your class quest to obtain your last Artifact.

Finally, you can complete Epic 2.0! You still have to do Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium to conclude the first part of the epic. You can continue the rest (2.1 and above) if you wish. Do not neglect the ranks within your Great Company either.



In the beginning

Before going to rub shoulders with more difficult content, it is necessary to update your equipment. We start with a little shopping for jewelry and weapons:

  • for jewelry, a short trip to the merchant district to buy accessories level 49 (or higher if you are rich).
  • For the weapon, you have the choice between the one that can be purchased from your Grand Company or even spend a few gil in the merchant district. You also have weapons that drop in The Drifter's Palace and Amdapor Castle.

At first, you tackle the simpler level 50 dungeons, which require a modest amount of ilvl:

  • The dungeons Le Palais du Vagabond and Château d'Amdapor to obtain equipment, then Mémoquartz Allagois Martiaux and Mémoquartz Allagois Poétiques.
  • Castrum Meridianum and Le Praetorium for Martial Allagois Memoquartz.

When you start to have several pieces of ilvl60 equipment (see more obtained through the Mémoquartz or by having done a shopping session in the Merchant Quarter), you can venture into the dungeons added in 2.1: The Phare de Sirius, les Mines de Clochecuivre (Brutal) and the Manoir des Haukke (Brutal). The recommended equipment index to enter is 48 which is a bit underestimated I think.

At the same time, you can also enjoy other types of content such as Treasure Hunting, Random Missions via the Mission Tool, Tribal Quests, Hunting.


2.25 adds a new volley of dungeons that require an ilvl55 to enter:

  • The brutal versions of Halatali and Brayflox's Bivouac,
  • The Remains of the City of Amdapor

You will find ilvl70 equipment there, very useful to complete your equipment while farming memoquartz.

The  Martial Memo allow you to purchase equipment with an ilvl100. The Poetic  are for ilvl120 equipment. It will be enough to go to Death Knell and go to NPC Auriana to exchange them.


You will notice that the equipment obtained via the Mémoquartz Martiaux bears the mention "used". You can improve it by obtaining items in the Meanders of Bahamut but also in the Tower of Syrcus and by practicing Hunting. . The Sands of Time and Oil of Time allow you to upgrade your armor and jewelry to the ilvl110, respectively. Just go to the northern forest at the Wood Mill and talk to the NPC near the forge.


Apart from these equipment sets, you can also (if your wallet allows) purchase ilvl70 equipment at the merchant district. The HQ version (Vanya or Darksteel for example) and crimped is better than the Clairobscur that you get in dungeon.
Since update 2.2 there is also ilvl90 equipment made by craftsmen (Kashmir for mages for example).


Now that you know how to equip yourself, you can begin the quest for the Relic Weapon at the same time. As you progress through this quest, you will be called upon to fight Ifrit in Brutal mode. This is the simplest of the Primaries and will simply ask you for ilvl49 equipment. Know that each primordial Brutal gives a weapon with each victory, so it's interesting to redo them.

Continue to improve your equipment by farming the dungeons, the memoquartz. When you hit an ilvl52 average, you can take on Garuda in Brutal mode. For Titan, it will take a minimum of ilvl57. Note that the ilvls indicated by the mission tool often seem a little low compared to the combat that awaits you. So for Brutal Titan, many groups will ask you for a much higher ilvl, such as 70.


A Realm Awoken adds the fight against the Bon Roi Moggle Mog XII (ilvl54) and The Last Weapon  in Brutal mode (ilvl61). Finally, the raid The Crystal Tower requires a minimum ilvl50. Loot level, you can get some very useful items to perfect your equipment:

  • Roi Mog: armes ilvl75
  • Ultima weapon: ilvl80 accessories
  • Crystal Tower: ilvl80 armor


Ilvl75 and more

You have completed your relic weapon, and most of your equipment is composed of ilvl70-80 or even some parts purchased with mythological (ilvl90) and / or martial (ilvl100). You are all set to begin The Labyrinth of Bahamut and experience some Primordial Extremes.

  • Le Labyrinth of Bahamut I  has a required ilvl of 70, the II 72, the III 70, the IV 77 and the V 82.
  • Garuda extreme requires an ilvl of 65,
  • Titan an ilvl of 70.
  • Ifrit an ilvl of 67,

2.2 adds King Mog in extreme mode, primordial Leviathan in brutal mode (ilvl60).

You can also go for a walk to Syrcus Tower to get ilvl100 gear, Sands and Oil of Time, and unidentified Allagan tomestones that you can exchange with Rowena's assets (martial) for a worn weapon in Aelina in 22.6 in Mor Dhona. This weapon can be improved with a Sand of Time like the equipment obtained with martial arts.
You also have access to Sastasha and Qarn dungeons in brutal mode and King Mog in extreme.
Leviathan in extreme is also available but the ilvl80 required may be a bit insufficient depending on your group.


Ilvl90 and more

You have completed the Labyrinth of Bahamut and is your equipment minimum ilvl90? The Meanders are your next challenge:

  • Meanders of Bahamut I - ilvl90
  • Meanders of Bahamut II - ilvl95
  • Meanders of Bahamut III - ilvl100
  • Meanders of Bahamut IV - ilvl105

Continue to rub yourself against the primordials in extreme mode from Leviathan if he has not yet fallen under your assaults and go to the following ones: Ramuh asks for an ilvl of 85 and Shiva 95.


If you've done all of this, you're all set for Bahamut's final round with the Abyss. You can also do the sadistic version of Meanders to test your skills! The quest is available in Mor Dhona at the Wandering Minstrel in 21,8.


Zenith weapon obtained? Move on

You have completed the Relic Weapon quest and placed your weapon in Zenith. You can return to Gerolt who will inform you that a strange guy is bothering him to improve your weapon (further).
Several quests that will keep you busy will allow you to transform your weapon in several stages: Atma, Animus, Novus and Nexus.

To improve

Gear isn't everything - consider raising other classes to use their talent with your main job. They significantly improve your gameplay. This guide will give you some tips for actions to recover.

Finally, know how to discuss and accept the advice and suggestions of your comrades. The equipment and your talents will not be enough sometimes: for the most difficult content you will have to be patient;).


Do not hesitate if you have any advice to add!

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