BF Hardline - Available vehicles

After announcing the gadgets that will be available in BF Hardline, it's the vehicles' turn to display their designs. Come on, let's start the showroom with land vehicles:


4-wheel vehicles

  • Semi-Armored
  • Mobile Command Center
  • 4x4
  • Sedan
  • Disconnected

Heavy armored vehicle equipped with an arming system controlled from the interior cabin. Used in high risk situations thanks to its firepower, and protected against small arms. Equipped with bulletproof windows to protect its passengers.

Semi-Armored Emergency

Semi-Armored Reinforced

Large capacity armored transport vehicle. Creates an additional nearby spawn point for squad and agents to stock up on healing and ammo. Provides protection against small arms. Features bulletproof windows to protect passengers.

Mobile Command Center

Monster Truck the Gang

Light armored vehicle providing moderate protection against small arms and explosives. Features a deployable, agent-operated turret, as well as openings for vehicle passenger weapons. Equipped with bulletproof glass to protect officers inside.

4x4 Intervention

4x4 Armored

Four-door vehicle that can accommodate four officers. Passengers in the vehicle can get up and lean against the door for a greater angle of attack.

Patrol car

Sport sedan

Two-door vehicles that can accommodate two agents. Passengers in the vehicle can get up and lean against the door for a greater angle of attack.

Police Interceptor

Sports car


The 2 wheels 

  • Motorcycle
  • All Terrain Motorcycle

Very manoeuvrable motorcycle that can accommodate two agents. Its small size and high speed allow it to access narrow or crowded areas.

Police Motorcycle


Motorcycle specially designed for off-roading. Can accommodate two agents, capable of great grip and good acceleration on slopes or on rough terrain.

TT Patrol Motorcycle

All Terrain Motorcycle


Air vehicles

  • Attack helicopter
  • Transport helicopter

Light patrol helicopter designed for reconnaissance and response. Embeds a customizable weapon system controlled by the pilot, as well as a turret for the passenger. Equipped with bulletproof glass to protect passengers from small arms.

Patrol helicopter

Gangster helicopter

Large capacity aerial vehicle designed for ground support. Embeds fixed weapons and retractable doors on each side of the fuselage. Lightly armored to provide reasonable protection against small arms, as well as bulletproof glass to ensure the safety of officers on board.

Transport helicopter

Function helicopter


The boats

We end this article on the only model of bateau which will be available, at least for this season:

  • Boat

Fast and manoeuvrable marine vehicle equipped with an arming system remotely controlled by the captain. Embark weapons on either side of the stern.

Coastal Patrol Vessel

Traffickers Boat


So much for this overview of the vehicles that will be at our disposal and which will offer us, in my opinion, enough to put in place good and good strategies. Which one tempts you the most?


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