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    FFXIV – Retours : Chocobo, interface, housing

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    Some small feedback today!



    • A little history: chocobos originate d'Ishgard where they were used for races. In order to optimize their performance, chocobos of different sizes are bred to match that of their master: thus a chocobo for Lalafell will be smaller than that of a Roegadyn.
    • Currently, it is not possible to use the Mission Tool or accept an invitation to join a group when our chocobo companion assists us in combat. The team is aware that this is a problem but it requires significant work. The idea is not shelved but is not a priority. It will therefore be necessary to be patient.


    Interface, dark matter

    • We can only see 5 debuffs/buff on group members, and only more if targeted. First of all, know that they are displayed in chronological order of obtaining, from left to right. You must therefore pay attention to the order when you have to remove an alteration. The team does not plan to see more than 5 status icons, so as not to overload the server.
    • The team plans to add new discussion channels on the theme of craftsmanship (requests, setting, etc.) or yet another dedicated to questions from new players.
      There are no plans to add a recruiting channel, another feature will take care of that.
    • The players estimate that the cost of the grade V dark matter is too high when bought from a large company (5000 credits). This cost will be reviewed after studying the amount of seals that players have. This change will be effective in 2.1



    Many ideas are flourishing around housing! The team identified the ones they liked the most:

    • a table / schedule of Compagnie Libre operations,
    • a juke box,
    • objects referring to other Final Fantasy games,
    • mannequin,
    • of the aquarium.

    These ideas will therefore see the light of day! As for flower pots to play gardener, the team is also planning something ...



    • In many recipes you need lower level materials. What would be wonderful and save time would be being able to craft the missing items directly via the recipe list or being redirected to the item by clicking on it. The idea appeals to the team but will be difficult to apply due to the structure of the database. In short, it is under study to see if it is feasible!
    • To be able to search among the list of recipes: planned for 2.2 or later.


    Satisfied with these returns? 

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