Skyforge - The Atlas (Russian beta)

Skyforge's Russian Open Beta allowed developers to slightly modify Skyforge by adding the new classes announced (The Sorcerer, the "Knight", the Monk and the Alchemist). Here is a guide to get you started with the Atlas!

First of all, some things should be known:

  • Node : central nucleus surrounded by several nodules. It allows you to unlock a skill or talent specific to the Atlas of a class. He can also unlock classes, general talents, empty nodes, and the Divine form!
  • Nodule : small particle that allows you to go from node to node (more details below).

The Atlas is divided into two parts: the Ascension Atlas and the Class Atlas! We will first talk about the Class Atlas!


Class Atlas

You should know that your class Atlas is the class you have equipped, chosen via the tab that scrolls to the left or simply with a double click on the class icon via the Ascension Atlas! This Atlas only allows you to unlock talents and skills related to the chosen class.

Here is the aspect of the nodes that allow you to unlock your talents (on the right) and your skills (on the left).

Please note that there are small nodules around its nodes, these are just small increases in characteristics! As you can see, each one has a specific color and look! Here is a small table which summarizes all the nodules that you can meet in the Atlas:


Sparks and Coins

You have probably noticed at the bottom right of each window a blue, red or green icon with a number written in red? This is the price! Indeed, to advance in the Atlas, you need a special currency, the Sparks! As you will understand, there are three kinds of sparks:

  • Spark of Knowledge
  • Spark of Destruction
  • Spark of Life

When the number is red, it means that you cannot buy this nodule. You need more sparks! To get more, you must do the adventures offered at the Observatory. Be careful, you can only get a certain number of Sparks per week, so choose wisely! Know that the higher the spark cost, the more characteristics the nodule will offer you!

To unlock the Ascension Atlas (the one that allows you to unlock classes, talents and your divine form), you must reach the small circle with the symbol of your class, as below:

This node is purely F R E E ! However, the sequel to unlocking other skills and talents for your class is going to be slightly more difficult. The nodules will undergo a slight color change!

Indeed, when you have reached the small node, the rest will get complicated! You no longer need sparks of color, but sparks corresponding to your class !

Each class spark has very specific sparks, here is the list:

  •  Spark of Synthesis ¬ Alchemist
  •  Spark of Rage ¬ Berserker
  •  Spark of Value ¬ Knight
  •  Spark of Corruption ¬ Sorcerer
  •  Spark of Gravity ¬ Kinetic
  •  Spark of freshness ¬ Cryomancer
  •  Precision Spark ¬ Archer
  •  Spark of Balance ¬ Monk
  •  Spark of Darkness ¬ Necromancer
  •  Shadow Spark ¬ Slayer
  •  Spark of Justice ¬ Paladin
  •  Spark of Light ¬ Ancient Lumber
  •  Mechanism spark ¬ Gunner

Class Sparks can be obtained by killing Creatures (1 to 4 particles of your current class) and Bosses (12 to 30 particles of your current class).


If you want to know a way to get it efficiently, go to Okki Island. You have 3 easy-to-kill bosses, plus an optional fourth boss!

Be aware, however, that during some adventures, you are offered a class that you have not unlocked or used to play in order to obtain double the final reward. During this adventure, you would not get class sparks, but "Universal currency"! It replaces the class sparks. As the name suggests, it is a universal currency that you can only use on the Atlas of any class. It allows you to pay a node / nodule while you do not You don't have enough Class Sparks This currency is located at the top right of the Atlas, unlike the Class and Color Sparks, which are at the bottom center of the Atlas.

I want to pay myself a skill for 250 particles of my class (Archer), but I only have 220 sparks. On the other hand, I have 100 Universal Coins, I can buy myself my skill! I will only have 70 Universal Coins left at the end (220 + 100 = 320 - 250 = 70).

I'd like to get a talent for 200 Class Sparks. However, I only have 50 Class Sparks, as well as 100 Universal Coins. I'm running out of sparks! Because: 50 + 100 = 150. I need 200, so I have to go get some!


Talents and skills

Now let's move on to talents and skills! When you unlock a skill or talent, you must activate it! Go to your character's page (i key)!

Le green frame shows you the different combos that you activate by doing such and such manipulation! Next, next to it, you are shown the different skills when you hold down the left mouse button.

Le turquoise frame shows you the different skills that you have and do not have. When you unlock it, you have to click on it and save!

Le orange frame allows you to reset your build for a few Transgression Sparks (reset everything and redistribute your skills and talents) and save it!

Le purple frame shows you a tab. The latter has the particularity of showing you the different spells that you have under certain postures (on the screenshot, this is the Ultimate Archer posture).

Le red frame shows you all the talents you have! Note that at the start, you can only select 3 talents. Over time and your prestige, Flavius ​​will offer you a challenge. As soon as you've completed the latter, you'll have a new talent slot!

You should know that, for the moment, you only have 8 unlockable talents (the others will be unlockable later, soon!)


Ascension Atlas

This atlas is three times the size of your Class! It allows you to unlock Universal Talents that grant passive bonuses to any class you play, as well as Classes, Empty Nodes, and, finally, Divine Form!

This is when your sparks of strength, knowledge and life will serve you!


Divine Form

The Divine Form is not yet available. To unlock the form, you need a "Power Crystal" which you will get by doing the main quest. However, to achieve this "quest", you need a fairly high Prestige (rumored to be between 22 and 000!).

Please note that the nodules around the divine form are extremely expensive. It takes you at least two weeks to reach divine form! It will be officially available in the next update announced for late April, early May!



Unlock a Class

In the Atlas, you will discover different nodes, but the ones that will certainly interest you the most are the class ones! They are easy to recognize with the sign of the class in question as above (Monk)!

You must therefore spend your sparks until you reach the central node. However, the cost is different! You need Sparks of Transgression to pay for your chosen class! The price varies in relation to its position: the further it is from the center, the more it will cost you! You will get these Sparks by doing missions as well as on monsters.


Nodes Talents

There are talents on the Ascension Atlas! His talents are passive allowing you to diversify and grant you bonuses according to your desires! For example, the talent I'm showing you is a passive that grants you a shield when you dodge.

However, after purchasing the talent, you must activate it from your character sheet -> "Symbol". The number of active talent is limit ! So choose well, but you can reset to change your talents!


Nodules Roses

These nodules have the particularity of being sacred crap! In order to reach certain nodes, you have to go through there! To unlock them, you must obtain a very specific Spark for the latter which you only get during distortions! Very soon, during the first big update of Skyforge.


Nodes Vides

There are "empty" nodes present in the Atlas which are purely free! Its "empty" nodes are in fact nodes that have lost their power. You must find the objects that will have the same shape as this node (as above) for it to regain its powers!

However, implanting a gem requiresPremium Money which increases according to the number of gems installed in the node! Note that there are several of these empty nodes and that there are three other forms of these gems:

You get these gems simply by killing monsters in open areas!


Nodules Vides

Sometimes you see "empty" nodules. Do not panic ! This is a display bug. To adjust it, you just need to zoom out, then quietly re-zoom. Normally, the nodule is no longer empty!

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