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Released on Saturday, the 27th Live Letter is mainly geared towards Update 3.2, but also tells us about what is planned for later in the year!

First good news, update 3.2, named « The Gears Of Change », will be published on 23 February !


Player Against Environment

Le "Beginners hall" will be available and will be used by players to prepare for the various meetings.

  • Il ne sera accessible qu'en solo.
  • It will allow you to face different training mannequins.
  • Several difficulty levels will be available.
  • The beginners' hall will be accessible to DDs, tanks and healers, with specific mannequins.

A new barbarian tribe appears, les Gnath.

  • As with the Vanu-Vanu, the quests will be synchronized with the job taking them.
  • A new mount related to the Gnath will be available for purchase.

Two new dungeons are emerging.

  • The anti-turn.
  • The Lost City of Amdapor - Brutal.
The anti-turn The anti-turn

The lost city of Amdapor The lost city of Amdapor

Alexander opens new floors to adventurers. It will be possible to browse floors 5 to 8 now.

  • The normal version and the sadistic version will be available at the same time, from the start.
  • Only one reward per floor can be claimed each week.
  • Normal version : Chests will offer tokens exchangeable for equipment.
  • Normal version : It will be possible to face the floors as many times as you want.
  • Sadistic version : Progress on floors will be saved.
  • Sadistic version : Chests will give equipment instead of tokens.
  • Sadistic version : The number of chests available will depend on the number of players who have already defeated the boss during the week.
Alexander midas – Normal Alexander midas - Sadist

  • New equipment sets can be obtained.
Bard - machinist Dark Mage - Summoner Ninja


Two new challenges will be available: Bay S1T7 and Bay S1T7 extreme.

  • This encounter was developed by the developer who worked on the Titan and Thordan challenge.
  • The fight will not be part of the epic.
Paladin weapons

Paladin shield


The tiara

Many changes have been made to the tiara:

  • A bonus will be granted to the team that spawns a rank S enemy.
  • A vendor filter will be put in place to avoid mistakenly selling equipment.
  • New equipment will be integrated.
  • An adjustment has been made to the number of Tomes collected while completing Objectives.

An adjustment to the Aetherites required to fly has been made:

  • Difficult mode: 4 -> 3
  • Medium difficulty: 4 -> 2
  • Easy difficulty: 3 -> 1

In return, a modification of the duration of a tiara session has been made:

  • Hard mode: 90 minutes -> 60 minutes.
  • Medium difficulty: 90 minutes -> 45 minutes.
  • Easy difficulty: 90 minutes -> 30 minutes.

The waiting time to be able to return to the tiara has also been changed:

  • Waiting time: 45 minutes -> 30 minutes.


New system: Mentor

This new system will allow high level players to join and help new players. To be a mentor, some prerequisites are necessary:

  • Combat Mentor:
    • Have a level 60 job (Tank, healer, DD).
    • Have completed over 1 dungeons and challenges.
    • Have received more than 300 recommendations.
  • Mentor of making and collecting:
    • Have a crafting and collecting profession at level 60.
    • Have crafted 100 collectibles.
    • Have collected 300 collectibles.

The mentor system will grant several things, namely:

  • Access to "Group search: mentor".
    • The latter allows priority in the group search queue for content not produced by the new assisted player.
  • Access to a dedicated chat channel.
  • The mentor system will earn achievements that will grant cosmetic rewards.
  • It will be possible to activate / deactivate the mentor system at any time.


Player vs. Player

A brand new competitive PvP system will be implemented: The Feast.

  • A bearing system will be put in place.
  • Players will be able to move up or down a division depending on wins / losses.
  • Six levels will be available:
    • Bronze
    • Sterling silver
    • Or
    • Platinum
    • Diamond
  • These levels will be separated into two categories:
    • Palier only
    • Group level

  • The competitive system will be run by season.
  • Each season (currently indefinite) will allow the best players to obtain rewards.
  • The personal score obtained will depend, among other things, on three things:
    • Number of players killed
    • Number of deaths
    • Number of assistance
  • When a season is over, player level / rating will reset.
  • A ranking of the best players by season will be available.

You will need a level 60 job to participate in competitive PvP.

Two types of groups will be possible.

  • 4 vs 4 :
    • 1 tank
    • 1 healer
    • 1 DD de mélée
    • 1 DD remotely
  • 8 vs 8 :
    • 2 tanks
    • 2 healers
    • 2 melee DC
    • 2 DD remotely
  • The equipment will be synchronized at 150.

Several elements can help achieve victory:

  • The Adrenaline Bar (Personal LB)
  • The number of reinforcement boxes recovered
  • The time of massacre
  • The medals recovered

Victory is guaranteed if one of the following two conditions is met:

  • A team reaches the medal level.
  • The medal gap possessed by both teams is significant.

Some additional information:

  • Each player begins the encounter with 100 medals.
  • Medals are obtained from enemy corpses.
  • The number of medals collected may vary.
  • Collecting medals grants the buff "Heavy medal" which increases the damage taken by the player. The effect is cumulative and will depend on the number of medals collected.

The combat zone will offer "Support boxes", which will bring several bonuses:

  • Support boxes will be scattered across the entire battlefield.
  • It will be necessary to destroy the box in order to recover the kit.
  • The kit will be awarded to the team that inflicted the most damage to the support box.
  • There will be 4 types of kits:
    • aggressive
    • defensive
    • medical
    • adrenaline (LB)

During the encounter, a buff called "Time of massacre" can be automatically granted to all players on the battlefield.

  • This buff activates if no player is killed for a certain period of time.
  • This buff greatly increases the damage taken by all players.
  • The more time passes, the greater the damage.



Many new items and equipment will be added.

  • The equipment will be similar to the High Allagan equipment.
  • The prepared equipment may be tinted.
  • Many cosmetic items will be added.
  • Glamorous items will be fair for all classes.
  • New items will be purchasable with Red Scripts starting February 25.


Job Opportunities

Changes and adjustments will be made to jobs:

  • Tank:
    • Vitality will increase tank damage.
    • Strength will influence less on physical attacks.
  • Paladin :
    • Changes will be made to the oaths.
  • Astromancy:
    • It will no longer be possible to get the same card after putting it away.
    • An increase in generated enmity is planned, to be equivalent to that of White Mages and Scholars.
  • Machinist :
    • Changes will be made so that the DPS is more constant.
  • Bard:
    • Adjustments will be made to the bards' spells.
  • Black Magus :
    • Astral Fire and Shadow Ice changed from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.



  • It will now be possible to harvest when the mission tool appears.
  • The weekly restriction on esoteric memorials will be lifted.
  • New tokens will appear.
  • It will now be possible to preview the furniture.
  • It will be possible to preview the stain before applying it to a piece of furniture.
  • It will be possible to buy a piece of furniture to call the esthetician.
  • It will be possible to display a countdown on the techniques in reloading.
  • The Paladin's weapons (sword and shield) will now drop at the same time.
  • It is now possible to perform the following group searches with a preformed group:
    • Expert mission
    • Mission challenge
    • Mission level 60
    • Mission level 50
    • Low level mission
    • Epic mission
    • Guild Operation
  • It will be possible to directly sell the objects of the servants to the NPCs.
  • It will now be possible to automatically re-cast the last spell cast.
  • It will be possible to determine how many times the spell will be automatically re-cast.
  • The continuation of the story of Hildibrand is planned!

And finally, here are some presentation videos!

What do you think of everything that has been presented and announced?

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