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This sixteenth letter addressed various popular topics such as the Front and the Hunt through a small report on the current economy. Nobuaki Komoto, project manager was the guest of this show. Unfortunately this time, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the official report which I summarize for you, not having found any translation live. Thanks to Jul for the screenshots!



  • When you change jobs at the Front, you need to reorganize your PvP actions and traits. The team is studying the possibility of saving them
  • The team is studying the possibility of randomly determining the starting point of each Large Company
  • Le The Mirage, for PvP will be available with patch 2.35
  • the statistics Moral is currently not taken into account, adjustments will be made. There will be no PvP stats like Morale but rather an adjustment to PvP gear, which is currently less good than some PvE gear.
  • Japanese players are the ones who participate the most in the Front. New cards and rules are being considered only one important aspect must be kept in mind: that they are balanced for the three groups.
  • Un ranking from the front will soon be available on Lodestone.
  • there will probably be a live PvP event at Gamescom.
  • There are no plans to increase the number of participants on the current maps.



  • The time of appearance of some Hazards makes it difficult to complete daily marks. The team plans to increase their spawn rate.
  • New elite targets will likely be added. Adding a rank higher than S would be like fighting enemies like Odin or Behemoth. Various avenues are being considered for the extension.
  • Rewards for Daily Marks may be increased.
  • Performance contracts always end too quickly despite the latest adjustments. The team is looking into the problem.
  • There are no plans to increase Rewards hunting and elite contracts.
  • The number of hunting contracts will be increased.
  • The contracts daily will be adjusted.
  • Monsters in execution contracts will not have mechanics like those in dungeons in order to avoid killing players who were not participating in the Hunt.


Syrcus Tower

  • There are no plans to separate memoquartz and oils from loot equipment.
  • There are no immediate plans to make it possible to enter the instance without all players clicking "start. The team wants to make it possible to join the queue first by alliance.
  • The history of the Tour de Cristal will end in 2.5



I give you the full answer in order to miss nothing:

“We have received a lot of feedback regarding the normal mode progression sharing for the Meanders of Bahamut as well as the Brutal mode for the latter. We are currently discussing whether to keep the flag sharing or split them.
That's why we would like to hear your feedback on this. According to the comments, I think it would be nice to separate them and make it possible to compete against them at any time. As for the brutal mode for the Bahamut Labyritnhe, if we wanted to implement it, it would probably be at the same time as these adjustments. "

The end of Bahamut is scheduled for 2.4.



  • Want more than the tentacles of the Kraken on Crevecarene Island? We will see this enemy again very soon ...
  • The Giruveganaus mechanic has been appreciated by players. the team plans to add more random elements of this style.
  • Even though 2.4 adds a DPS, there are no plans to change the format of groups of 8.


Job Opportunities

  • After the improvements of the black mage, it is the turn of the Dragon Knight to talk about him. Players complain that he takes too much magic damage. The team is trying to find a good balance.
  • At the moment there are no plans to add a new role (such as support). The team prefers to "focus on the players who would start in 3.0." Keeping current roles is easier to group together and easier for new players to understand.



  • We liked the story of the quest "The Funeral Wedding of Tam-Tara". The team will continue to work on good dungeon scenarios.
  • Edda... Maybe his story will be developed one day ...
  • Winebaud : These quests turned out to be very difficult. They are also complicated to develop so they will come out little by little.

We got a glimpse of the quests featuring the Ixalis



  • The team thinks about indoor gardening via pots but focuses first on improving outdoor gardening.
  • If we disconnect from our single room, we reappear outside when we reconnect. The team explains that this is a technical choice and will not be able to modify this immediately.
  • Cost and difficulty of cleaning of the stables and the cultivation of vegetables for chocobo: cleaning will be reviewed but the vegetables remain as such.
  • Gardening remains the only way to obtain vegetables. Adjustments will be considered as the team monitors "the balance between the value of cultivable fields and the difficulty of raising chocobos".
  • As anyone can feed chocobos, there are currently no plans to give specific food to specifically improve your pet.
  • You will have the possibility to place the chest and the endless journey in your personal room at 2.4.
  • There are no plans to be able to store any pieces of equipment or weapons in your room. It would take too much space on the server and the team prefers to add land.



  • Le The Mirage, is a success, so players would like more equipment to drop into dungeons at the expense of crafting materials. Adjustments will be made.
  • The cost of Enchanted broom is way too high and the team apologizes. The recipe will be adjusted. It is possible that some NPCs will sell it in order to limit its price.
  • Half-materia can only be obtained through recycling.
  • In order to improve our desynthesis skills, we have been asked to vary the equipment of the Disciples of the Hand. The team agrees with this idea and adds that it will come through the food too.
  • Crafting Tools added in 2.3: These are obtainable through Recycling now, and that's not about to change.



  • ilvl 95 items can be recycled when ilvl increases.
  • The tapestry at the back of the LL is a new illustration of the Front.
  • We may have content to unlock outfits of characters from the FF saga.
  • Weapons and Equipment Guide: the project is still in progress and is taking shape. The team still hesitates a little between fun content, or related to the collections or even making us discover the history of weapons and armor. As this will affect our character's save data, we need to do some testing.
  • TĂTARU sings often, and he was asked if a song was going to be written. Yoshi explains that he is not sure that an official version would be a success, believing that players have already created their own version of the song.
  • A long version of the music "Slumber Disturbed" can be heard in Tam-Tara's Hypogeum (in brutal mode). Other long versions are planned.
  • The content of the game is planned until the update 4.0, the team knows what it will develop over the next four years.
  • During E3, Yoshida really liked the concept of the game Evolve: 4 players against a monster controlled by a player. He explains that it's not impossible to find this in ARR someday, but maybe we'll study this project after the 3.0 updates.



As expected, Nobuaki Komoto is present and did not come empty-handed. He brought us a video of the Ninja.

Komoto explains his role within the team: he oversees all over the place, is responsible for daily meetings dealing with GM call feedback and forum discussions. These meetings study all of its data and provide solutions to the problems raised.
Finally, he keeps an eye on the economy worlds and if there is a concern, he studies it and sees how it can be fixed.

Komoto explains that the content is divided into two categories: the online content and combat content. He takes care of the online content. To determine its difficulty, it is based on economic trends.

Combat content is determined by the estimated percentage of players who can successfully complete that content after release, with their current job level.

It has happened that the project manager is wrong in his forecasts: for update 2.0 he had misjudged the difficulty of obtaining gils and apologizes for it.

He then tells us that the developers are working on the system. eternal bond. The latter should be available for 2.4 or 2.4.x.

Before joining Yoshi-P, he was working on FFXI where he did the same job. He therefore already had solid experience before embarking on the ARR adventure. At the start of the project he preferred to decide to start from scratch rather than trying to tinker with V1.

In terms of influence, he declares to be a fan of Hiroyu Sonobe (Derby Stallion, Best Play Pro Baseball) and to have played a lot of FF on SNES. It was at this time that he joined Square Enix to work there.


Komoto now discusses current economic trends in Eorzea. He dissects what the players earn, where, when, how.


Prior to Update 2.3, gil gain was mostly from monster loot, Daily Mission Tool bonuses, and Bestiary. After update 2.3 we note that the "mission tool" part decreases slightly and that the money obtained in quest rewards goes from 4.9% to 18,4%.



Let's take a look at where adventurers spend their money. First of all, they buy loot from enemies, land for their free company and the payment of taxes from the trading district. Next comes the purchase in various stores and teleportations.


And from the NPCs, what did we buy?
Before patch 2.3, we mostly bought dark V materials to then repair our equipment and the bombo swing horn which is the mount of the same name. We then find two other mounts also from daily quests. After the update, we ran into the chocobo stables and seeds.


As of July 15, 2014, 80 private rooms have been sold for all people combined. At 000 Gils per unit, that makes gil withdrawn from the economy!


Oh, it seems that soon we will want to spend our gils elsewhere ...



1 year is worth celebrating!

ARR will soon be celebrating its first candle! An opportunity not to be missed to party. A 14 p.m. live is scheduled, as well as the return of events featuring DQX, FFXI and Lightning.

A video competition will be organized on the theme of ARR's first anniversary. An in-game event will also be part of the game with the challenge of creating a character who will appear on Eorzea.

Next events

At the Tokyo Game Show, which will take place on September 20 and 21, a second Cactuar lottery will be organized.


Before TGS, there will of course be Gamescom from August 13th to 17th.

In-game you will have the summer event, the possibility of inviting your friends to test the game and the possibility of testing the game for free for 14 days.


The Lodestone

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