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"Hands up! I need the cash!" Is kind of what your character might say when he robs a store. How? 'Or' What ? Don't you know there are stores to rob? Come on, I'll explain how.


find a store

For that, nothing very complicated, just open the map and locate the corresponding icon.



A heist without preparation is the best way to get into trouble.

My advice: put on a mask while robbing the store. All you have to do is press the Select or "," key to access the Interaction menu. Then choose "Inventory" and "Accessories" to be able to choose your mask.

Once the robbery is done and you are wanted by the police, you can remove it and remove a star from the cops gauge.


Haut les mains!

Once the mask is on your face, you just have to go into the store and threaten the owner with a weapon.

An intimidation gauge will appear, and once it's full, you'll be able to walk away with the money. To push the boss a little faster, don't hesitate to scare him. Like explode the bottles near him. Or yell into your mic ... yeah, I know, if you don't live on your own it can be annoying. But it is effective (Thank you Sadicologue for the reminder!).


We are leaving !

Once your misdeed has been accomplished, the last thing to do will be to flee from the police who will soon be after you.


Voili voilou, with that, you are ready to become the terror of the small shops of Los Santos!

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