Destiny - Arms Day 18/05

Who I am
Joel Fulleda

Banshee-44 delivers us in this beautiful morning new batches of weapons.

Here are the weapons to test this week, each worth 250 armorer points:

Omolon FR1 prototype

  • Fusion rifle
  • Minotaur Vex

Omolon HC1 prototype

  • Revolver
  • Precision shots


  • Pulse rifle
  • Vex


  • Rocket launcher
  • guardians

Häkke Test-A

  • Precision rifle
  • Double frags

Weapons to order in delivery for 2500 Lumens:

Häkke Arminius-D: Automatic rifle

Häkke Zarinaea-D: Automatic rifle

SUROS DIS-47: Scout Rifle

Omolon Cocytus SR4: Scout Rifle

Omolon Uzume RR4: Sniper rifle

Gunsmith Esteem Reminders

  • Rang 2
  • Rang 3
  • Rang 5
  • Susanoo for the arcane artist
  • Hole punch for the hunter
  • Immobius for the titan

Exotic Scout Rifle: Tlaloc

Exotic Auto Rifle: Deserted Land

Exotic Revolver: Ace of Spades

Quest for the Exotic Revolver: First Curse


Happy week to all Guardians, the ranking of the clans is coming soon, be ready!

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