Destiny – Everversum : les Emotes

It's been more than a week since Tess Everis returned to the Tower, bringing with her the commercial company Everversum. So it's time for us to take you through the full list of emotes available from this new company!


Interactions I

  • Exalted Dance: I can't stop dancing! (500 Argentum)
  • Bravo to Slow Motion: Great. Really great. It was ... but then, REALLY great. (500 Argentum)
  • Fist in the Air: That's right ! (200 Argentum)
  • Bat Bat: You didn't even see the ball go! (200 Argentum)
  • That's enough : We're stopping now. (200 Argentum)
  • Send Kiss: I would like to kiss you. (200 Argentum)
  • Hooray: What do you say about that? (200 Argentum)
  • Hi Respectful: A little courtesy never hurt anyone. (200 Argentum)
  • Give it all you got: But all you have is not enough ... (200 Argentum)


Interactions II

  • Victory: This is how it goes! (200 Argentum)
  • Come if you dare: Do you want to rub shoulders with that? (200 Argentum)
  • Congratulations: Good game ! (200 Argentum)
  • Trembling: Get me out of here! Get me out of here! (200 Argentum)
  • Evil Plot: Hey hey hey ... (200 Argentum)
  • Eyes in the sky: Isn't it over soon? (200 Argentum)
  • Sorrow: Why, cruel world? Why ? (200 Argentum)
  • Anger: No, no, no and no! (200 Silver)
  • Beware : It is your skin that you risk. (200 Argentum)


And finally, here is an overview of all the emotes in video:

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