Destiny: The Taken King - Our Review

For over a month now, Destiny players are busy working on Bungie's new title expansion, The Taken King. On the program for this expansion, a new scenario, new equipment and many other things that we have tested to give you our opinion.


A much more constructed scenario!

True strong point of Destiny, the scenario comes to improve even more with the arrival of the King of the Taken. The game is indeed much more focused on the narrative aspect as well on the already existing scenario as that provided with the extension, thanks to a new system of quests completely new on the title of Bungie.

Another very significant point of this extension, the return of cutscenes. They happen to be really very appreciable within this extension and allow real transitions between the missions which succeeded each other without much interest in the previous DLC.

Overall the campaign of the Taken King is not very long however, the multitude of quests available offers a fairly wide range of ancillary activities to discover and especially once the main campaign is completed.


A new playground

The Taken King was an opportunity to make many changes to the Destiny universe, including the introduction of the Oryx Battleship. What can we say about this ship, except that it is simply stunning!

On the exploration program, puzzles and missions of all kinds await you on the battleship. Not to mention the famous Oryx Court mode offering you to face the lieutenants of the Taken King in exchange for various rewards.

It is also on this Battleship that the new Destiny Raid, the Fall of the King takes place, offering you to survey the depths of this new place in search of Oryx and thus permanently eliminate the corrupt threat from our solar system.


Even more powerful Guardians!

After a year of working on Destiny since the game's release, Bungie has finally decided to change its progression system. No more light levels that allowed us to climb to level 34, the relentless hours of raiding in the hope of being able to reach the maximum level.

Thanks to the brand new system implemented by the developers, we can now go up to level 40 without worrying about our light level. In addition, the level of light now takes into account the power of the weapons and equipment that we carry.

Note that to obtain the maximum level of light, namely 330, you must collect the best equipment available during the Raid the Fall of the King in hard mode.



Despite a long criticized price, I find for my part that in view of all the content offered and the multitude of new equipment, the price is largely justified. On the program of this new DLC, therefore, a new scenario, many new quests and side missions, new maps and new PvP games, new Assaults, a new Raid and a wealth of new equipment! Note that Bungie does not do things by halves by revealing new quests or by offering us events on a regular basis in order to animate the game on a regular basis since the release of this new extension. A very well built extension in my opinion and which still has a lot to offer us in the future.

If you have been seduced by this extension do not hesitate to buy it on your online store for the sum of 40 €. Be careful, you must own Destiny, Destiny: The Dark Underground and Destiny: House of Wolves!

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