Destiny - Weekly Activities 10/05

Who I am
Valery Aloyants

Let's take a look at the activities of the week available on Destiny.


Dark Night: The Archon Priest (Corrupted Mode)


Your enemies are heavily armored and spawn in huge numbers.

The damage of special weapons is improved.

Fresh blood
Some groups of enemies have received reinforcements.

Shields are boosted but no longer recover.

Ability cooldown is greatly reduced.

I would point out in passing that it is on this assault in corrupted mode that we can obtain, with a little luck, the corrupted shotgun.


Raid Challenge: Oryx


Available in normal and hard mode, Oryx's challenge is to detonate all 16 orbs (big black balls ^^) at the same time.

Kill the ogres as quickly as possible when they appear (1 per plate) so that you only see one orb at the end of the 4 turns.

Small reminder: 4 turns x 4 orbs = 16 orbs

So make them all explode in the fourth round in a coordinated way to validate your Challenge.


  • Weapons and Relics: up to 320/335 depending on the chosen game mode.
  • A calcified fragment
  • An emblem
  • The raid ship
  • A coating given by Eris on condition of having a total of 50 calcified fragments.


Obsolete Rune: Thalnok

Veterans challenge

  • Tour 1: Val Aru'un
  • Round 2: Seditious Spirit
  • Tour 3: Biscuit, le Trahi


Bombing: Players deal more damage while in the air.

Decoy: Your radar is deactivated.

Point bonus: Melee kills


Variks contracts

Riot Control: Kill 6 Prison Champions 41/42

No matter the distance: kill 40 enemies with the grenade in the prison 41/42

Shadow Boxing: Kill 30 enemies with Abyss Abilities in 41/42 Prison


Queen's Wrath Contracts

Kill those who are wanted: Irxori at the Cosmodrome.

Kill those who are consumed: eliminate 12 enemies with a proper name.

Kill them all: Kill 100 Corrupted


Lord Shaxx's Contracts

Individual achievement: win 2 games with 1500 points.

Make a difference: win 7 games

Battle of the Crucible: Win a game in Domination, Shock, and Rift mode

Featured Game: earn 5 points in a daily or weekly event (1 victory = 3 points and 1 loss or tie = 1 point)

Rifles and Handguns: Get 10 kills with each of these weapons

  • Automatic rifle
  • Pulse rifle
  • Scout rifle
  • Revolver

The True Meaning of War: Complete 5 Shaxx Contracts


Shaxx contract available from Crucible Squad (opposite Shaxx)

Auto Fire: Complete 3 matches with 6 Auto Rifle kills

Well placed shot: play 3 games with at least 6 revolver kills.

Collective Shot: Complete 3 matches with at least 6 Pulse Rifle kills

Scout Shot: Complete 3 matches with at least 6 Scout Rifle kills


Have a good week Guardians!

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