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This morning there was an update fixing many bugs and other nasty little bugs.


  • "Thok ast Thok (extrême)": Ravana attacked automatically only under certain conditions.
  • "The Crater of Embers (extreme)" and during the fight against Cerberus in "The Dark World": The damage inflicted by some status ailments was abnormally low.
  • In the level 60 main quest instance, it was possible to attack defenseless monsters.
  • In the level 60 main quest instance, actions requiring ground targeting could not be used in certain locations.
  • In the level 60 main quest instance, sometimes monsters could not be targeted.
  • In the level 60 main quest instance, certain actions in the incubation sphere had no effect.
  • "The Abyss of Bahamut III" : “Whirlwind of life” lasted an unusually long time.
  • ALÉA "Prey online" : some monsters behaved abnormally.
  • The actions of the elite target good did not trigger properly.



  • "Unexpected face-to-face" (quest): Camera controls and field of view were not working properly.
  • "Unexpected face-to-face" (quest): The NPC "Tataru" was not wearing the correct clothes.
  • It was possible to accept quests "The fruits of courage" et "The Pompon Guard has problems" at the same time.
  • It was possible to accept quests "The collector", "The Relics of the Terran Masters" et "A heavy oversight" at the same time.
  • "A champion's diet" (quest): Talking to the NPC "Lesteplume Guard" as a craftsman or harvester will cause an empty window to appear.
  • NPCs from a different quest appeared during the quest "Hatred of a mother".
  • "An unexpected letter" (quest): Sometimes the map could not be opened from the journal and the objective list.
  • "More fear than harm" (quest): the text did not appear on the screen when acquiring the new action.
  • Unnecessary graphic effects appeared on some characters during the quest "From the blaze is born peace"
  • Quest levels displayed in "The endless journey" were incorrect for some Dragon Knight job quests.



  • The "Pure Intuition" action of warrior allowed its user to also receive critical care.
  • The bards were temporarily unable to perform actions under certain conditions.
  • The "Assises" action of white mage did not restore MP under certain conditions.
  • The action "Divine Seal" which only affects spells also affected the "Sitting" action
  • The "Manalignments" action of black Magus and the "rapid fire" action of the machinist affected the launch times of actions such as "Teleport" and "Repatriation".
  • The "Fire" action of black Magus was not properly triggering the additional effect of "Mega Fire" under certain conditions.
  • The "Suiton" action of ninja triggered its effect even when missing its target.
  • The effect of the "Dark Arts" action black Knight could be applied to multiple actions used in succession.
  • The "Flambée" action of machinist appeared in the wrong category in the damage log.
  • The "Celestial Opposition" action of the astromancer reduced the duration of status ailments such as "Sated".
  • The "Charity" action of the astromancer did not properly trigger the additional effect of "Beneficence II" under certain conditions.



Mission tool

  • If a character who unlocked Update 3.0 Missions signed up for Random Missions through a system that did not have Heavensward access, an error would occur.
  • It was possible to sign up for a Random Mission: Expert with members not entitled to Heavensward access.


  • The effects of PvP gear materiel brought in by Patch 3.0 were active outside of PvP areas.


  • Company crests could not be added to certain equipment brought in with Update 3.0.
  • The Explorer Log only displayed Patch 3.0 areas under certain conditions.
  • The flame effect of "Thok ast Thok" appeared when entering a housing area.
  • Sorting by "Automatic attack" on the sales table caused the items to be sorted alphabetically.
  • It was not possible to drop the item “Mask of the Black Death” if it was obtained through the NPC “Consignor”.
    • Text commands for the following actions were not interpreted correctly:
      EN version: Ricochet / Damnation / Ascension / Pain explosion / Pruning
      FR version: Reassembly / Ricochet
      DE Version: Leg Flayer / Time Dilation / Mega Earth / Cleaver
  • Some texts were incorrect.
  • Closing the game in DirectX 11 mode in some environments caused an error (Windows only).
  • Repeated pressing of the screenshot key could freeze the game.
    * Due to the June 25 patch that was supposed to fix this issue, the screenshot key was no longer usable on any other program, the current patch fixes this issue.
  • Pressing Alt + Enter in the log caused the display to stop responding.


Mac version

  • Changing zones while editing macro text kept the text on the screen. (Mac only)
  • Clicking in the edit field of a macro text prevented mouse clicks from being recognized. (Mac only)
  • It was not possible to move the cursor in the edit field of macro text via mouse clicks. (Mac only)
  • Changing the screen resolution with the mouse caused the cursor to appear in the wrong place. (Mac only)
  • Attempting to change the screen resolution to the resolution already chosen did not cause a confirmation message to appear. (Mac only)

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