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You have finally arrived at level 12 and rented your first luxury apartment. So Lester must have called you to offer you a job. This heist is only playable with 2 players, it is also not difficult but it lays the foundations of what this game mode is and gives an overview of the necessary coordination between each player.


Preparation mission 1: Location identification

After a little introduction from our dear Lester, you will have to get in our friend's car and drive him to Fleeca Bank to do some scouting. Once there, Lester will give us a quick overview of the bank with important information such as security or the safe to rob (N ° 167). Next, we'll have to drive Lester to his factory to meet his assistant Paige. Along the way, each player will have a specific mission:

  • Player driving : he will have to drive in the direction of the factory, of course avoiding accidents and crashes.
  • Passenger side player : he will have to perform a Snake-type mini-game (old game on Nokia, so many memories!). This little hacking intro will also be part of the final heist mission. So remember to put this person as a Driller for the last mission.

Upon arriving at the factory, you will need to drive Paige and Lester to your building garage. During this journey, they will explain the details of the mission to you but also that this is only the beginning of the adventure.


Readiness Mission 2: Obtain a Kuruma

As in all robberies, we will have to deal with the police. To escape without too many problems, we will need a fast and well-protected car. What could be better than the armored Kuruma! In this mission, it will be necessary to steal this car from a gang who have taken the top of a parking lot as their lair. When you arrive at the location, remember to put on your mask and equip yourself with your weapons because your opponents will not let you get into the car like that.

As soon as the players have managed to get into the car, you will need to head to Lester's factory to deliver the car to Paige. The passenger of the car will have to shoot the enemies wanting to defeat you to retrieve the car. You should know that as soon as you arrive on the bridge before the factory, your pursuers will stop following you.

As soon as you arrive, Paige will thank you and you can finally move on to the final mission: the heist of the Fleeca Bank!


Final phase: Fleeca Bank robbery

Like every final robbery phase, the group leader will have to assign everyone's roles and their share of the loot. In this heist, we have the following roles:

  • Driver : he will have to lead the Kuruma to the bank and also during the flight. Regarding his role as the bank, he will have to destroy the 4 cameras quickly as well as put pressure on the hostages to avoid raising the alarm or call the police.
  • Driller : as in the first mission, he will have to do a hacking mini-game before arriving at the bank to open the safe door. In the bank, he will have to open the safe using a drill to collect the contents. Be careful, the drill can overheat if it is overloaded. You have to find the right compromise between speed and efficiency.

As soon as the box is recovered, it will be necessary to escape quickly before the police arrive on the scene. Since the bank is on the edge of the highway, it will be necessary to act quickly in order not to be stopped. The driver must follow the route on the map but also avoid the police roadblocks set up to stop you.

Arrived on a bridge, it will be necessary to stand below the helicopter to be exfiltrated.


Heist gains

Like every mission, you have three difficulty levels giving rise to three different gains (total loot):

  • Easy : 57.000 $
  • Normal : 115.000 $
  • Difficult : 143.750 $

The elite challenge specific to heist missions will earn you the sum of $ 50.000. To succeed, it will be necessary to achieve certain objectives during the final mission:

  • Complete the mission in under 5 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Kuruma should not take more than 6% damage
  • No death


Now it's up to you, and don't hesitate to share your little tips with us to help you finish this robbery as well as possible. 

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