Import / Export of emblems (Update)

First guide dedicated to Battlefield 4! You will be able to import, export and store your BF4 emblems. It did not take long to find a solution to the problem of the maximum 8 emblems on Battlefield 4. To start, I would like to thank the person who is the author of this tip, it is cowboy on his page gist.github.

What will be the point of such manipulation? There are several of them :

  • Share your creations
  • Facilitate exchanges without having to look for links from other battlelog profiles
  • Offer a wide choice of emblems on the site

There will therefore be a first part explaining how to export the emblems and store them in text format. A second to import them and finally you will find at the end of this guide a gallery of emblems that I will complete over time.

Edit : The gallery now has more than 190 emblems. Come and make your choice at the bottom of the page!


Export an emblem

The following procedure works with Google Chrome. To get started, log into the Battlelog BF4 and go to the Customize emblem page:

Select the emblem you want to export:

Open the console (Ctrl-Shift-J) and enter the following snippet of code to copy the emblem data to the clipboard:


Then paste the contents of the clipboard where you want to keep it. Notepad will do very well, a hit of Ctrl-V and you're done. Close the console (Ctrl-Shift-J).

You now have a backup of your emblem in text format which you can store and keep outside of the Battelog.


Import an emblem

The procedure has been tested with Chrome and Firefox but it should also work with other browsers with a console. Log into the Battlelog BF4 and go to the Customize emblem page. Click the + ADD button.

Open the console (Ctrl-Shift-J in Chrome, Ctrl-Shift-K in Firefox) and paste the content of an emblem that you will have previously exported and then validated. Make sure you have everything, from emblem.emblem.load to the last semicolon. Click the SAVE & USE button in the top right corner. Close the console.

And there you have your newly imported emblem!


Emblem Gallery

You just have to click on the name located under the image to access the text files to import. A dozen for the moment but there will be daily updates, do not hesitate to come back in the area.

Edit : The emblems gallery being a victim of its success, it now has its dedicated page. You can now find it in the menu on the home page or by clicking on the button below.

Link to the BF4 emblem gallery


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