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I re-introduce myself: Belfoz, from the LaCieTrouille guild. With the double XP weekend going on right now, I decided to finally ride a Secret Agent Medicine reroll. So I started looking for a guide on our favorite site… and just couldn't find one up to date! I'm coming back to annoy you today (just to help our little non-English speaking spanishies) to offer you this translation of a guide found on the net, initially written by Keiki, member of the HMD Magenta guild on the PvE server US The Shadowlands. You can find its original guide here. Thanks to him for allowing me to share it here.

I'm just emphasizing one thing: I'm a newbie when it comes to the Agent and healing on Swtor, which is why I haven't created a guide from scratch (my Agent is level 25 at the time of my write these lines). Not knowing Keiki either, I cannot guarantee the validity of everything I have translated here: the assumed aim of this translation is to lay the first stone of what could (with your help) become a reference in the language. spanish for all newbies like me who would embark on the adventure of the Imperial secret services (or contraband in the street opposite!). It is up to you, dear reader friends, to comment so that this guide is updated and takes the form of the guide of your dreams! (yes, it's pretentious, but it's beautiful to dream).


(Translator's note) Two little words on the specifics of this class: you will have to manage two different resources here:

  • energy: ranging from 0% to 100%, this will be your main resource. It regenerates at variable speed depending on the state of your reserve, ranging from 2 / second below 20% to 5 / second above 60%. It is therefore important to stay above 60% energy as much as possible to benefit from maximum regeneration.
  • Tactical Advantage is the second resource, we'll come back to that later.


  • Arbre the talent
  • Main skills
  • Cycle
  • Equipment


Arbre the talent

Here is the basic template below. You will notice that there are 5 unassigned points left. You will have to put 2 of these points in the Medicine tree in order to unlock the last level to reach the Nanotechnology recovery : I personally use Medical shield, but you can also take Surprise surgery ou Dilatory imperative, which may be valid alternatives. There will therefore remain 2 points to distribute thereafter.

36 / 3 / 5

Main skills

Now that you have all of these colorful buttons on your interface, let's talk about their effects! These descriptions take into account the bonuses provided by the talent tree.

De Kolto probe: This ability is obtained through the Medicine tree and ultimately costs 9 energy points. It is an instant spell that causes a HOT (Heal Over Time) that lasts 18 seconds and can be stacked twice. It also gives a 30% chance per stack to activate Tactical Advantage.

 Kolto injection: This is your first healing spell as an agent, with a 2 second cast time, and directly healing for a large amount of health. Each injection will grant you 1 Tactical Advantage and costs 25 Energy.

 Surgical probe: another instant care. It is a direct heal for a reasonable amount of health. It costs 1 Tactical Advantage (but no Energy), and if used on a target below 30% health, it recreates a Tactical Advantage. Yes… small perpetual healing burst on low targets alive!

Infusion de Kolto: It is a moderate direct heal that is accompanied by a heal over time over 9 seconds. The cast time is 2 seconds, it costs 25 Energy and 1 Tactical Advantage.

Recovery nanotechnology: It's your only AoE heal, and it's still instant cast. It heals up to 4 allies within 10 yards of your target for 6 seconds. It costs 25 energy. The advantage of this ability, compared to other AoE heals from other classes, is that once cast on the target, it stays on it, and not on the area where you placed it.

Diagnostic : It's a free channeled ability that heals one target in three stacks, for a low amount of health. But its interest does not lie there: indeed, the criticisms of this technique give you energy (2 points per critic). Free capacity, which turns into free energy… yes, you read that right!

Toxic screen: Instant ability that purges the target of negative mental, physical, and tech effects, while healing very lightly. Costs 10 energy points.

Resurrection probe : Resurrection in combat.

Amplified Stim: Ability to Accelerate Energy Regeneration: Grants 1 Tactical Advantage and increases Alacrity by 10% for 15 seconds.

Adrenaline Probe: Regenerates 66 energy over 3 seconds.



Now let's discuss how to use these amazing abilities! Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a cycle that you will consistently use when healing. We will rather speak, as often, of priorities based on your current situation, the intensity of the care requested, and the state of your energy reserve.

Let's take a look at Tactical Advantage first. It's a unique ability in that it's a resource as well as a buff: it increases healing done by 6% while active. It is also required as a resource for abilities Infusion de Kolto et Surgical probe. You have a chance to activate 1 Tactical Advantage for each heal charge, and you gain 1 Tactical Advantage for each use of theKolto injection, Hit hidden, And some Slicing, as well as when using the Probe surgical on a target with less than 30% health. Just keep this in mind when healing. You must always have at least 1 Tactical Advantage active in order to benefit from the healing bonus. The best is to stay as much as possible at 2, in order to have the bonus, but not to lose a possible proc (the high limit being at 3 Tactical advantages).

For example, if you are already at three stacks of Tactical Advantage, the next proc will be lost since you will not be able to store any more. So remember, when you are at 3 stacks, to use a Infusion de Kolto on the tank, or a Surgical probe on any target (remember that it is free in energy, so if you are limited on that side…) to consume one. If your target is below 30% health, feel free to spam Surgical probe until it has risen above 30%. Always make sure to keep the Probe by Kolto on at least one target, it can only be beneficial for your generation of Tactical Advantage.

So, I always start, before the sweater, by placing two Kolto probes on tanks and wait for 2 tactical advantages. Usually I spam the Probe by Kolto on the entire raid until you get them. You can also just use theKolto injection for guaranteed tactical advantages. In general, manage to start the fight with 2 Tactical Perks, which is even easier if you have the Surprise Surgery talent, since you only have to enter and exit stealth mode.


La Kolto probe is an ability that you will need to keep constantly on the tank. It's also useful to use it on other raid members who would take damage, but in amounts that don't require you to focus your healing on it. It's instantaneous, it follows your target wherever they go for 18 seconds, and it generates Tactical Perks regularly: just happiness.


For the less intense phases of care, you should focus on preserving your energy. So use your capacity to be over time, your Diagnostic and your Surgical probe. When my target is above 80% health, I very rarely use theKolto injection. If you have too many Tactical Advantages, use theInfusion de Kolto and immediately the Diagnostic, or simply refresh your Kolto probe, followed again by Diagnostic, or use the Probe surgical if excess Tactical Advantage. The Diagnostic heals very little, but it gives you energy with every criticism. Don't be afraid to use it even on a 100% health target if you need some energy recovery. When the operation group does not need healing, I usually spam it on the healer wizards, it helps them to recover after a Consumption.

For the phases of moderate care, I always try to associate theKolto injection with the Diagnostic, in order to help recover the energy consumed. Remember to constantly refresh your Kolto probes. If you are healing more than one target, try placing your Recovery nanotechnology on one of the central targets. This will heal 4 people within 10 yards of your target, so choose wisely. Often times, I will move around, position myself between the members of my group, and throw the Nanotechnology on myself. TheInfusion de Kolto is interesting to use on the tank, since it heals a decent amount of health points, and also applies a heal over time.

For intensive care or burst phases, remember that you need to refresh your Kolto probes as soon as you have a spare moment, keep duplicates as much as possible on the same target. If your targets are below 30%, remember that you can spam the Probe surgical above, however, if they take a lot of damage, it may be good to get help from another healer to get them out of this mess. TheKolto injection gives you 1 Tactical Advantage, you can combine it with theInfusion de Kolto and then follow the second Kolto injection with a Surgical probe Everytime. If possible, maximize the number of targets within the area of ​​effect of the Nanotechnology recovery. If you are low on energy, you can use the Amplified Stim to gain 1 additional Tactical Advantage and launch the Probe surgical. Amplified Stim will also have the effect of increasing the alacrity, speeding up the launch of theInjection and Infusion de Kolto. The Probe adrénaline will be used in cases where you have almost no power left, and you should use the Diagnostic as soon as you have the opportunity to regenerate it.

If you are really in need of a Tactical Advantage, you can also upgrade. Slicing to the nearest enemy if necessary.



Opinions on how to equip health workers are diverse and varied. I recommend the following statistics:

Potency> Tip> Surge (70%)> Alacrity> Critical (25%)

Note: Important: The original guide does not give numerical values ​​here, as these values ​​strongly depend on the level of the equipment you are wearing. In order to help as much as possible, I take the liberty of adding the values ​​given by Noxxic… I know how controversial this site is in the PVE HL community, but being a novice, I take the information where I can… Feel free to comment to give your own "ideal" stats.


Use armor and cannon skills. Try to avoid changes with letters in the name. They offer high primary stats, but at the cost of lower secondary stats. Instead, use the ones with the least stamina for the secondary stats that interest you. This also applies to improvements.

  • Adept - Power and Surge
  • Keen scholar - Power and Alacrity
  • Battle - Criticism and Influx
  • Insight - Criticism and Alacrity

Combine your stats however you like, I myself use 4 items with alacrity (don't forget the implants and ear cups!), 3 with critical (or two, plus weapon crystals) and the rest in power / influx. Your best bet is to try it out with your own equipment and experiment with new optimizations. Remember that you can also adapt your dopants and relics to the chosen optimization. Do what you find suitable for yourself and your style of play!



So much for this Secret Agent Medicine guide. Do not hesitate to comment in order to share your own vision of this specialization.

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