The Sims 4 - Hidden Places

As always, the developers of The Sims have plenty of ideas to occupy our time. While Juliaan is building her house, I am looking for hidden places of the game with my Sim: Arocaria. With each opus, we have the right to these small places, so here is how to get there and where to find them. There are two in total, one in each living area.


First place

We select WillowCreek, then the highlighted residential area. Lucky for me, I took the house you see right next to the wanted tree.

When you arrive, look for the decorated tree. Here it is :

You must water it et inspect it more than three times to see the following choices appear:

Choose Explore, a new window opens:

Follow the noise, then:

Descend the stream :

Entering the mist:

You've finally arrived in the hidden zone Forest glade, you have the possibility to train your Sim in new and original activities.



Second place

It is of course in the other area, but there is a peculiarity to find it. I'll tell you more about it below, direction Desert Bloom.

Once you arrive in this very pretty park, look towards the bottom of the map for an entrance to closed cave. Once found, go for it.

To be able to access the second hidden location, your Sim must have 10 in DIY skill. To do this, repair all of your furniture at home, improve it and place a workbench in your home. Once the level is reached, return to the cave. You can force the entrance.

You are off to explore the cave.

Take it wide path:

Take the ladder:

Walk on the ledge:

Then finally go to Cave :

You've finally arrived in the hidden zone The Forgotten Cave, you have the opportunity to train your Sim in new and original activities, I'll let you discover them.


Do you also want to go to these two beautiful areas?

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