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For this week, we present to you the Ace Gaming guild operating on the Darth Nihilus server.

First of all, a presentation of the people interviewed for the occasion:

  • Randyr : GM of the SWTOR section at Ace Gaming, he has been playing the game since the game was released and has joined the Ace for 2 years now. Mainly a PvE player who has clean all SWTOR content to his credit. His character is a Healer Agent.
  • Skerrat : Officer at Ace Gaming, he has also been playing since the game was released. The particularity of this player is that he migrated from server to join the Ace. He plays a Sniper.
  • Shadow : Officer at Ace Gaming, he joined the guild about 1 year ago.
  • Ashen : Creator of the guild, he was GM of each section at Ace Gaming (SWTOR, FF and WS) before leaving his place to a trusted person to take this role (he currently plays at WS).


The Ace Gaming guild

The Ace Gaming guild was created to do what is called PvE HL Ranking, which means finishing the content offered by the developers as quickly as possible. Most Ace coming from World Of Warcraft, the name of this guild comes from an addon that the guild used a lot: Poker Ace. The choice of PvE rather than PvP on guild orientation is due to the fact that the Ace players who founded the guild were mainly looking for a spirit of cooperation and team play (Group Cohesion). For them, this attractive thing stands out especially in the PvE side of an MMORPG.

Even if the Ace guild suffers a bad reputation without merit, it should be known that it has no animosity towards the other guilds even if they are in competition with them. On the contrary, it encourages and salutes the efforts of other guilds in this race against time. The Ace Gaming Guild is organized like most guilds with a GM and 2 officers making most of the decisions. The planning of operations / exits is done in advance so that everyone can organize themselves. The organization of regular meetings is also part of giving an overview of the guild to its members.

Concerning the future of the Ace guild, it will be done on all the games where they are present. Regarding SWTOR, it should be noted that the race for the clock will perhaps not be done on the hard mode of 3.0 because the guild does not have access to the PTS while other guilds in the race do. On the other hand, they will be present on the nightmare content of 3.0.


The community and other MMOs

The MMORPG community is generally quite good. On the other hand, we note that the international servers (FF and WS) bring a certain dynamism to the game. To give an example, it is almost possible to make any dungeon on FF or WS whatever the hour. Conversely, on SWTOR, after a certain time, it becomes difficult to do certain facets of the game.

Regarding the MMOs of the moment, the various feedbacks are generally positive:

  • Archeage: The game is graphically beautiful and the background of the game really complete unfortunately, the F2P content is really too limited which will limit the player at high level.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: The team goes to great lengths to make the game complete and appealing to the majority of players. The majority of the additions the dev team have been able to make have been beneficial to the game.
  • WildStar: He had a lot of hiccups early on and along the way (August update), but the team got it right very quickly.
  • SWTOR: The content gap before 3.0 has been felt a lot in the guild, the arrival of 3.0 is a relief.

There are still some flaws on SWTOR such as for example the random aspects of certain operations bosses or the quick exit from the Nightmare Palace which had to require a quick organization of the guild to face this content. Ace players are also quickly waiting for the developers' promise of auto-level operations.


The Talish Note

The guilds wanting to rank PvE on the spanish-speaking side are not legion.

You should also know that this type of guild does not necessarily have a military regime, although each guild of this level will require a certain level of talent; but if you have the potential, don't hesitate to apply. You should know that some players in his guilds are wells of knowledge and that they do not hesitate to share their skills / research to raise the level of the group.

As the saying goes, it is by forging that you become a blacksmith. If you want to improve, you have to know how to ask yourself the right questions and sometimes search certain sites to find the answers (our guides are there for that!). To have also experienced it, we must also accept criticism because even if we are first in terms of care or DPS, that does not mean that we cannot improve.


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