Les Tribulations d'Aza: Divinity Original Sin - Episode 6

Episode six is ​​finally here! Our companions have left the city and are now in a hostile zone, populated by enemies and danger. Will they find Eveline? Is it really she who is responsible for the death of the advisor? And besides, why assassinate the counselor and steal his body? So many questions that will, perhaps, find answers!

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Summary of the previous episode

Day ??

?? h ??

We went to talk to Zixzax to get a little more information about the strange person we met at the Pantheon, but unfortunately it seems like, like us, Zixzax and the Weaver have no information or knowledge at all. his subject. This is yet another mystery ...

Day 3

1:15 a.m.

We finally returned to Cyséal and went to sleep. Our sleep was strongly disturbed by the memory of what we saw at the End of Time and in particular the dark form emerging from the vortex engulfing all of creation. When we woke up, we decided to go and meet the mayor.

8 p.m.

We met with the mayor and the mayor did not help us much with the murder of the councilor. However, he allowed us to exhume his body so that we could analyze it and try to find traces of Sourcellerie. Before that, we went to the library, which is located upstairs of his house, we met Jahan, a mage expert in demonology and who wanted to join us. Bairdotr offered to separate us in order to improve our research. While she goes with Zixzax in search of the Starstones, Jahan will accompany us to try to solve the murder of Jake.

10:10 a.m.

In the cemetery, we exhumed the body of Jake and our surprise was great when in the coffin, it was not the body of Jake, but that of a sheep. So we decided to go see the undertaker to get answers to our questions.

11:45 a.m.

Roberts, the undertaker, we learned that Jake's body was stolen from the morgue. He confessed to us that several people visited him and had the opportunity to commit this mischief: Auréus, Cécil, Éveline and Esméralda. We went to visit the suspects and Esmeralda taught us some very interesting things. Her husband seems to have been very close to Eveline for several months and the latter, despite the good reputation she enjoys, also seems quite strange in the eyes of some citizens.

15:50 a.m.

While wanting to visit Eveline, the latter has disappeared and no one seems to know where she has gone. We went to her house and found various documents relating to the Oracle and a lair on the beach. We decided to go looking for him to finally get answers.

No sooner had they left the safety of the city walls than the group of companions came across an overturned cart. As they approach, they notice that the bull that pulls the latter is dead and that an undead, who appears to be the late owner, is devouring it. As they put an end to the poor man's suffering, Estelle notices that there is movement far away in the woods.

They set off in the direction of the forest, weapons in hand, to explore. While they are in the forest, one thing calls out to Estelle: there are no wild animals or the slightest noise. They wander for a long time in the woods when suddenly, a wild boar comes out of a thicket. He has a strange appearance, his eyes are shiny green as well as his body, which is streaked with scars from which blood is also green in color. As the beast approaches, a second emerges from behind a bush, followed a few seconds later by a dozen skeletons and living dead. The four companions immediately draw their weapons and prepare for battle.

During the fight, Madora notices a strange thing. What they took for blood from the wounds of wild boars is in fact poison, a very powerful poison which takes effect at the slightest touch. Rassilon notices, however, that the latter is extremely flammable and decides to abuse this weakness by casting a fire spell on the wounds, so that the poison ignites and the fire spreads inside the entrails of these corrupt animals. While Madora and Rassilon scramble with the wild boars, Jahan and Estelle take the opportunity to stay in the background and attack the skeletons and the living dead from a distance. The latter are rather harmless and weak, however, one of them is able to use magic and does so in order to strengthen his allies and even raise them up when one of them falls, so they decide to deal with it first.

The fight lasts about twenty minutes, but not very difficult. Madora suffered slightly from the poison, but Estelle knows about poison thanks to her affinity to the earth and her life in nature and is able to heal and detoxify her very easily. They take the road again and fall, after a few minutes, on the entrance of a cave.

As they think they are going through the cave quietly and without a hitch, they come across a small group of people. They identify themselves as part of a group called "The Fantastic Five" and are there to complete a mission, which involves recovering an invention from Arhu that was stolen a few days ago. The four companions decide to help them and all together leave for the heart of the cave. After an hour's walk, they come face to face with the invention in question ... A sort of huge bipedal machine and three hooded people. As everyone prepares to fight, Jahan laughs.

 “Éhéhéhéhéhé! I knew as soon as I found it that this thing would serve me! "

Jahan takes a funny box from his pocket as well as a small booklet and begins to leaf through it. After a few seconds, he dodges a broad smile and starts tapping on the box and yells:

“Everyone under cover, the fireworks will begin! "

As soon as Jahan finishes saying this, the machine begins to act strangely, sparks shoot out all over the place and, suddenly, the machine explodes, instantly killing its pilot and the three people around.

“Hell, that was spectacular! To say that this monstrosity is a creation of Arhu, luckily you had that Jahan remote. "


 "Magic should not be taken lightly, this mage-cat is simply unconscious! "


“A mage can be wrong, but this fiasco does not have enough to justify a condemnation en bloc of all the adepts of the magic. "


" It is totally true. Besides, without the magic that Rassilon uses, it's a safe bet that we would not have held up until now. Magic has its good and its bad, but we should not generalize in this way! "

The Fantastic Five thank the Source-Stalkers and decide to go back to town to tell Aureus that the mission is a success. As for the four companions, they continue their journey towards the northeast beach in order to find Eveline's lair. After about ten minutes, they come out on the other side of the cave. Once outside, the area is much brighter, warmer and more welcoming than at the entrance to the cave. The trees appear healthy, there are uncorrupted wild animals, and even a small river with a waterfall. Looking around, Estelle notices something shiny in the distance and they decide to go there to see what it is. They have to cross the river and the waterfall and for that, Jahan had the good idea to freeze a portion of the latter in order to be able to pass easily and in addition, without getting wet! Once the other shore is reached, they see that what shines is in fact two chests with, between the two, a human corpse. The latter unfortunately does not have any element allowing to identify him or to know what he could do well here, nor if the two chests belonged to him. The only thing they are sure of is that this body is not that of Councilor Jake, who was killed a week ago while the body in question appears to have been here for several months.

They decide to bury the poor unfortunate man and take the road back to the beach. While they have been walking for a while, they come across a sort of altar surrounded by four huge statues. Curious as usual, the four merry companions decide to make yet another detour in order to see all this more closely. As they approach the first statue which glows with a bluish glow, the statue begins to speak.

"Greetings, young paladin of the waves!" You have a natural predisposition to swim in the ocean, you know? "


“A statue that speaks, how interesting. "


 “Of course I'm talking! Don't dolphins frolic in the waves like rabbits in the meadows? Don't the crabs twirl as they please between the ocean and the shore? Besides, as a mighty statue of the cliffs, I give you the ability to breathe underwater! Go ahead, Your Highness, of the Tides, try your new gift! Goodbye Deep Tycoon! And don't forget to try your new power. Dive deep, always deeper, and see how your lungs become gills! "


"Hmm ... Statues that speak and claim to grant powers." Does that remind you of anything? "


“Alas, yes. It is undoubtedly these statues which caused the death of the poor man who threw himself from the cliff, or even the ruin of the one who set fire to his house. We should try to speak with all of them to find answers. "

“Aaaaah! I feel you are burning with the desire to free your mind, just as I am burning to leave this confinement! But talking is not all! I also grant incredible blessings to those bold enough to come to me. For you, I sense immense glory! But first you have to prove your merit, your spiritual worth, by freeing yourself from all your material possessions. Burn them, reduce them to ashes and watch your spirit soar! "


"You are dying to leave this confinement, does that mean you are a prisoner?" "


“Ah! Such a powerful curse that the four of us are trapped and forced to condemn the entrance to the cave that is there! "


 "Who exactly locked you up?" "


 “Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to say. "

" You there ! Noble soul! Bird's blood is flowing through your veins, I can smell it! Listen to me carefully, for I have the power to make you soar like the most majestic of hawks! But wait a minute, I must first pronounce the magic formula: BiBIDI BOBIDI BOU! There you go, go ahead and test your new powers. For your first outing, I advise you to take off from the edge of a cliff, that will be more than enough. "


 "Tell me, you're stuck like everyone else too, I guess." But do you know how to break free? "


 "We are hopelessly trapped without our favorite elements to free us ... I can not say more unfortunately. "


“Illustrious soul! You are one of the Source Trackers, aren't you? Speak without fear! are you dying to find out what the future holds? I found myself confined in the time jail like a vermin! However, where the stone can constrain my body, my mind spins, free of any hindrance. So the desire seizes you to discover the outcome of your epic, noble ephemeral? "


 “Why not, it can't hurt. "


Aza's tribulations are over! Thank you all for following this adventure with me! The tribulations will continue, as soon as I find another game to play them on!

"So, happy with what you saw?" "


"Uh ... That doesn't mean anything to your vision for the future." What are the tribulations of Aza? None of us are called “Aza” ... And who is following his adventures? "


 "Another twisted move made with magic!" And then, it's not a game! "

These discussions provided some answers to the team. It seems indeed that these statues are in fact prisons for something, spirits, demons or even beings of kindness, even if they doubt it. After a few minutes of conversation, Rassilon puts forward the idea of ​​casting a spell corresponding to each element of the statue, to try to free them and see what it is exactly. In addition, always driven by curiosity, it would open the passage of the cave and see what is inside it.

Jahan and Rassilon therefore cast the spells of the schools of magic of which they are experts. At first nothing happens, but after a few minutes the ground begins to shake, the statues stop glowing and, in a magical explosion, beings appear. The latter are in reality elemental demons and, barely freed, they throw themselves on the team.

“My broken ties, my omnipotence knows no more hindrance! "


“My prison is just a memory! Now it's your turn to be just a memory! "


"Ah, the salty air caresses my tongue and the sun my back!" What could be better than a fight and the death of a few humans to celebrate life? "


 “Finally, the fresh air caresses my scales! More than to tear off your frail limbs connected to your bodies for too long! "


The fight lasts a very long time, fortunately, Rassilon and Jahan who are experts in magic, know full well that these elemental demons are weak against their opposite element. The latter finally end up falling under the many blows. When the last elemental disintegrates, a section of the wall located between two statues disappears and reveals the entrance to a cave. Still armed, the small group ventures into the den to see what these demons, locked in statues, were to protect.

After a while, they stumble upon a sort of encampment. There are women who seem to be spellbound. Suddenly, a man appears out of nowhere.

"Cursed be the divine, for an infamous flame illuminates my cave, the tomb of my soul! "


" Who are you ? What is this place ? "


“I am only a modest male among my Bellgarettes! Whether blonde or brunette, you don't deserve to behold their pale faces, full lips and gorgeous locks! "


 “That doesn't answer the question we're asking you. "


 “It is a shame to see such an ignorant soul in such a charming body. Me it's Bellegar! The greatest mage of the peaks of this art! There is not a spell, not the slightest incantation, the song of which my illustrious golden spirit does not know! I speak, rhyme, amaze and the living ... desort! It is the madness of youth that has guided my steps here. Demons wanted to turn them into subjugated puppets, in fact at that time I had only one obsession: to impress Maxos and gain his full attention. I summoned evil, demons from the underworld! But that was without counting on their iron villainy! Very quickly, they hit me, pushed me to death! That's when I yelled “Maxos, save my body!” So he saved me, but to punish me for my insults, he trapped me here claiming that only a hero could save my life. "


"Who is this Maxos you're talking about?" I never heard of it. "


"Don't you know the Patriarch Mage?" He has propelled the dragon commander to the golden throne of an empire! But it goes back many centuries. "


“But if you are imprisoned here, who are these women? How could they have come here? "


"Oh that, they're beautiful aren't they?" They are not real people, I created them. Instead, think of them as improved golems. It must be said that there is not much to do here and you get bored quite quickly. In any case, thank you for having freed me, I can finally leave these places! "

As soon as Bellegar finishes his sentence, the latter instantly disappears, along with the many women who were all around him.

"Who was that puppet?" "


"Good question ... We fought elemental demons, people died, and all for ... him?" Who leaves like that, without saying anything. "


 "If we had known, we should have let him lock up this vicious filthy mage!" Another twisted blow because of the magic! "


"Well, it's true that so far, we've only had bad examples, but stop constantly condemning Madora!" "


After that, the team searched the place, but found absolutely nothing and set off again in the direction of the beach. Along the way, they do not encounter any obstacles and everything is quite calm. They take the opportunity to make a short stop to rest and eat a ration. They hit the road and finally arrive on the beach. As they walk through it to find the entrance, they end up stumbling upon a rather strange place, the ground is covered with blood and, not far from there, is a man in his underwear lying on a towel, to the shade of a parasol.

“Excuse me, but you are hiding the sun from me. "


" Who are you ? "


" Me ? Oh, I've been retired for a while. Soaking in the sun is my favorite activity now, by far than gutting rabbits on stupid stones. It is often said that the quest for a Sorcerer knows no end, but as far as I'm concerned, I retired in time to enjoy my prime years. "


“Wait! You are a Sorcerer! "


“Absolutely, although I haven't had the opportunity to practice my art for many years. Today, the brutality of its rituals attracts me much less than a beautiful afternoon on the beach. My name is Raddagoth by the way. "

* He stops speaking for a few moments and looks closely at the group *

Considering the weird way you look at me, comrade, I take it you don't like Sorcerers. "


“We are Source Stalkers. We should make it our business to end your existence, but you seem so ... harmless. "


"So then you belong to the Source-Stalkers!" It seems that you are different from the barbarians who rush headlong and weapon in hand at the mere mention of the word “Source”. Although I admit that I never had to do with your organization. Even though I am a Sorcerer, I have never killed or injured anyone, except maybe two or three small wild animals. But even children sometimes have fun torturing and dismembering little bunnies, right? "


“You may not be a Sorcerer anymore, but you may know things that interest us. Do you know a woman named Eveline? And do you know if there is a cave nearby? "


“Indeed, I know Eveline. She tried several times to get me to join her ranks, but I told her no. As for his lair, I may no longer be a Sorcerer, I still show loyalty to my colleagues and I cannot reveal all the hiding places they use. "


"Talk or you will be dismembered slowly so that you feel what you have done to the little animals as you say!" "


As soon as she had just uttered these words, Rassilon noticed a certain spark in Raddagoth's eyes, and he understood that, although he claimed to no longer practice Sorcery, he was not ready to be attacked without defend.

"Calm down Madora. Raddagoth, you really can't help us? After all, do you honestly think Eveline would let someone know their landmark and leave that person alive to sunbathe quietly? "


“You are not entirely wrong. But even if I show you the entrance to his lair, you won't be able to access it without a precise incantation. "


“We found a strange parchment in Eveline's house. Could this be the formula to open the entrance to his lair? "


“Um, show me. "

* Look at the parchment *

“Indeed, this is the formula. I know it well from hearing him pronounce it. However, there is nothing in this cave that is worth risking your skin. And then, very sincerely, I would prefer not to see your blood soiling such a beautiful beach. "


 "We don't want to drag you into our business, just tell us where the entrance is"


 “I appreciate your concern, comrade. However, I must insist, what is in this lair will only lead you to death. "

* Carefully observe the four companions *

"I see that nothing will change your mind. Now, do you see the pools of blood over there? This is the entrance. Stand in front, say the incantation aloud and the entrance will appear. "

Rassilon stands in front of the spot indicated by Raddagoth and reads the incantation on the parchment. In the next moment, the rock disappears like a mirage and reveals an entrance. The four friends venture inside while being on the lookout for any enemy or trap. This place seems to be the ruins of an old building, even of an ancient city. As they advance, they come across many corpses, most of them still "fresh" while others seem to have been there for several days, if not longer, and instruments of torture dot the area. Numerous puddles of blood line all the hallways and rooms they pass through. After long minutes of walking among this horror show, they finally arrive in a large room that seems better maintained. There are several people busy with their task, mainly alchemy. However, they don't seem to notice the small team. They don't tempt the devil and keep moving forward without lingering. At the corner of the room is another open door with stairs. As they descend, they hear loud voices similar to an argument between two women.

"Stop there young girl!" So the whispers were true! Tell me, who gave you permission to perform this ritual? To turn Councilor Jake into an undead! How dare you waste your time messing around while Braccus Rex is still six feet underground ?! Have you forgotten your mission? "


 “Léandra… I… I wasn't expecting you. The advisor ... He is ... If I knew that he was important to you, I ... "


“Silence! It is by using my title that we must address me, ungrateful little one! "


“An example that I intend to follow, Divine Oracle! How good it is to finally see your angelic features again. "


“You have fulfilled your role, advisor. Thank you for your efforts. "


“I lived… and I died… for the sole purpose of serving your cause. "


“I hate having to solve the same problem twice, Eveline. I will no longer tolerate any mistakes. You should get on your knees and pray that my anger will subside! Come on, pray! "


“As you wish, great Oracle. "


“You are appallingly stupid, Eveline! Take a look! Your imbecilities have earned us a visit from the Source-Trader! I have no time to waste with this, the time for Braccus Rex's resurrection is approaching. Take care of those bugs and come join me, get it? "


“At your command, most holy Oracle! I'll take care of them right away! ""

* Turns around in the direction of the four companions *

"Your intrusion into my business has cost me dear ... more than you might imagine!" It will be enjoyable to watch the Source tear your tendons to the last. "


 "So you are indeed a Sorcerer after all. Esmeralda was right to be wary of you. "


"A Enchantress, you filthy macho!" A disciple of the blood in search of eternal life! For a Sorcerer worthy of the name, death is only a minor problem that is brushed aside with the back of the hand. And after having spent centuries in the depths of his tomb, Braccus Rex will soon be back among us and with all the vigor of a newborn baby. This is our power! Such is the power of Sourcellerie! "


 "Why did you kill Councilor Jake?" And why did you resuscitate him in this form? "


“This wretch is only a lackey, a pawn. But the Oracle had faith in him. I was determined to understand why and I gave him back his life. His refusal to cooperate was slightly problematic, but nothing major. We'll be done soon, won't we, Jake? Still some suffering and you will tell me everything. "


"Who is this Oracle who just left you?" "


“He's our guide! Her name is Léandra, but she has the title of Oracle and she will bring the great and mighty Braccus Rex back to life! "


"Who's that puppet again?" A demon ? "


“Seeing as you are going to die shortly, so much so that you do not die ignorant. He was the greatest Sorcerer to ever live. His powers exceed all of us put together. The secrets he holds are simply phenomenal! He is an important piece in our plan and his resurrection is just the beginning! "


"And that healing stone that you used in Cyséal, what is it really?" I guess you didn't really get it by chance, did you? "


“You mean the Bloodstone, I guess. Ehéhéhé, know that one did not name it thus for nothing, Stalker-Source. I will go to the simplest. It all starts with a Star Stone, a lovely gem, but nothing special at first glance. However, it has a hidden potential known to only a few insiders. If the latter is imbued with blood, it grants the power to heal. A life offered to stone is a life that we can give back to others. Considering what we need to do, we need quite a few, with the power turned on. But no more chattering, it is time for you to die. "

Eveline begins to cast and summons several infernal demons. When he sees this, Jahan decides to cast a rain spell on him, as hell demons are mostly made of fire and lava and fear moisture and water. Rassilon immediately understands Jahan's intentions and casts a lightning spell that, combined with the rain, electrifies all demons as well as Eveline instantly crippling them. Estelle takes the opportunity to shoot a series of arrows with a water tank at the end to mortally wound the demons, killing them when they have just stood up. As Eveline begins to regain her senses and free herself from her paralysis, Madora charges in her direction and thrusts her sword into her stomach, killing her instantly.

As Madora withdraws her sword from Eveline's belly, Councilor Jake's corpse comes alive, gets up and starts talking to them.

"Sapristi! So here you are Source-Stalk. This dear Eveline warned me that you had landed in Cyséal to examine my remains, like a fly attracted by a carrion. "

* Look at yourself from head to toe *

"So this is what I have become ... I now hold more of the monster than of the man, a creature unworthy of the grace of the Oracle. "


"So you are indeed Councilor Jake, aren't you?" "


" Yes it's me ! Counselor by day, Sorcerer by night and ... martyr since my death! Léandra, O most holy Oracle, I would have remained faithful to you until the end of time! But it was not my destiny apparently ... I was shot when I had just reached the top of mount art in Sourcellerie and by whom? By Léandra's own sister! "


"So it was neither Eveline nor your wife Esmeralda who killed you?" "


" Exact ! It's Icara! I-CA-RA! I curse every syllable of his name! We call her the White Witch. She's powerful, in her own way, but I never thought she could dare to challenge her sister Léandra by killing one of her most loyal servants ... Me in this case. "


"What exactly happened at this inn?" Tell us everything, because otherwise it is your wife who risks prison, even death! Because she's the main suspect in your murder. "


“My assassination ... A very sad story. The scene took place at the Royal Crab Inn, in the middle of a misty night. The protagonists were Léandra, Icara, my own person and a stranger whose identity I could not determine. The Oracle was there to meet this stranger there and asked me to be ready to subdue him if necessary. I first heard the echoes of a “passionate exchange”, before things turned into a heated argument. It was there that I heard Léandra's call and entered the room. She walked past me and whispered in my ear to finish her off. The man was already lying on the ground, unconscious and only waiting for my blade in his heart, which I hastened to do, of course ”.


"Yes, of course ... to say that since all this time, you were thought to be the victim while you are one of the criminals. "


"I will point out to you that I am dead!" I am therefore a victim! Okay, I'm going back to my story. As I had just killed the wretch, Icara made a smashing entrance through the window, keeping my guard down. She brutally snatched my life away and it was in the light of the Source that I left for the other world ... as a noble martyr, died in the service of my Holy Oracle. "


"But why did Eveline's other fanatic resuscitate you?" "


"The dirty little ambitious girl!" She thought she was the Oracle's favorite and couldn't stand that she preferred me to her. When she realized that the Oracle was at the inn the night I was killed, she couldn't bear to be given the trust she had been denied. So she brought me back to life to force me to reveal what I knew, so that I could return to the good graces of the Oracle again. But as you can see, Léandra did not really appreciate Eveline's sleight of hand. "

* Jake stops speaking for a few moments and seems lost in his thoughts *

“I feel that the life Eveline breathed into my vermin infested carcass is leaving me. So I'm going to go back to the tomb. I imagine that Eveline will not come back so soon to wake me up and Léandra will not oppose my right to eternal rest ... "

Jake disappears, leaving the four companions alone.

“The cult of the immaculate reminds me of a hydra. Wherever we look, whoever we kill, new faces appear. If Jake was one of those weirdos himself, who can you trust in this town and region? "


“We can count on each other. "


The group then decides to leave the area and return to town in order to exonerate Esmeralda and learn more about the Oracle, the White Witch, the Bloodstones, Braxxu Rex and the great plan that the Sorcerers seem to have for this region. ... But they have no idea that at the End of Time there are also some pretty strange things happening ...

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