Les Tribulations d'Aza: Divinity Original Sin - Episode 9

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Oyé oye! A new episode is available! The adventure progresses little by little and the fights become more and more difficult and tactical. As for the story, it is moving slowly but surely!

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Summary of the previous episode

Day 3

21:45 a.m.

Esméralda invited us to come and attend the village fair. Estelle and I were called to a joke improvisation session and we were, it seems, a hit with the audience.

Day 4

8 p.m.

Once the party was over, we returned to the hostel to rest. We head for the farms to see what is going on. On the spot, we met that death, an army of undead and skeletons invaded the place.

10 p.m.

While exploring the ruins, we met a lost archaeologist. After escorting him to Cyséal, he told us about two burial mounds that could be the source of the living dead invasion. We found and explored these two burial mounds, but unfortunately they had no connection, it was a tomb, of an unknown person, protected by a powerful spell of magic that forced us to face our doubles.

11:30 a.m.

We emerged from the tomb and continued to explore the farms. As we approach the lighthouse, we meet many corpses of soldiers until we find two alive. They told us that the lighthouse is invaded and that a monstrosity has made its "nest" there.

12 p.m.

We are at the lighthouse and it serves as a haunt for a Ghoul. Fortunately, knowing the weaknesses of ghouls and being adept at magic, we were able to kill her very quickly and easily. It turns out that the origin of the lighthouse's problems is not with the ghoul or the living dead, but with the former keeper who became a specter. He informed us and said that many undead and skeletons come from a cave located on the south beach of Cyséal.

As soon as the group has crossed the line they contemplate a veritable carnage, the beach is littered with corpses of both Orcs and men. As they walk among the dead, the small group stumbles upon an undead who doesn't seem hostile.

"Hmm ...? Oh ! Hello there! Who here ? If you believe the condition of your weapon, you've had your share of adventures, and the depth of the saddlebags hanging from your belt tells me you belong to the nobility! What luck ! "

" Who are you ? "

“My name is Charla, comrade. I have been leading this “new life” for some time ... a few years ... or more? Decades, maybe well, unless ... hard to say ... Anyway, I put this time to good use by going to find quality articles, likely to interest customers! A whole range of wonderful artefacts that I have managed to find ... precious relics that I wish I could pass on to trusted customers. "

"So you sell equipment?" Can we take a look? "

"But please take a look!" I sell all kinds of awesome accessories, but you will also find some significantly rarer relics! You seem like an enterprising person to me, so I'll let you enjoy it for yourself. Weapons ... four, to be exact ... that an intrepid soul can improve on their travels, as long as they find the right parts! Go for it ! Take a look ! "

Charla spawns some kind of magic container and spawns all equipment and relics. Being an expert in magic and magical items, Rassilon immediately notices that these relics can have enormous potential and decides to buy them, certainly being able to later discover the potential hidden in them. As he finishes the transaction, he notices a head, but without the rest of the body. Charla explains that she found this head on the shore and that she spoke to it, asked to find her body which is probably in a cave not far from here, but that since then, she has not said a word. Charla confesses that she would rather avoid going into the cave, as it would be an undead pirate lair and the captain is a powerful wizard using a strange red stone to enhance the power of his magic. At the evocation of the red stone conferring great power, the four companions understood that it is certainly a Starstone transformed into Blood Stone. Rassilon decides to recover the severed head, telling herself that it will certainly be useful later and, perhaps if she does speak again, bring valuable information.

After saying goodbye to Charla, they leave to explore the cave. As they've been walking for a few minutes, they come across a large Orc digging and ... crying.

"Put away your guns * Sob * put them away." Let a poor orc mourn in peace. "

" What are you doing here ? "

“I don't want to fight, I don't want a pretty stone, I just want to bury these bodies as our tradition requires. It's the least I can do for Oggie ... my chariot ... brother ... * sob * "

"Has your brother been killed?" "

“Yes, in a battle with humans. He was a hell of a good guy, yes! We wanted to see the world! But we hardly saw anything until the Mother-of-all called him back in the afterlife. "

“What is this tradition you are talking about? "

"In our" village, which my poor Oggie will never see again, tradition has it that a warrior is buried in his best armor, so that he can defend himself in the afterlife. There wasn't much of a baby after the battle, but I was able to save the best gear for old Oggie, a proud leaving gift for a proud warrior. "

" An armor ? This is interesting! "

“Madora, this orc is clearly in mourning. Even if they are enemies, we must let the dead rest in peace, even if it means missing out on this armor. "

“I agree, stealing the dead is bad enough, but doing it in front of and at the expense of the mourning person is despicable. "

"Don't think I didn't see your eye shine when I mentioned the armor ... but I thank you for deciding to let my brother rest in peace." "

" It's all natural. However, you mentioned a stone, which stone are you talking about? "

"Don't take me for a marble. You know as well as I do that your "little town won't be rid of the orcs until we get" that nifty Shamanic Bloodstone in the cove over there. "

With these words, he starts digging graves for his brother and the other orcs who died on the battlefield and the small group decides to leave him alone and heads back to the cave. Along the way, Estelle suddenly starts yelling at her companions not to take a further step and begins to examine the ground attentively. After a few seconds, it gently cleans a small area and brings out a mine. She takes a defuse kit from her satchel and gets to work while the other three companions are ready for any eventuality.

Once the mine is disarmed, they continue taking care to examine the place and come across several other mines until they finally arrive at the entrance of the famous cave. The entrance in question looks like a large Orc skull. Once inside, the four companions have the unpleasant surprise to see Orc bodies strewn all the way. As they advance and cross a wooden bridge, they hear the sounds of combat in the distance and take off in the direction with a draw. Along the way, they find a dying Orc and, by the time they get within reach, die. Estelle notices that he is holding a letter in his hand.

Order of the Orcs

By order of the elected Mother-to-All, Grutilda:

The sole objective of this expedition is to get hold of the Starstone located in the Black Cove of Cyséal. All other objectives take a back seat until the Starstone is found and handed over to Eveline, a friend of the Mother-of-All.

Remember, better to spend a lifetime surrounded by Cysealian vermin than to disappoint Grutilda.

This letter puzzles the group, but confirms that there is indeed a link between Orcs, Sorcerers, Bloodstones and the resurrection of Braccus Rex. But the fighting in the distance seems to intensify and they do not have time to ask questions and hit the road. After a few minutes, they stumble upon Orcs fighting skeletons wearing tattered sailor clothes. No sooner had they had time to see what was going on when one of the skeletons pounced on them, forcing them to retaliate. As they finish off the skeleton, it's an Orc's turn to jump on them, which ends up convincing the group that they don't have any friends here, they're going to have to fight whatever they want. cross paths and therefore decide to throw themselves into battle. They take advantage of the chaos of the original fight to finish off both the skeletons and the orcs.

Once the fight is over, and after having searched to try to find information, which led to nothing, they decide to continue exploring the place. They arrive in a room that looks like a desk with, at the back, a secretary, and on it is a letter with a key.

Letter from the lair

[Previous pages missing]

... Once this cursed dragon has turned to dust, the treasure will belong to me again! Still, I'm afraid the Blood Stone will have the same effect on these fire-breathing plagues as it does on the rest of us. If so, they must be huge by now.

How ironic that the very object that allowed me to collect these riches prevents me today from enjoying them. Ah, how I long to split the foam again, head held high, invested with the power of the Stone of San and the superhuman abilities it confers! The ease with which the rich give up gold and jewelry when they stumble upon a full crew of men like me.

Until the dragons die or go away, I will stay in my secret room. Even if adventurers find that I am lurking right under their feet, only the more intrepid will understand how to open a door. And if they dare to come to meet me, it is with pleasure that I will unleash my wrath on fresh souls ...

Despite what the text says and extensive research, the companions do not find the slightest trace of a passage leading to a basement. They decide to try the key on the gate across the room and they open it, revealing a passage leading to a cove with a moored boat. On the way leading to the boat in question is trapped by mines, poison traps or even explosive barrels. Once there, they are surprised to find a body, apparently "alive", but without a head, which begins to gesticulate and stir as the group approaches. In the way of moving, it seems that the body transmits a kind of melancholy. A large piece of flesh comes loose and crashes on the deck of the ship. Almost amorphous, the body begins to stretch out its arms, it is at this precise moment that the head they bought from Charla wakes up and begins to gesticulate in the backpack. Rassilon decides to take the head out of the bag and give it to the decapitated body. The body brings the head to its normal place and, as if by magic, it reattaches itself, restoring a part of the body in the process.

"Toes ... legs ... arms ... fingers ... All of this has rotted slightly since our separation, but as they say: 'On a given horse, we do not look at the teeth' ... Ah, feel the drafts in my punctured lungs, feeling the blood ... well ... a mixture of blood and fat gurgling in my slightly rotten veins! What joy, comrade! It is ecstasy! Now it's time to sort out my last outstanding issue: Pontius the Pirate! The animal that condemned me to drift in the ocean! I won't find rest until I hear the bones of his skull crack under my heel! "

"Now that you're whole again, what more can you tell me about your old enemy?" "

"Despicable vermin!" No wonder his mind was left to rot in that damn cave. Even the darkest hell himself would refuse to open his doors to such a perverted soul. He did not tolerate any form of indiscipline aboard his death ship. I only dared to protest once, and his sword slit my throat before I had time to finish my sentence. "

"I see ... It's probably the famous captain who uses a Bloodstone." Where can we find it exactly? "

"It's rotting in the corner, no doubt. I remember this cave, when I was part of Pontius' crew. It was his headquarters, the place from which he worked to kill hundreds of innocent people swept away by the darkest of Sources. There is a secret passage in his office, in the heart of the cave. It leads to the quay where his ship, the Black Widow is moored. This is where we have to go get it. "

"You mean Pontius was a Sorcerer?" "

"Not really, but he had a large stone with frightening magical powers." Thanks to her, he managed to design a war machine so formidable that he had no coubanier or king capable of standing up to him. This stone was inhabited by a form of Source magic, and the captain was drunk with the power it offered him. She's driven him completely nuts, and it seems he's still treasuring her somewhere in his damn cave. "

"Any idea how we could defeat this dreaded pirate?" "

“Ah, noble Sourcehunter, I must have been spouting poetry to a bunch of morons for years; it gave me time to put together the perfect plan to take down this dangerous madman! There are two things to know about our action plan: first, using magic, you will need to reload the war machine he keeps perched on the deck of his ship. Fueled as it should be, it is the deadliest weapon in all of Rivellon. This could be useful for us to gain the advantage against the mad captain. Then I will do you the honor of giving you my help and I hope you will return my courtesy by accepting my offer, Source Tracker. I therefore swear eternal allegiance to you. So you can summon me as you wish. I only ask that you send me to fight my nemesis! Believe me, when I have undertaken to strangle her, nothing will be able to make me let go! If you give me my revenge, I will become your most loyal friend. I will answer your call when and where you want and I will take care of your protection! "

Rassilon seals the summoning pact with Nick and promises him that in the fateful fight, he would summon him to fight alongside them for his revenge. They then go back to the captain's office and find, hidden behind a portrait, a strange stone and by pressing it, a trap door appears in a corner of the room.

The basement is actually a huge cove with lots of boat wrecks. Along the way, the group is attacked by kinds of giant crabs, not very difficult to kill, but causing great damage. After long minutes, they stumble upon a sort of large square with several switches and a large skull with fire in the eye sockets. Having no way of knowing which switch would reveal the passage, they decide to activate them one by one, preparing for the worst. The first spawns a simple doll next to them, while another immediately freezes Rassilon in place, luckily Jahan has a fireball scroll with him that manages to thaw him before it's too late. . The third seems to be the correct one, upon activation, the mouth of the skull opens, revealing the passage leading to the Captain's boat.

“Hahaaaaaar! Once again, the path of the living crosses that of the dead! I welcome you among the pirates, for the simple reason that we are dying to turn the tables a bit; your blood will water the stone, and our flesh will clothe our bones again! Your life will set us free from death! "

No sooner had he finished uttering these words when his crew emerged from the ground and prepared to attack the group of friends. Rassilon takes the opportunity that they extricate themselves with difficulty from the ground to summon Nick so that he can exercise his revenge.

" Finally ! Pontius! Have you ever wondered what it feels like to feel your head drifting on the bottom of an inky sea? Well, don't worry, you'll find out soon. "

"Well, who could have put your head back on your shoulders?" Am I going to have to cut you off of something else, Nick? "

“Each mentally ill prisoner of his dream of power and glory aspires only to liberation. So let me set you free! "

A long and difficult fight ensued, as Nick takes on Pontius, Rassilon races towards Pontius' war machine, which is actually a magical ballista, similar to the ones Arhus developed to protect Cyseal, and l 'use to kill crew members in one shot. While the team is done with the crew members, the team sees Pontius succumbing to Nick's blows, revealing the bloodstone that was hidden in his bowels. As Nick walks back to the group, they laugh as they notice that he finished Pontius by tearing his own leg off in order to hit him with it. While putting his leg back in place, he announces to the group that he is leaving, but that they should not hesitate to call him back for help if they wish. They retrieve the Blood Stone and, just before using it, a ghostly figure of a woman appears in front of them.

"Your ... flesh ... is ... you shine!" It has been years since a warm-blooded being ventured into these caves. What a sweet vision. "

" Who are you ? How did you die? "

"I don't know ... I remember every detail of my life, from my childhood memories to my last tears, I have no idea what I find myself trapped for. of this spectral form. I remember that I was on board a ship sailing from Arata to Cyséal. The night was black as ink, and the lighthouse in the distance refused to guide our return. Soon the hull of our boat crashed into the reefs, and it was all over for all of us. What I find most difficult to understand is that it is my own husband, my Samson, who keeps the lighthouse. What happened to him that night? A thousand sinister hypotheses haunt my mind ... "

*marmonne* "Samson and the lighthouse ..."

"Maybe you have regrets or have done things you regret?" Like cheating on your loved one, for example. "

“Ah! I see that even in the grave, the tongues of vipers continue to try to ruin my existence! When I was still alive, I swore by the stars and philosophy. Arata, an elven country located not far from Cyséal has the most advanced telescope in all of Rivellon. Also, I set sail, determined to spend several weeks enriching my research. When I arrived, I instantly befriended the telescope keeper, an elf scientist named Falladar. We had a lot to discuss about our research and each took great pleasure in the presence of the other. Our friendship was as crystalline as the starlight, pure, but that did not prevent the gossip ... The innuendos becoming more and more infamous, I considered it wiser to return to Cyséal as soon as possible and present my friend Falladar to Samson, my love, thus silencing any inappropriate rumor. However, as you can see, we never got there. Falladar is gone forever, and I don't know what happened to my loving Samson. "

“We met Samson's ghost at the lighthouse. He couldn't be more repentant for having sunk your ship. "

"He ... no, he never would have done that!" Are you implying that he would have abandoned us to these ferocious waters of his own free will? No, I don't believe it! However ... if what you say is true, well ... I must go and meet him! He is at the lighthouse, you say? Very good. "

Desdemona disappears, leaving the group of adventurers behind. They decide to return to the lighthouse before continuing their adventure and using the Blood Stone, in order to know the end of this tragic love story. After using the teleportation power granted by ZixZax, they arrive very quickly at the lighthouse and come across Desdemona and Samson.

"Desdemona, my love, I should have known that you would never betray me!" I should have known that your love was as constant as the sky. Madness took hold of my heart and engraved murderous designs there with its sharp fingernails. And yet, look at us! Even death could not prevent us from being reunited. I beg you, my love, forgive me! With one word, you can heal my heart, erase the scars that dementia left there. Forgive me, my wife, my darling, my love! Forgive me. "

"You, you know the whole story, maybe you can help me find peace of mind ... Half of my being is furious, but wishes to forgive him, because it is the love of my life ... even in death ... while the other is ... absolutely drunk with anger! What do you think of my murderous husband? "

“Samson couldn't be more repentant. You have been living in turmoil for many decades. Desdemona, you should forgive him so that you two can move on. "

"You are ... probably right. What's done is done, all that's left for me to do is move forward. I forgive you, Samson. Really. "

“Bless your sparkling soul, my love! Before your divine purity, the king diamond blushes to find itself so dull in your presence. The nightmare is coming to an end. We are together again and we will never be apart again. "

" Yes my love. The past is a thing of the past ... Let's move forward hand in hand and embrace a new life ... "

This is how they both disappear, in order to finally find eternal and deserved rest, together. It is then that Rassilon, Estelle, Madora and Jahan decide to use the Stone of Blood to help the End Times and fight the Void, which is certainly advancing with great strides ...

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