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We announced last week the launch of the final beta of the MMORPG sandbox Albion Online for August 1st. A very big update is planned on this occasion and the developers have decided today to take stock of one of the new features to come: the reputation system.


Why introduce such a system?

Currently, all the players from the most casual to the most hardcore coexist on the same map and are brought to cross each other without real distinction. This mixture created within the game, and in particular in the yellow and red areas, reactions of extreme protection, the players coming to kill on sight anything that moves in the vicinity just in case.

So that all the inhabitants of Albion can fully express their style of play and, so that everyone has their place, the developers have therefore imagined the New World and reputation.


How reputation works

 Your reputation will now be displayed with an icon next to your name depending on its level: Glorious, Noble, Righteous, Reliable, Vile, Villainous, Malevolent, and Fearsome.


All your actions will therefore have an impact on this reputation index, for you to consider whether you prefer to be seen as a criminal or a wise citizen. As you will undoubtedly have noted in the table above, below the Neutral level, access to the cities of the green, yellow and red zones will be prohibited.

  • Model citizen : Concretely, you will collect positive points by killing monsters and collecting resources. There are several advantages to having a positive reputation: trust from other players and protection. Because to engage in a fight against a good citizen or to kill him, relieves very many points of reputation!
  • Criminal : If you choose to live fully as a thug and switch to hostile mode, you will automatically lose your positive reputation points, in other words you will be Neutral. Losing extra points is then quite easy! Attacking a player will be less of a penalty than killing him. The death of a criminal does not take away any point unlike the death of a good citizen.

A skull icon will nevertheless scare away a lot of surrounding players who will have a hard time trusting you! The Royal Faction will hunt you down, but that's the price to pay for freely stealing other people's equipment.


Namely that attacking or executing a criminal does not lose any reputation, it is apparently considered a gesture beneficial to all!

On the other hand, anyone giving a helping hand to rob, finish off someone or heal their attacker will suffer the same loss of reputation as the attacker. Likewise, if you fight with someone and a touch of pity causes you to run away from the unfortunate one, you will suffer the consequences of their death if someone further finishes them off. So you might as well finish the job and get some accessories ...


Out of control areas

So that we can still beat each other shamelessly, the developers have thought of PvP areas where reputation is not impacted:

  • The Outlands, the new territory totally black zone is far from the control of the Royal Expeditionary Forces. So, no influence there on your reputation points.
  • Special areas on the Royal Islands which generally contain objectives interesting enough to venture there. Its areas are intended for PvP without any restrictions, so your actions do not affect your reputation in any way. You will be warned of entry into one of these areas by a warning message.

These new features herald good changes for the MMORPG! While waiting for the August 1 update and the big wipe, the servers are still open until July 17, it's a good time to get started in the game!

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