HearthStone - Innkeeper's Journal, Part 1

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Martí Micolau
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You know, when you're an innkeeper, you see a lot of people pass by. And it is not the owner, the dwarf Pierre Defoyer (subtle pun, you will admit), who will be able to tell us the opposite.

Blizzard offers us a kind of mini role-play related to the innkeeper's diary. Note that this first part can be seen as a preface to a sequel that we hope ... longer.

For more immersion, read this text by rolling the "R" like the dwarf welcoming you to Hearthstone.

Perfect Blizzard source

Everyone is welcome to my hostel! Plus, there's never a dull moment: guests can play Hearthstone games, quench their thirst with hot or cold drinks, and share their latest epic encounters before heading back on the road for their next adventure. Me ? I serve the drinks, I offer sound advice, and above all I make sure that everyone goes home with a good story to tell their friends!

I will always be amazed at the way some customers arrive at my hostel. Some come on foot or by horse and then ask me for a nice refreshment by relaxing their legs, but others really make a splash. Here, the other day, a mage arrived through a portal! Sometimes when you look through a certain angle, you can see where they came from in the middle. It breaks the ice because it always makes them smile when you know the area! I always suggest that the mages summon them a nice, cold drink, but each time they seem to have their own drinks.

Note to self: ban any drinks or food that is not from the hostel!


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