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VVVVVV is a 2D Platform / Puzzle video game created by Terry Cavanagh. It is therefore a most classic “die and retry”. The goal of the game is simple: you just need to advance from level to level without dying and to recover the missing crew members.


VVVVVV is a 2D platform game. The whole game is based on a retro graphics model. At launch, we find a game worthy of the old arcade platforms we had. Long ago. The entire universe of the game is therefore based only on simplistic graphics where the pixels stand out a lot in the middle of a futuristic universe. It gives a strange mix between retro and future.

Principles of the game

From the launch, a cutscene is triggered (which can be accelerated with its space key) explaining the why and how of this adventure. But our ship then collides with something unknown and the whole crew find themselves fleeing through the teleporter. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the entire crew is found scattered all over the map. You will then have understood that it will be necessary to find all its crew members. Don't worry, you have as many members to find as there are ”V” in the game title

Until then, the game looks more or less like any die and retry we know. However, the peculiarity of it lies in its gameplay. To explain to you, in most games of this style by pressing space your character will jump. Whereas here, gravity will simply reverse. Said like that, the game does not seem very complicated but from a good half hour of play, you will understand the interest of this change in gravity which will kill you more times than save you.

It should also be remembered that the map is an open world. Indeed, each time you recover a crew member after having made the final room of the level, you will have to throw yourself again into space and navigate through the map in search of the next level while avoiding dying at many times.

It takes about two good hours to fully complete this game at the main objective level. Because next to the crew members recovered there are also artifacts that must be recovered and which are scattered randomly on the map.

You can legally test a demo version of the game here. It is otherwise available at a price of 4.99 € on the Steam platform.

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