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Pokémon GO has been talking about it for over a month now. This game, whether you like Pokémon or smartphone games or not, is undeniably a global success that no one can take away from it.

If you have trouble seeing the infographic, you can find it in a large format at this address.

In addition to this infographic, also offers many guides, aids and advice for beginners as well as for experienced players:

Beginners (levels 0 to 5)
  • The basics
  • Choose Pikachu as the starting Pokémon
  • How to catch a Pokémon every time 
  • Master the types of Pokémon to become the master of the game
Start of the game (level 5 to 10)
  • Get XP fast!
  • Pokécoins: fighting for glory and wealth
  • To fight smart, think like a boxer
  • Catch countless Pokémon by spotting them
  • Make your life easier, unlock the best tools
  • Keep the Pokémon in your sights - AR (augmented reality) mode
Heart of the game (level 10 to 15)
  • Understanding Battle Points To Make Your Pokémon Super Powerful
  • Catch different varieties and types of Pokémon
  • How to evolve Eevee into Pyroli, Aquali or Voltali
  • How to hatch eggs faster
  • Make good use of your tools
Advanced game (level 15+)
  • Dominate Pokémon Arenas in your region
  • Earn XP - advanced level
Avoid glitches, bugs and save battery while playing PokemonGo
  • Bugs
  • How to save battery power when playing Pokémon Go

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