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As announced at the launch of the final beta on August 1, 2016, the developers of the MMORPG Sandbox Albion Online have kept their promises! We had the pleasure of discovering new weapons throughout the month of August, today around twenty new magic items directly from hell will appear in the sulphurous world of Albion Online.

This new update of the game promises us some nice surprises in terms of spells and magic items! So be prepared to engage in great battles across the « Hellgates » in order to find these new artifacts needed to craft the new demonic weapons, because that's where they are in the Hell Caves. It promises epic good times of fierce battles! But what will these fights be if you already have one or more of these novelties?

Thus, you will be able to discover in detail, fifteen new weapons with spells just as formidable as each other, three new secondary weapons and three complete equipment (Helmets, Torso and Chausses).

The main weapons

The Lance Chassprit

  • With its Harpoon spell it will allow you to bring your victim back to you after throwing your weapon towards the enemy.

The Sharp Sword

  • In the middle of a fight, on a heroic charge toward a group, spin your weapon to deal damage to anyone in your path, while slowing them down considerably.

The Fauchame

  • This demonic weapon will allow you to summon the Hurricane spell by launching a tornado in the direction of your choice.

The Infernal False

  • Equipped with the Blood Harvest spell, you will fight your way through your enemies.

The Forged Hammers

  • Equipped with these two hammers you can transform yourself into a giant while strengthening your armor against damage.

Incube Mace

  • This mass will allow you to shrink your enemies while reducing their damage and recovery capacity.

Black Hands

  • Classified in the branch of the Daggers, you will strike your enemies in the stomach in order to stun them with a Devastating Strike.

Lightning Throwers

  • With this crossbow, with a lethal burst of bolts you will unleash hell on your opponents, inflicting damage on them with each hit.

The Moaning Bow

  • With a giant arrow shot at your enemies you will temporarily increase your regeneration capacity and inflict more damage.

The Sulfurous Staff

  • Summon a meteorite to annihilate your enemies with this demonic fire stick.

The Fallen Staff

  • With its branch of Divine Rods, it will allow you to heal and sanitize all your allies who will be in its area of ​​effect.

The Occult Staff

  • Create a corridor of time by allowing your allies to move faster while your enemies will be slowed down and take more damage.

The Stalactite Staff

  • Create a zone of cold with his Frozen Hell spell to slow down and inflict more damage.

The Damned Skull

  • Summon the souls of the dead fighters in an area of ​​effect that will have the impact of dealing magic damage and reducing their recovery capacity by 3% to all opponents who come into contact with it.

The Scourge Staff

  • By summoning the Merciless Nature you will channel demonic healing powers that will benefit all your allies and reflect damage thrown by the enemy.
The Chassprit Spear The Sharp Sword The Fauchame The Infernal False The Forged Hammers

Incube Mace Black Hands Lightning Throwers The Moaning Bow The Sulfurous Staff

The Fallen Staff The Occult Staff The Stalactite Staff The Scourge Staff The Damned Skull

Secondary or second-hand weapons

The Miniaturized

  • Hold this shriveled Demon skull in one hand and gain physical and magical ability.

The Grinning Cane

  • Located in the Torch branch, this bizarre looking cane will increase your ability to control crowds and other players.

The Villain's Shield

  • With a threatening aspect, it will allow you to increase your defense and the duration of control over monsters and other players.
The Miniaturized The Grinning Cane The Villain's Shield


Monster equipment

  • Thanks to its pestilential aura and its gleam of rage you will reduce the abilities of your enemies while making them flee far away.

Tormentor's equipment

  • Hidden behind heavy smoke, you can get out of a combat zone with your Escape Jumps spell.

The Demon's Equipment

  • In addition to the Choking spell which will allow you to silence your enemies, you will drain their energy thanks to the Energy Drain and raise the heroic load capacity of your allies and yourself by protecting yourself from damage and crowd control.
Monster equipment Tormentor's equipment The Demon's Equipment

While waiting for the next news and the next improvements planned throughout this Final Beta, we wish you a great adventure in search of these new weapons through this vast world that is Albion Online, full of good surprises.


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