Blade & Soul - Little Scarab Guide: Level 45

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Judit Llordes

That's it, little beetle, your mastery of martial arts has developed well! You've finally arrived at level 45, and you wonder what the hell you can do.

Alright, I'll explain everything I know about it.


Equipment and baguas

First, you will have to upgrade your weapon. Preferably at the Unchained Infernal level (you can find the details of the evolution and the prices in our previous guide). For the last step, you have to go to the Orchard of Souls ...

... and try your luck at the Unholy Jiangshi's Wheel of Fortune.

To get the essences to spin the wheel, you have to beat the nearby Area Boss, the Unholy Jiangshi. It reappears very very quickly and I advise you to beat it several times in a row in order to recover as much essence as possible.

Indeed, in addition to the weapon which will be used to you to evolve your weapon (is it logical, said like that?) You can also recover a set of complete bagua (Bagua Impie) which will be very useful to you in your first no level 45.

Another solution is to buy the renowned Merfolk Hero set (be careful not the unknown set, which is for levels 41), which you can find in Porcelin Village ...

... from Ryujo, which you can buy for 2  each Bagua.

A third option, PvP

Personally, I chose yet a third solution, a bit for lack of information: the PvP set (Merfolk Duel Bagua), available at the Misty Boix, in your faction's tent.

He will exchange each Bagua for you  Badges of the opposing faction. These badges can be looted by defeating two Zone Bosses in the opposing faction's tent:

  • Gunma the Astral Blade and Onmyung the Divine Elementalist on the Cerulean side
  • Taywong the Southern Tiger and Myo the Ruddy Shadow on the Scarlet Legion side

However, they are quite tough and should be done in groups. You can ask in the Faction channel to be grouped, there are often groups that come together to farm these badges. Note that you will need a total of 160 badges to get the complete set (20 per Bagua). But the gain in life points is quite impressive.

Bagua's set obtained is rather powerful, more than the previous two. However, it takes quite a long time to obtain, and if you lack motivation, you can very well settle for the Unholy or Renowned Hero set. On the other hand, if you plan to do PvP, I can only advise you to take the time to farm this set first.

After that ?

Once you have obtained a first "high-level" set, I advise you to go for a walk in the "Horde of Leviathan" dungeon, where a bagua set is available. Most players now don't bid on it, so it is possible to get a full set inexpensively.

Then things get tough. Two possible choices:

The Darkblood Harbor dungeon set, but a lot of people are bidding on it, so it can get expensive quickly.

The Mushin's Tower set, which can be obtained on floors 4 and 7. The Tower is not simple, especially depending on the classes that you play, but as the evolutions of the weapon and accessories, it becomes more and more accessible.

Chests containing random baguas are available in Kangcha, on the ground floor of the Tower, for 30 .

It may be interesting, according to statistics, to mix the two. We are also talking about 3 Baguas of the Endless Tower (Mushin Tower) and 5 Baguas of Darkblood which could be a good mix quite suitable, especially for DPS. But that is an extremely complex aspect that we will see much later.

What about the weapon?

To continue to develop your weapon, you will need a lot of patience, and a lot of "farming"! It costs a lot of money, requires a lot of  et  and many other materials that are not necessarily easy to obtain. The  in particular can quickly cause concern given their price at the Market (around 6) or the difficulty of making them.

Anyway, as soon as possible, upgrade your weapon first. Then the accessories.


Daily quest zones

Having upgraded the weapon (and if possible accessories) and above all having obtained a bagua set allows you to be able to do the daily quest areas with a little more serenity. Two in number (for the moment), they are also called 24-player Dungeon. Kinds of raids, but very different from what we are used to seeing. Indeed, even if most of the bosses (and especially the last) must be done in groups, the majority of the other quests are generally done alone. You don't even have to bundle to do it all.

Note that these daily quest areas include the environment as well as the enemies of the dungeons which have roughly the same name. So :

  • Siege of Leviathan Zone = Horde Dungeon of Leviathan
  • Darknight Harbor Zone = Darkblood Harbor Dungeon

Seat of Leviathan

Once your weapon evolved and a set of bagua in hand, these quests are doable (at least more easily). Each instance of the zone contains up to 24 players, but it is not necessarily necessary to group. Although of course it is much faster. Note that you cannot change the channel. However, you can group with another small beetle to join it.

Six quests are to be taken at the entrance, from Yong Sik (see details of the rewards).

I won't go into the full detail, they are pretty clear. I'll just give you some tips.

  • The bosses required for the quests "Surrender the Captains" and "Brothers of the Coast" are linked to whoever tapped them first. Be quick and on the lookout. Or group with people.
  • Zone Bosses Slashmi, Tae Jangum, Mak Sobo and Poharan (final boss) must be done as a group, but it is not necessary to have attacked them first. However, you have to do a minimum of damage to them to hope to claim the loot (we are talking about 1% in some places, but I clearly have a doubt about that).
  • Poharan appears as soon as the previous bosses (Slashmi, Tae Jangum and Mak Sobo) have been defeated 9 times. No need to ask when she reappears, it's not a timer.
  • There are usually a lot of people, especially for Poharan, causing some rather tired computers to freeze a little disabling. It is possible to hide the players on the screen with the shortcut Ctrl + F. It is also possible to activate an option in Graphics settings to optimize combat, reducing the effects of other players ("Optimized settings for combat").

Darknight Harbor

The difficulty is a bit higher than the Siege of Leviathan, but it's still doable if you've followed the recommendations for upgrading gear and baguas.

To get there, you have to go to the Quai du Voyageur, just like in the previous area, but here you have to talk to a "smuggler".

He asks you in exchange 1  for the first time. Then it will only take 1  whenever you want to go there.

Seven quests are available at the very start of the area.

Just like the Siege of Leviathan, here are some tips:

  • Enemies killed, especially those of the Black Spur, often drop guns or bombs. Don't hesitate to pick them up to use them against other enemies (you can even take dragon streams with them, useful for bosses!).
  • There are a little more enemies per m². Watch out for aggros, especially if you have basic equipment. Better to take it little by little in these cases.
  • Like Poharan, the final boss (Mysterious Man) appears when the previous bosses (Poisonous Ravager, Blood Mane, and Widows Garnet and Cobalt) have been defeated 9 times.


Faction quests

We often talk about PvP quests when we talk about them, but they don't necessarily require fighting against other players. Most will ask you to go and complete objectives in the nearby area.

The main interest of these quests, and which will make them a regular prerequisite, are the  which are useful in many ways: evolution of equipment, baguas, crafts, etc ... If I can give you any advice, it is to do these quests every day, even if you don't necessarily have need the  right now.

You can find these quests in two places:

Porcelin pastures, seaside outpost

Two quests available.


Misty Woods, Watchtower

Seven quests available.


First step: put on your faction's outfit. Otherwise, if you get too close to the NPCs, they may not recognize you and run into you. But be careful, because by wearing this outfit, it is the other players of the opposing faction who may fall on you! The quests are only displayed when you are wearing the outfit.

Another prerequisite, having reached the rank "First class". If you haven't yet reached it, you can go do the faction quests in the Burning Sands. In one go, you should logically reach the required rank.



  • Purple dungeons
  • Blue dungeons (the Big 4)

These are the dungeon versions of the two daily quest areas we saw previously:

  • The Horde of Leviathan
  • The Port of Sombresang

From a financial point of view, doing these two dungeons once per day is extremely interesting, as the associated daily quests give almost 1 as well as advanced materials.

Please note, there are certain prerequisites for accessing the dungeons or the daily quest:

  • To access the two dungeons, you must first obtain Dokumo's weapon (in the Quivering Tunnels dungeon). Note that if you need Dokumo's weapon to upgrade your weapon, you can sacrifice it without worry, you will keep access to the dungeons.
  • For the daily quest of the Horde of Leviathan, you will have to perform the quest "Invitation of Poharan", received by doing the story quest.
  • Regarding that of the Port of Sombresang, you must first complete the quest "Meeting at the Port of Sombresang" that you will find at the Fisherman's Inn, right in the middle of the Porcelin Pastures.

It will also be interesting to go find the Baguas (Leviathan if you have nothing better, or the Darkblood).

With the Broken Chains update, it is also possible to find a third purple dungeon, the Labyrinth of Naryu. A somewhat special dungeon, because as its name suggests, it is a labyrinth, and even if you will find the same three bosses there each time, the rooms crossed will be different.

You will find a quest directly in your journal, asking you to go to the Black Spur Arsenal, then from there, you will have access to three daily quests (one for each of the three bosses of the dungeon), representing almost 2 in total.

The 4 blue dungeons, also called Big 4, can be very interesting financially (they are quite quick to do), making you win a little over 1 with the associated daily quests:

  • Den of pervert
  • Quivering tunnels
  • Ogong Shrine
  • Ruins of Brillepierre

The Stonesprinkle Ruins are also extremely interesting because it is possible to obtain secret techniques there, in particular that of the Enchanted Potters to make the High-quality Temperate Clay Refiner, a material that is used in crafting Undine Transformation Stones. Some even manage to do this solo instance, allowing you to have the loot for yourself!

In general, it is possible to recover Secret Crafting Techniques of all kinds there which can be sold at the Market.

Remember that you can go through the inter-server to access it directly, which avoids paying the cost of fast travel (there are no small savings!).


Mushin Tower

Appeared (in the version of the game that we know) with the first update, the Tower of Mushin represents a good solo challenge. The principle is simple, several floors (7 for the moment, soon 8 in the next update), where some enemies are waiting for us, each floor having a very specific mechanic, which will have to be mastered to be able to finish the fight in one. piece.

Don't expect to be able to navigate the 7 floors easily, especially if you haven't upgraded your weapon to the max. The challenges present are quite high, and you will need a lot of patience to be able to get there.

The first four floors are feasible without necessarily having maximum equipment. It will still be necessary to ensure that you have a correct bagua set (Leviathan's set for example), a weapon at Unleashed Unholy level, or even Awakened Siren, and accessories at Awakened Infernal level. This will allow you to approach the first floors without too much trouble.

The build used is also very important, and you may even have to change it depending on the fight. Some fights, in fact, may require more resistance, others more damage. It's up to you to know how to adapt according to the circumstances. After all, it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith!

Daily quests

3 daily quests are available, which can be picked up from Mendan the Modest on the ground floor of the Tower.

Without going into details, here are some tips for the first levels (a big thank you to OneShout for the images of the 6th and 7th floors):

  • 1er floor
  • 2th floor
  • 3th floor
  • 4th floor
  • 5th floor
  • 6th floor
  • 7th floor

The first floor is mainly used as a training. You will have to fight two enemies in a row, that you can choose (each represents one of the six classes of the game).

The 2nd floor pits you against the Silver Deva. Some notable points:

  • Never stray too far from him, or he will jump on you, doing serious damage and knocking you out.
  • Avoid its damage zones as much as possible.
  • At times, he places a zone of fire on the ground. At this point, move away (not too much, see the first point) so as not to stay in it.

The 3rd floor begins to represent a certain challenge. Here you will have to fight a lot of enemies. You can see a boss in the middle (along with a few friends), as well as several weaker enemies in an arc around it.

  • Enemies in an arc attack only if attacked. They are in groups of three, so it is possible to attack them group by group.
  • As soon as you eliminate the boss, his friends disappear. But on the other hand, not the enemies in the arc of a circle.
  • When a boss is eliminated, another takes its place after about 1 minute.
  • In all, 4 bosses follow one another.
  • When the last boss is tapped, all remaining enemies are also tapped, all together.
  • Small gunners deal heavy damage, try to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

You will have understood it, the goal will therefore be to eliminate the bosses, but also the groups of enemies as you go, so as not to have any more (or to have one or two groups remaining at most) at the last boss.

The technique may be different depending on your ability to resist and deal damage. There must be at least one group eliminated for each boss. It's up to you to see if you can take an entire group at the same time as the present boss, or else eliminate the boss and during the time remaining before the next reappearance, eliminate one of the groups. It all depends on your class and the way you play.

In this floor, you will be able to team up with another NPC (again representing one of the six classes) to beat the Jiangshi.

If your class doesn't allow you to do a lot of AoE attacks, I advise you to take the Archer (Hawk Eye), who can take care of the enemies in addition to the Jiangshi summons.

Note that a merchant is present in the room at the beginning. You will have to pay 50 to get help from the backup. You can also buy donuts and potions.

Things are starting to get interesting! The Augerite is waiting for you in this room, and there you will have to send some pâté, if you allow me the expression!

  • The fight has a timer, if you don't manage to kill the boss before the end of the timer, you die!
  • Notable Boss Attacks:
    • Zone in front of him: he stuns.
    • Orange zone in circles: it turns on itself and inflicts damage.
    • Red zone in circles: absolutely to be avoided. Otherwise it's death.
  • Combat is clearly a DPS test. To help you pass it, orbs are available in the four corners of the boss, providing various buffs (positive effects). Use these buffs wisely to significantly increase your damage.

Here is the surprise! You have to buy a token from the merchant available in the room, then spin the wheel to make the boss appear, randomly. You can however make it disappear if it does not suit you with the blue orb and restart the wheel by redeeming a token.

Like the Augerite on the 5th floor, the keeper of this room has a timer, which will therefore require some DPS to be able to defeat him.


PvP quests (arena)

If you ever like to face other players, it is also possible to turn to PvP, and especially arenas. At first glance, the associated daily quests are not necessarily very interesting. And that's not wrong, financially speaking, they represent 55 barely for the 5 arena quests. Suffice to say that it is little.

No, their main interest lies elsewhere: the famous , which you win with the daily quests but also after each fight. These beans are going to come in handy for one thing in particular: buying . If you followed the previous lessons well, you saw that it takes a lot to improve your equipment. And unfortunately, the daily quests that give it are not legion.

It can therefore be particularly interesting to do PvP to be able to collect  then buy a small pouch of Soulstones (which contains a maximum of 25), against 2000  et . Depending on your rank in a single player match, it can go even faster. For the same price, you can get pouches containing 30, 40 or 50  (for Gold, Platinum and Diamond ranks respectively).

Note that the  can be exchanged. So you can also sell them very well if you don't have a particular need for them.


That's all for today, little scarab. Now you know what you have to do. At work !

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