Les Tribulations d'Aza: Divinity Original Sin - Episode 4

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The fourth episode is finally here! The last time our adventurer group woke up in an unknown and ... unusual place. What is this place? Why ? How? 'Or' What ? You will have the answer in this episode ... or maybe not, hehe!

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Summary of the previous episode

Day 1

17:50 a.m.

After liberating and chatting with Bairdtor, we took the road to the hostel. Along the way, we met the chicken that Estelle and I saved, he was organizing a sort of revolt of the galliformes. It made us laugh. A little further on, however, we met a man who had lost everything. He claimed to have burnt everything because strange stones told him this was the path to enlightenment. Her speech was strangely reminiscent of what Estelle and I read in the diary of the man who was found dead on the beach, below a cliff when we arrived.

18:30 a.m.

We finally reached the hostel. In it, we got to know Madora, a former Treasure Hunt who is investigating Orc attacks in an area north of Cyseal. She joined us and brought us some information about the murder of Councilor Jake.

19:45 a.m.

As we all had a meal, we resumed our discussion with Bairdtor. She told us a bit about her life in the forest, how she learned to speak our language, our history and many other things. She told us about the magician who taught her all of this, a certain Jareth. The latter disappeared as a strange evil struck the forest where Bairdtor lived and she came to Cyséal to look for him. In a piece of letter that she found at Jareth's, there is mention of a blood stone. A name that Estelle and I have heard before in the beach tomb. Madora seemed to have heard of this as well, and told us that the village healer's apprentice discovered a strange stone that might match. So we decided to go and meet him.

21:15 a.m.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Thélyron, the village healer. We can say that he is talkative like a magpie that one. After endless minutes of listening to him talk about his exploits, we finally knew where his apprentice was and that her name is Eveline. We left immediately before Thélyron resumed his tirades.

22 p.m.

We made the acquaintance of Eveline. She was healing two people with her mysterious stone. She told us that she obtained it from an abbot named Loïc, in Val d'Argent, but that the latter runs out with each use and that it is necessary to wait for it to recharge. We had to make a very difficult choice. To save Boris a young man, but especially one of the last and rare merchants to come to supply Cyséal or to save Steven, an old man, but who is one of the villagers most appreciated and loved by all, including his family. After a long and heated discussion, we decided to save Boris. When Eveline used her stone to heal Boris, lightning struck us.

?? h ??

What time is it ? Where are we ? After being struck by these strange lightning bolts, we wake up in a strange place, which seems to be suspended in the immensity of space. In the distance, we see a glow, we decide to approach it ...


Chapter 9 - The Void

Rassilon, Estelle, Madora and Bairdotr advance in this totally unknown place with its strange architecture. None of them can recognize what kind of civilization these ruins may have belonged to. As they advance, braziers arranged on either side of the semblance of a paved road ignite on their own, thus lighting the path of the adventurers. Rassilon may be an expert in magic and pyromancy, he does not detect any spell, whether it is a detection spell, mandatory for this kind of automatic trigger, or even the pyromancy spell that lights the braziers in question. He came to the conclusion that this civilization was undoubtedly extremely advanced, whether in the art of magic or in technology. Fortunately, he does not feel any trace of Source or Sourcery, which reassures him a little, because the Source, whatever its form or its complexity, cannot be hidden or masked and it always leaves traces because of its phenomenal power.

After a seemingly endless walk, Bairdotr warns her new friends that she sees a humanoid form close to what appears to be a huge monument. As the group cautiously advances and remains on their guard, Madora recognizes the figure as a goblin. While she draws her huge sword with both hands, Estelle signals her to calm down. Indeed, like Bairdotr, she has the ability to see in the dark and at a good distance and notices that it is not a Goblin, but an Imp. However, one detail torments her. This imp wears clothes and most importantly, holds a notebook and seems to scribble things on it, which makes it look like he's literate, something none of them have ever seen before.

The four companions finally arrive at a reasonable distance from the Imp and hear him speak while seeing him observe in the monument, which is in fact a huge telescope.

 “Terrible! Horrible! We are all going to be consumed! "


The imp continues to fidget until he notices the four adventurers.

 "By the Pen-which-can-write-a-billion-words!" What is that ? Residents of Rivellon? HERE ?! At the end of space and time? This, for example ! How is it possible ?! "


 " Who are you ? Where are we ? And most importantly, how did we end up here? "


 " Oh yes, of course ! I forget the protocol, please excuse me! I am Zixzax the historian, at your service! My mission is to chronicle everything that is, everything that has been and, with a little luck, everything that will happen! "

* Takes a thoughtful air for a few moments * 

“As far as I'm concerned, since I'm the historian commissioned by the gods, taking a little tour of the End of Times is as easy as going from the kitchen to the living room! On the other hand, as far as you are concerned ... This is an interesting question to say the least! I must admit that I did not expect to meet anything other than my shadow in this little lost corner of space-time ... which continues to shrink, moreover ... "

 “Don't say bullshit! How can space-time shrink? It's ridiculous ! "


 "Ah that on the other hand! This is a good question and above all, a question that I can answer with certainty! As I told you, this place is called “the end of time”. "


 "How can time come to an end?" It is not logical. Time is time. "


 “Hey, you're not entirely wrong, in principle at least. To put it simply, in the natural order of things, time itself shouldn't have an end, or even a beginning for that matter ... And honestly, there aren't any worst nightmares for it. humble chronicler that I am! But ... something genuinely sinister has happened! I think rather than a very long, boring, and possibly incomprehensible explanation, you should rather see this sinister “something” with your own eyes. Take a look at what is happening in the telescope and enjoy the terrifying spectacle that takes place there at your leisure ... "


As the group approaches the telescope, Madora goes over her little remark about the Imp's strange behavior.

 "You know, I think that imp could be very, very crazy!" "


 "Then we better calm him down by looking through his telescope." "


Everyone looks and what they see there freezes their blood. A huge whirlpool, similar to a vortex, bluish in color seems to suck everything that comes to its carrying, like a black hole, but much more massive. As they watch, the four friends see this huge vortex sucking up and engulfing planets, stars, and even entire solar systems within minutes. Each time this monster finishes “eating”, a sort of gigantic galactic net shoots out across the cosmos, attracting like a magnet whatever is within its reach before retracting and returning to the “belly” of the universe. beast, always devouring more.

As they were about to stop looking, the vortex suddenly darkened. Watching closely, the team notices a huge figure so dark it seems to swallow all the light. The silhouette seems to extricate itself from the immense vortex, partly hiding it when it turns around, after several minutes, the latter deploys like two kinds of immense wings hiding the light of all the stars visible by the telescope. Rassilon, Estelle, Bairdotr and Madora cannot get away from this shadow, they are as if hypnotized by it, they only manage to turn away from it when an immense, power and supernatural shrill howl twists their ears .

The four companions take long minutes to recover from what they have just seen. The horror of seeing creation being swallowed up is already very difficult, but this shadow has “emptied” them of their energy. Looking at her, they had the impression that she was creeping into their heads, that she spoke to them, she seemed to know everything about them ...

They still manage to come to their senses and turn to Zixzax.

 " So ? You have watched ! You have seen ! Terrifying isn't it ... "


Before Zixzax finishes his sentence, a bluish lightning bolt, similar to the one that carried the whole team, strikes some sort of structure representing two hands. When the lightning dissipates, a sort of blue vortex smalt with a reddish outline.

" The gate ! He has come back to life! Like the flames that now dance around this observatory! I have waited so long, hoped so much ... Is this a dream? It's you ! You noble wandering souls! You must be the key to the mystery! Your presence seems to be causing some kind of End Times expansion ... which means that the real end is moving away from us instead of closer! "


 "And if not, you can perhaps explain to us what this monstrosity that we have just seen is or is it too much to ask ?! "


 “Mercy! There is, FINALLY, something happening that I had practically forgotten about it ... And yet, what you have seen haunts me since I saw it the first time ... So, what you have seen, it is ... the Void! In person ! The dragon doomed to devour the creation itself. When I speak of End of Days, it is not to be taken as a metaphor. I can't say enough how it ended up there, or why, but I do know one thing: with every second that passes, it is reducing our future a little more to nothing. And if we don't stop it, it will devour the present and the past in stride. "


 "And you think we're somehow connected to this plane?" "


 “It's not what I think, it's what I saw! I've been waiting here for a long time, in the hope that this damn portal reactivates ... And when I say long, it's much longer than your four lives put together! And there, a few moments after your arrival, ZAP! The portal is reactivated. The chronicler of the time that I am knows how to recognize a cause and effect relationship when he sees one! "


 "And where does this thing lead?" "


 "Heheh ... hehe ... heh ... uh ... Actually, I'm not sure. But if he drives well where I think he leads, it is quite possible our prayers have been heard! In fact, you may well end up getting the answers to all the questions that may have bothered you, because in my opinion, behind this portal, there is no more and no less than ... "

* Bursts out laughing and jumps with impatience in front of the portal *

"But why are you spoiling the surprise?" As soon as we walk through the portal, we'll all know what to expect! Come on, you first! After all, it was you who reactivated it! "

Although reluctant, they finally decide to go through the portal. There was no other choice, either they stay here, indefinitely, in an unknown place with only the end of creation seen, or they go through the portal and try to have answers ... The choice is, in the end, very simple for the four friends.

They advance towards the portal, the vortex of the latter reminds them of those of the portals of Rivellon. Is it the same kind of magic? The same civilization? What if this “End of Times” was in fact what will happen to Rivellon in the future? This may explain these architectural and magical feats. But none of these questions can be answered here and so they go through the portal.


Chapter 10 - The End of Time

They come out a few seconds later in what appears to be a large temple. The construction seems more in good condition than the place where they come from. As in the telescope room, the braziers light up as the companions pass by. The area also appears to be much more spacious. On either side of the place of arrival are stairs leading to constructions similar to the portal they have just taken, but these do not seem to be activated. In front of them is a staircase that descends and leads to a large golden statue of a seated man with four arms. Two of them are brandished towards the heavens, the right arm has, at its end, a water bubble in which snow is spinning all around. On the left arm, flames adorn the end. The other two arms are located at stomach level, facing each other. Much like a person holding an object with their hands, a rock floats in the center in what appears to be a cloud of storm and lightning.

On either side of the statue are two arches. To the right is an arch covered with snow, ice and stalactites, the second is of classical construction, except that it seems to come out a strong wind as the arch is carved out just in front of a wall and nothing is behind and from time to time, similis of lightning comes out. To the left are two more arches, the first appears to have been made and poured directly with magma, while the second appears to have been hewn from a tree, fallen ivy, and the ground in front is made up of grasses and flowers.

Adventurers watch these architectural wonders and most importantly, the magical prowess that must have been used to build these arches and maintain spells for four elements which appear to be all in a state of symbiosis and still active despite the fact that hundreds have happened. , see thousands of years, if not more. For his part, Zixzax runs around screaming that he was right, that what he was hoping for really happened and also screams “she” is there. Seeing that Zixzax is running behind the statue, they start to follow him.

Behind the statue are stairs that lead to a spectacle they did not expect. As they approach, they see something like a huge woven web. The threads seem to be threads of gold that sparkle and weave of themselves a huge fresco that represents a multitude of stories. As soon as a piece of the web is finished, it seems to evaporate into the air and other stories are woven over it. However, some areas of the tapestry appear to be perforated. In front of this canvas are four seats and a beautiful woman is seated on one of them. The woman appears to be in her thirties and has long, gorgeous hair that appears to be gold. As they approach, the four companions notice that his eyes are white, without pupils. While they continue to admire the magnificent work behind the woman, Zixzax takes the floor.

 " Is it possible ? Isn't that a lady's dream? Are you the Weaver of Time? Mother of history and of all that could have been? "


 "Indeed, Messire Diablotin, as certainly as you are the one who chronicles all that I am brought to weave." "


 “Breathtaking! Unbelievable ! I have so many questions for you! So much to ask and so much to say! "


 “Before that, I see you invited people to come here. What here are hosts ... atypical. "


 " Ah ah ah ah ! I had the same kind lady reaction! It is to their arrival at the End of Time that our meeting is also linked! How to explain that? You must have an idea ?! "


 “That's a question we had better address directly to our guests. Tell us, how did you end up here? "


Rassilon takes the floor and explains the whole story that brought them here. Their arrival in Cyséal, the stories about bloodstones, the search for one of them, its use to heal a man and the lightning that struck them and their awakening in this strange place.

 " A stone ? So it was a gem that brought about the great energy blast to which we owe your arrival here, and at the same time it gave a boost of energy, is that right? "


 “That's exactly it, indeed. "


 “It's very interesting. You see, if you asked me about anyone's life or anything, I could tell it to you in great detail, from the first second of his birth until his last breath. But for some reason I don't see or know anything about you. Your case is completely one of a kind. I had never experienced something so ... contrary to my nature. Being called upon to weave what I have neither seen nor planned. You see, in normal “times”, life doesn't just run out of nothing without warning. But that's what happened in your case. Your first manifestation in all of creation was when you touched this famous stone. Before that, it's like you've never existed. And I am not talking about being born, but indeed about existence. It is as if you were created the very instant you came into contact with this stone. Moreover, these bloodstones are in fact called Stellar Stone. "


 “But, holy Weaver, how is this possible? Aren't you supposed to be omniscient? Did you not weave everything that had or was going to exist in your tapestry? "


 "That's exactly the case, noble Imp. But like the Starstones, it is a complete mystery to me who you invited to come here. They are there, in front of me, but they did not appear on the tapestry of time until the moment they awoke the stone. Even though they are in front of me as I see them with my own eyes, our guests have, technically, no existence, they have never been born, they have never had a life, they have never died. . Source Tracker, there seems to be an inextricable link between Starstone and you. Why, how, I couldn't say, but I think that by finding new stones, you will allow me to discover who you really are. Do you see the degradation of which my work has borne the brunt? The tears that tear the Tapestry of time? "


 “Mysteries in time? Holes in the history of creation? Oh, how long has this tormented me! "


 “It would appear that the Starstone you touched sublimated upon your touch, giving me new threads in the process with which to restore the tapestry and, therefore, time itself. "


 "To put it simply, my friends, what the Void destroys, the starstone restores!" "


 " That's right. Although it is impossible for me to explain why these stellar stones are the antidote to counteract the work of the void ... But if we do not help the time to return to its normal course, if we do not discover the true nature of these stones, the Void will destroy everything. "


 “If these stones have the power to restore the course of time, we absolutely must find them! "


 “Indeed, it is imperative. While it's impossible for me to say why, none other than you seem to be able to unleash the latent power contained in these stones. However, we are not the only people who covet these lovely gems ... "


 " Exact ! See yourself! The collectors of Stellar Stone, they are more numerous every day! I recorded every one of their actions. Now I understand better ... They are the ones who would keep the starstones out of our reach, they who would prevent time from recovering! "


 “We may repeat ourselves, but without these stones, Source-Tracker, there will soon be no more Rivellon, the tapestry will end up being totally disintegrated and in the end, the creation itself will end up paying the price. insatiable appetite of the Void. "


 "Don't worry dear lady!" As sure as Zix precedes Zax, we're going to put an end to this! We will restore the tapestry and after which we will stop the Void thanks to our noble and mysterious hosts ... right? can we count on your support? On your determination? Do you agree to go in search of these stones? Will you help us restore what was taken from us? "

The four friends look at each other, taken aback by all the revelations they have just witnessed.

 “Until a moment ago, we were just hunters stalking the Source in Rivellon and we are suddenly taught that only we can prevent the end of time from coming, with the help of magic stones ... that? "


 “We cannot ignore our reaction to star stone. There must be something to understand in this, as crazy as it sounds. "


 “As improbable as they may seem, some things remain within the realm of the possible. If the Weaver is telling the truth, we are not at the end of our troubles ... "


After they have discussed long minutes between them, they decide to return to Zixzax and the Weaver of Time to have a little more information.

 "Can you tell us what exactly is your job?" How can you weave time? "


 “I don't weave time itself, but I weave the chronicles of all that is. The drift of the continents, the constant evolution in the seas, the building and the fall of all empires that never existed, the passage of every grain of sand on all the beaches of creation, the fall of every drop of rain on every world, the fleeting touch of the hands of two lovers. I report all this and the rest without the slightest exception. As I told you, I am the Weaver of Time, the breadth of my existence cannot be contained in a single verb: “To be”. I am myself and nothing more. The same goes for the historian. We are both chroniclers of the Eternal Epics. Maybe we are one. The storyteller and the illustrator. Who created us? I do not know. For what reasons ? I do not know. Will what we log be seen and read? I do not know. Are we the beginning or are we the end? Who will tell? Maybe we are the first thing of creation, or maybe we are creation itself? Maybe in reality Zixzax and I are the creators and what we weave and write does not represent what we see, but what we create without even realizing it. Or maybe it's you. You who revive the dying stars. Time alone will tell, perhaps. "


 "You're giving your head a headache with all of this. You still have to feel good on your own to ask yourself questions like this. "


 * She laughs softly * "Oh, Stalker, I don't need company any more than I need air or food. I only need time, and all I am is time. But this one is numbered to us, unless you put an end to its decline. However, make no mistake, I appreciate your company. Besides, who knows, you may be the remedy to which I will owe the salvation of my dying soul. "

After these few additional information, they turn to Zixzax in order to ask him some additional questions as well.

 "You say you're a historian imp, but what is that?" "


 “Oh you know, I'm not sure myself what that really is. But being in charge of this divine mission has its advantages, old age does not affect me! I am immortal until no one stabs me with a sword. And even if that happens, I'll be back in no time than it takes to tell. But all at a price, even what is supposedly priceless. In return, I have a duty to transcribe the whole story, and this is no small task. Not to mention the stress the Void puts on me! And if the end of time comes, I will find myself pointing at Pôle-Emploi! "


 “Pôle-Emploi? What then is this? A creature in the pay of the Void? "


 " Ah ah ah ah. You can see it like that. It is, in a way, a place in another world than yours which absorbs all your dreams and hopes, leaving you only a chalk silhouette drawn on the asphalt. My job is therefore to observe and transcribe the whole story. The creation of borders, to cross and observe all ages and to walk on the limits of time without ever reaching them, to be educated in all that has been as in all that is. But this is heavy in the long run. I don't want to complain, but a little company every now and then doesn't hurt! So you now understand how delighted I was to meet the Time Weaver, after all these years knowing her existence, but without being able to see or speak to us. I can not wait to hear what she may have to show me illustrations of great battles which I have chronicled, like the battle of the sons of Sigurd for example! The last of the inhabitants of Rivellon who could have told us about it died more than XNUMX years ago. "

* Zixzax observes the four companions for a few moments and laughs *

“Héhéhéhé! I see the flame shining in your eyes and your determined expression tell me that you have decided to believe us and help us, am I wrong? But you're going to need some way to commute between Rivellon and this Abode, right? Who wouldn't want to witness the tremendous changes that your business is sure to bring about! And who knows what the Weaver might find out about you? Luckily, you already know the power of portals, so I'm going to let you in on a little secret that will allow you to come and go as you please between the End of Time and the rest of creation. The thing is, I wish you didn't make it out loud, you know? Anyway, once you get back, someone will be waiting for you, he's my agent, my eyes and my ears in your world. Yes, I may be immortal, but I am neither omniscient nor omnipotent for all that! He will give you an item that will allow you to come back here. "


Chapter 11 - The Cat, the Pyramid and the Bathtub

After all these revelations and discussions which lasted several hours, if it makes sense in a place called "the End of Time", the small group decides to return to Rivellon thanks to the technique of the portals that Zixzax has just taught them and sought. his agent. The technique seems very simple in the end and they arrive at the north portal of Cyséal. It still seems dark, which seems odd considering how long they've been away. No sooner have they left the portal when a familiar figure comes running up to them, waving an arm as if to beckon them. The figure in question is none other than Arhu, the mage who loves to transform into a cat. The latter explains to them that he is the agent of Zixzax and he gives them a stone in the shape of a pyramid and of reddish color.

 "But how did you know we had to be here?" We just left. "


 "Come on, did you forget that our mutual friend can time travel?" He came to visit me right after you left the end of time, a few minutes after our last conversation earlier today. Moreover, if you are wondering what day and what time it is, know that it is the day of your arrival in Cyséal and that it is 22 p.m. To put it simply, you appeared here the very instant you were teleported after using Starstone to save poor Boris. Don't worry, time travel is quick to get used to my friends! Come on, I'll leave you, I have a bowl of milk waiting for me and a cozy bed on which I like to relax. See you later ! "

Arhu instantly transforms into a cat and runs off into the night. The four companions don't know what to do now and are quite lost. This whole story, these revelations, it seems huge. Was it a dream? Where was the reality? The End of Time, Zixzax, the Weaver of Time, the Void, the end of all creation, the Starstones, that's a lot for the whole team to digest. They decide to return to the hostel to rest. Along the way they discuss all of this and although it seems very hard to swallow, they get used to it and believe it weirdly easily. As they arrive at the inn and approach the stairs to go upstairs, a sense of duty calls them to order. The room where Councilor Jake was murdered. Despite the fatigue, they still decide to go and examine the room. After warning the guard in front of the door that Captain Auréus has given his consent, he opens the door to them.

They enter the room and begin to examine him. What strikes them first is the condition of the room. The latter gives the impression that a hurricane has passed there. The curtains are completely torn, the bathtub is split in two, the table and chairs are in pieces, the mattress is completely ripped and torn off. While searching a little, they find a letter hidden in the storage chest.

Love letter

My dear Esmie,

Your lips are the red of emeralds, your hair is black as day, your love is like cholesterol, and my heart, oh how it hurts!

I am burning to hug you and caress your delicate face, it would all be easier if Jake was dead.

Your beloved, the D of F.

 "The D of F? Could it be the Duke of Ferol? "


 “In any case it's official, he is the most distressing poet in all of Rivellon! "


While digging a little further, Estelle finds what looks like a Starstone. While taking it in hand, the latter emits bluish flashes like that of Eveline and they strike the four companions. However, once the lightning is gone, it is still in the same place. They finish searching the room and decide to return to End Times to talk about it with their two new friends. Rassilon takes out the pyramid Arhu gave him and activates it, but instead of being teleported to End Times, they find themselves in an unfamiliar room, in front of a woman taking a bath ...

 “By the gods! What curse has struck these places? First, I have to chase that damn white cat that keeps coming in here every time I take my bath and now a bunch of complete strangers are pouring into my bathroom! Get out immediately! "


 "Uh ... It's a regrettable mistake!" We weren't supposed to get here ... "


 “A mistake, of course! I do not know what this awful alley cat and want from me, but I order you to go and finally leave me alone! "


The small team apologizes many more times as they leave the room. Estelle notices that on the ground an object in the shape of a pyramid, similar to the one Arhu gave them, but blue. As she leaves the room, she stealthily picks it up.


Chapter 12 - The Pantheon

Once outside, they try to teleport again and this time, they indeed arrive at the end of time and are greeted by Zixzax.

 " Welcome back ! I waited impatiently for you! You've discovered a new Starstone, haven't you? How do I know, well a new portal is activated! The end of time is spreading my friends! Everything is indeed interconnected! You, this place, the Void, the stones! We were right! Come, follow me, I will bring you to this new portal. On the other hand, I prefer to warn you, it's probably nothing, but I can sense on the other side of the portal a kind of ... presence that I cannot define highly enough. Paradoxically, it is both powerful and tenuous. Maybe it's just an echo, some sort of residual memory or something else ... "

They follow Zixzax with enthusiasm in the direction of the portal. Once in front, they cross it without batting an eyelid, but preparing all the same to face a danger, in view of Zixzax's statements. Once on the other side, they find a huge, finely decorated room. At its center is a long table covered with gold crockery. Magnificent rugs line the floor and majestic statues adorn each side of the room. A big book is at the bottom of the stairs, Rassilon picks it up and begins to read it aloud.

Correspondence Book # 1

My general colleague,

Since our victory, life has taken a strange turn. Wherever I go, it seems that I am worshiped as a deity. People think they have been touched by grace when I look them in the eye. They believe it is a blessing. The children try to grab my hand or my sleeve, believing it will bring them luck. Such absurdity is staggering.

More than anything, I wish I could spend more time in solitude. A much needed peace of mind now that peace is finally near. Peace of mind ...

The image of a coffin closing is etched in my mind, the thud of the gravestone echoing in my ears. You may still be looking forward to the fighting ahead, but as far as I'm concerned, I've lost all appetite for the carnage.

Correspondence Book # 2

My friend and ally,

The war has been won. Our victory is now assured, it is a fact, a certainty. We could therefore claim that these last battles we are waging are in vain, but if the enemy refuses to give in, so be it. To tell the truth, I revel in their stubbornness. Bloody battles mine! To me the thrill of the first lines! I will be the first to break through their ranks and the last to leave the battlefield! But you, you've been away lately. It goes without saying that I prefer to have you by my side.

We'll see each other at the funeral, I guess. Until then, I bid you farewell.

Parchment found on the table

General estimates,

Rivellon thanks you, the whole country is indebted to you! Gods and kings kneel before you and they would be wrong to do otherwise! Even they thought that all was lost, that the end of the world was imminent. But you turned the tide.

The victims were innumerable and I know that you yourself have lost a loved one. I offer you my deepest condolences. Let's meet at the Pantheon, to celebrate and commemorate. To honor the living like words!

Signed, Henry, son of William, legitimate king of Ferol.

At the table, a strange creature, female in appearance, sits, uttering incomprehensible words.

«Deo Chra himer… Fore dua. Leos ral edu, chra himer. »

* look up and look at the group *

“You! It's impossible ... And yet, it can only be you ... Guardians! Those whom I betrayed ... and those who abandoned me ... Ha, I see your great weakness today ... To the extent of what your strength was once. Look at you. You were obeyed and now you follow. Without knowing your faults or your destiny. This is where we are. Woe to the world that has become like this ...

* Get up, leave the table and go to the portal *

“But they came, as I vowed in my prayers. Can they even save me? is there still hope? ”

After this last sentence, the mysterious woman disappears through the portal. They go after him and find themselves in the main End Times room, but no trace of the strange creature.

 "Who do you think this creature was?" "


"I haven't the slightest idea, but what's scary is that she seems to know us ..."


The small group goes to find Zixzax, hoping to find answers to their questions ...

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