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And here it is, the fifth episode! The fourth episode left our adventurers on a mysterious encounter who are still looking for answers to a large number of mysteries. But their duty calls them back and the murder of Councilor Jake still needs to be resolved!

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Summary of the previous episode

Day ??

?? h ??

We have just landed in a strange and unknown place that seems to be suspended in the vastness of the sky. After many minutes of wandering, we met an imp. The latter introduced himself as Zixzax, the chronicler who is supposed to transcribe all the events taking place in the universe and told us that this place is none other than The End of Times. He also showed us what appears to be the end of creation itself ... and despite the horrors we are used to seeing, this show was more than horrible and will no doubt give us nightmares for long time.

?? h ??

A portal opened behind Zixzax. The latter brought us to another place similar to the first. However, the latter seems in better condition and above all much larger and has many other portals which unfortunately seem disabled. In this strange place, we met a person who looked like a woman who introduced himself as the Weaver of Time. After a long conversation, we learned that the latter's job is to weave all the events that take place in creation, a job similar to that of Zixzax, one writes and the other illustrates.

Day 2

22 p.m.

Thanks to Zixzax, we came back to Cyséal and found Arhus who seems to know this little devil well. He explained to us that we really traveled in time and that from the point of view of his time, we disappeared from the village healer only to reappear here right now. We are therefore still on the second day of our arrival in Cyséal and it is 22 p.m. when we have left for several hours ... Time travel is really something strange.

Day 2

23:15 a.m.

We decided to resume the investigation and went to Councilor Jake's crime scene. While we were searching the area, we came across a Starstone and were once again struck by lightning. However, we weren't teleported to the End Times this time around. So we decided to go there using the portal technique that Zixzax taught us to go back and see him and explain to him.

Day ??

?? h ??

When we return, Zixzax tells us that a new portal has been activated. The latter led us to a magnificent, richly decorated room, reminiscent of a banquet hall. At the table is a strange woman. The latter seems to know us while this is not the case for us. Who can it be ...?

The four companions are found in the central room of the End of Times, where the Weaver of Time and Zixzax are. They go to them to try to get answers to some new questions, following the opening of the new portal and the strange encounter they have just witnessed.

 "Zixzax, where is this strange place the portal has sent us?" This place is magnificent and worthy of kings. "


 “Ah yes, the Pantheon! In the past, great celebrations were held there in honor of heroes who had obtained the favor of the gods. In this room, mortals and immortals feasted side by side. I can't imagine a better place to offer hospitality to new heroes like you ... "


 "And who was this strange woman?" "


 “Like you, she is a real mystery! But she seems to know you, doesn't she? Perhaps we will learn more about her ... and about you at the same time, if your paths cross again. But it would be better for you to go back to your time and your world, I feel that it is there that you will be able to find the most answers ... "

Back in Cyséal, the four companions first decide to go and rest a little and continue the investigation into the murder of Councilor Jake the next day. The latter is their main mission at the base, they are still Source-Stalkers and this murder smacks of Sourcery. Once in the room at the inn, they decide to establish a "research plan" in order to avoid scattering and circling unnecessarily in the city.

At first, they decide to leave at dawn to the Mayor to tell him about the murder and what he heard about it, but also to ask him for permission to exhume the body. Although they suspect that this will be rather poorly received as a proposition, it is important that they can study and analyze the body and see if it contains traces of Sourcery. Subsequently, they also think of going to see the undertaker in order to have more information on the state of the body at the time of its "recovery", the latter will certainly have suffered the ravages of time, the murder having been perpetrated. a week ago ... After having planned a good part of the day, they decide to sleep and rest after these first two days very rich in emotions.

The team had a hard time falling asleep, and once they fell asleep, they were beset with horrible nightmares. Our adventurers relive again and again the scene of the vortex devouring reality itself, but most of all, they see the immense shadow that has come out of it and that has crept into their minds. The latter whispers to them and, despite the fact that they understand, they cannot put words on it, she still seems to know everything about them, their life, their secrets, their lies, their feelings. They regularly wake up in a sweat, and the strangest thing is that they always wake up at the same time, as if their dreams are connected. After many hours of falling asleep / waking up, dawn is coming up and they decide to get up and go meet the mayor.

After leaving the hostel and on their way to the mayor's house, they notice that the city is already very busy. The merchants in the main square are already preparing their stalls, the fishermen have already returned to the port and are bringing their catch to sell, and the first customers are already looking at the wares. After ten minutes, they finally arrive at the mayor's.

 " Yes ? Oh, it's you! Come closer! Closer, please! My ears are not what they used to be! Neither have my eyes. Aaaah! Hello Source Tracker! Our city welcomes you! "


 “Hello dear Mayor! We would like to have information on the assassination of Jake! "


 "Jake? murdered you say? Ah yes yes yes of course! I would admit to you that I still can hardly believe it. The advisor and I have had our disputes in the past, but in such circumstances, the fuss is quickly forgotten. Most citizens are convinced that the culprit is none other than Esmeralda, Jake's wife. Moreover, the legion kept her at her home under guard to protect her from the crowds! "


 “While searching the scene of the crime, we found a letter intended for Esméralda and which is signed by 'Le D de F'. Is it really the Duke of Ferol? "


 “Indeed and that does not surprise me. What was going on between her and the Duke of Ferol has always been a bit ... suggestive. But from there to imagine that she was violent to the point of killing her husband, that greatly surprises me. I don't want to mislead you. But the whole town knew that the reason the Duke came to our dear Cyséal was to spend a night or two with the counselor's wife at the Royal Crab Inn ... "


As they are in the middle of a discussion, Estelle hears a funny growl coming from the floor which seems strange to her in itself, but which seems even more so when she sees a small sign at the bottom of the stairs mentioning that he s is a library upstairs.

"Is there a strange noise coming from the library, is there someone up there, Mr. Mayor?" "


"Why the hell are you talking to me about steak?" I'm not a cook! "


 "Uh ..."


 “Ah! The library ! Yes yes, you have to see it! It is the jewel of Cyséal! A little visit? My daughter must surely be up there leafing through books as usual! "


Cecil climbs the stairs leading to the library, followed closely by the small team who are preparing for the worst, the growl not being absolutely human. Once at the top of the stairs, they see an Orc and draw their weapon, however the mayor seems perfectly calm and does not react to the sight of the Orc.

“Aaaah, my little Victoria! "

* turns to the four companions *

"Don't you think my daughter is pretty?" When I think back to when she was a ball of fangs and claws and decided to adopt her. Seeing her in the middle of the books she loves so much is enough to move me every time! "


 “Hello, I'm Victoria, the mayor's daughter. Oh don't worry, I know exactly what you are thinking, the resemblance isn't really striking, is it? You see, when I was very young, I must have been driven out of my tribe, because I was found drifting in a basket on the river along Cyséal directly from the sea. The fishermen who found me m 'would have drowned on the spot, after all, I'm an orc. But thanks to Amun-Hor, this dear Cécil was in the crowd that had gathered and he took pity on the exiled newborn that chance had put in his way. He raised me like I was of his blood, he's a good man. He taught me the language of humours, their customs and their literature. So I became the city librarian, a position that I hold with great diligence and pride! "


 “It's a moving and beautiful story. This proves once again that it is not our body or our background that defines whether we are good or bad people. I apologize for pulling out our weapons on seeing you. "


 " No harm done. You know, even if the inhabitants ended up accepting me, it happens regularly that some people jump when they meet me in the street. It's a natural reaction, especially as the city comes under repeated assaults by Orcs. But I know you didn't have bad intentions towards me, you just reacted reflexively when you saw what you thought was an enemy. You certainly would have done the same if she was a human you thought was your enemy. "


 “You're right, but we apologize nonetheless. "


 "Excuse me Victoria, can you tell me if you have any books on Demonology?" I only found this collection “Demonology for Dummies”, but I would like a more ... complex book. "


 "Sorry, the only advanced book in the library was checked out a week ago." "


 "Thank you, it doesn't matter ...

* turns around and lays eyes on Estelle and Rassilon *

Oh ! But won't you be Source-Stalkers? "


 "If indeed, who do we have the honor to speak to? "


 "Oh I'm sorry, I don't enjoy the company of humans and I usually ignore them." I am Jahan, a wizard by trade and I confess that I hoped to find a Sourcery hunter, a predator of harmful spells like you! I would like to accompany you! "


 "That's enough ... Brutal as a request." "


 "You see, you are stalking Source and I am stalking demons!" And you are certainly aware that these two nuisances often swim in the same murky waters. And you must have heard about the strange events happening in this city. I have personally felt a demonic emanation in the vicinity and wish to fight it! It is a feeling that you understand, I am ready to offer you arcane science, the power of a magician's genius ”.


 “It's a generous offer. But we are used to working alone, even as a duo. Currently we are already four and it is more likely to be complicated to manage. "


 “I could eventually go back to where you know to connect Zixzax to you. This will allow us to be present on two fronts at the same time. I could help him roam the woodlands to research information on Starstones while you continue to investigate here in Cyséal. It will kill two birds with one stone! "


 “Sounds like a great idea to me. And then, thanks to the power of teleportation that Zixzax gave us, we can easily find each other if necessary or if one of us needs help. "


 "In that case, welcome among us Jahan!" "


The new companion joins the team and they leave together while Bairdotr heads back to the End of Time to help Zixzax and the Weaver find traces and info on the Starstones that restore the weft of time. When leaving, Rassilon asks the Mayor for permission to exhume Jake's body and the latter, after some reluctance, finally accepts. The new group therefore leaves the Mayor's house and heads towards the cemetery. Once there, they see a dog barking and scratching in front of the late Jake's grave. Estelle decides to talk to him and they learn that the latter was Jake's dog. Murphy the dog is terribly sad over his master's disappearance and mourns him every day. Being a dog, he got to hear many conversations and meet a lot of people. According to him, Esmeralda is not the culprit even if he hated her. Auréus, the head of the militia is just as innocent in his eyes as is the mayor Cécil. Eveline, the kind healer has a "good smell" according to him.

After these few minutes of discussion with Murphy, Rassilon begins to dig in order to remove the coffin. After a good half hour of digging, difficult task, because Murphy jumps in all directions around them, the coffin is then dug up. Rassilon opens it and they are surprised by what they see. Indeed, inside it is not the corpse of a man, but the carcass of a simple sheep. They need answers, so they decide to leave immediately for the building of the undertaker.

Once at the undertaker's house, they can't find anyone. Everyone then begins to search the building to find any information. Estelle ends up finding a diary that appears to be the personal diary of the undertaker, alias Roberts. In the latter, he talks about the theft of Jack's remains and the fact that only a few people were able to have the opportunity to carry out this atrocity, namely: Cécil, Auréus, Éveline and Esméralda. Mention is also made of a purse filled with gold coins deposited in place of the corpse and the undertaker therefore decided to steal a sheep and place it in the coffin in order to give the change thinking that no one would not touch the said grave.

Once the last pages have been leafed through, they hear a noise coming from upstairs and decide to go and have a look. Upstairs, they find Roberts hiding the purse. Jahan casts an immobilization spell on him, which at first surprises the group, but they decide to "let it go", as it allows them to interrogate Roberts. After hard and long minutes of discussions, the man agrees to speak and tell what happened. As stated in his diary, for him, only four people were able to carry out the theft of the corpse.

Cécil, the Mayor, has a duplicate of the keys to all shops in Cyséal, including the morgue. So he had the possibility of realizing that, even though he doubted that it was him. Aureus, the head of the militia meanwhile came in person in the early morning and made him leave the house in order to speak to him alone, far from possible indiscreet ears in order to ask him to inform him. alone, of the smallest curious or suspicious detail concerning the remains. As far as Eveline is concerned, it was she who brought the corpse to the morgue, to which she has free access and could have come back for it. According to him, the apprentice healer would arouse no suspicion if she was seen carrying a corpse. Moreover, it seemed to her that she was not really in her usual state, she seemed like excited by this story. And finally, there is Esméralda, Jake's widow. Roberts has seen many widows and this is the first time he has seen a woman who seems so unaffected by her husband's death, especially since she has apparently sought comfort on her own as the body her still warm husband lay in the next room. And it was she, the next day, who called him and made him leave the house, because she wanted to discuss in the open air the preparations for the funeral and that Roberts finally decided to console Esmeralda on three occasions, against the wall. behind his house and who was, in his words "very tried and in need of a shoulder to lean on". It was on his return to the morgue that he noticed the disappearance and he does not exclude that this maneuver allowed an accomplice to enter and steal the body.

After these few revelations, which the team would have done well without certain details, he told them that on his return, there was a purse filled with gold instead of the body. He therefore decided not to seek to find the body, to take the money and admits that he stole a sheep from the breeder who lives next to the main square in order to give the change and make believe that a body was present in the coffin. Estelle, quite furious, hits him and forces him to give her all of the money in order to give it to the breeder who has lost one of her animals.

These revelations had the effect of pissing off Estelle, Rassilon and Madora. Jahan finds that it is irrelevant and that his new companions make a lot of hay for a simple corpse and a sheep. The other three find Jahan a bit too detached from the humans, but they decide to deal with it for now. An expert in demonology is quite important in the situation they are in with regard to what seems to be going on in town.

They decide to go back to see Roberts' main suspects in order to have a little chat with them, starting with Esméralda, especially since Estelle and Rassilon found some rather compromising objects when they searched her home, namely a bloody dagger. , a book entitled "The Perfect Murder" and without forgetting the love letter found in the inn room where Jake was killed and, in which, it is about the disappearance of said Jake for her and the Duke de Férolt can live their love in broad daylight.

As the afternoon sun bumps hard on the heads of the four companions, they finally arrive at Esmeralda's shop, still watched by the guards, and Rassilon and Estelle cannot hold back a small laugh when they see that the same guard still tries to seduce Esmeralda when the latter sends him tossing each time.

 "Hello, Esméralda, can we ask you a few questions about your husband? "


 " Again ? Can't you let me grieve in peace? "


 “It will be very quick. Can you tell us what this blood-covered dagger is? "


 "That would rather be up to you to explain it to me!" How did you get into my cellar ?! As for this dagger, it's a simple butcher's knife that I use to cut meat before drying it! The blood on it is only pig's and boar's blood! "


 “Um, I see. What about that book about the perfect murder? "


 "This book belongs ... well ... belonged to my late husband." You know, he was a politician, you know. He was paranoid and always imagined his rivals' plots against him and he wanted to be one step ahead for them. Frankly, I expected a minimum of discernment from you. "


 "So when is this letter?" "


 "Oh, don't give any credit to the clumsy prose of a frozen suitor!" This letter was a statement of a quality equal to that of his comings and goings, admittedly passionate, but awkward, short and quick. The Duke acts like a spoiled child and apart from his fortune he has everything else on the size of a child, unfortunately. "


 “It still gives a lot of evidence, certainly indirect, but pointing to you as the likely culprit. "


 “It's mostly far-fetched! I have a perfectly logical explanation for each of the alleged evidence against me! Everyone sees me as the culprit so I'm going to tell you something that I had kept to myself, because I didn't want to damage my husband's reputation! Over the past few months, Jake had grown very distant towards me and somewhat gloomy. Something in him had changed. I don't know what it was about, but he wasn't the kind, loving man before. To be honest, he scared me. "

* stops for a few moments and seems to get lost in thought *

“And it all started the day he met Eveline, master Thélyron's apprentice. She healed him of a wound that we all thought was fatal and I believe that from that moment on, he had a sort of fixation on her or, rather, on the secrets she hides. And to tell the truth, from what I could hear, she would be part of this strange sect, dedicated to an unnamed goddess, who practices bloody rites. Men don't see beyond her beauty, but I looked her straight in the eye and saw only death! She is from Val d'Argent, a village located in the forest north of Cyséal and I will never understand how a simple and fragile woman as she claims to be could not cross the lines of the living dead alone, without the slightest escort when even the Legion struggles to pass. For me, if anyone could have killed my Jake, it's her! She had been holding it in her clutches for many months already and she must have squeezed too hard! "

These last minute revelations push the small group to go talk to Eveline. She's already on the suspect list, but with Esmeralda's revelations, if they are true, move back to the top of the list.

As they arrive at the healer, they find that Eveline is missing subscribers. They therefore decide to search his things to find any evidence, but they only find the key to his house. They therefore leave in the direction of the latter, while remaining on their guard.

Once home, they find that the latter is very tidy, but no trace of Eveline herself. They decide to search her home and find absolutely nothing. As they are about to leave, Madora notices that one of the books is stored upside down and opens it. The latter is Eveline's diary and a letter is also hidden there.

Extract from Eveline's diary

15 sembten

When Dietmar brings me the staff, nothing can stop me. What satisfaction for the Oracle! She will shower me with rewards when she sees what I have done, that I have revived the counselor! I took every precaution to conceal the northwest beach lair from prying eyes; only those who know the existence and the exact place of the entrance can pass. I have to admit that it was a pleasant surprise that Arhu's little terror was taking control of the path from the north with these defensive ballistae. Few will dare to face this monstrosity and no one will come to disturb my den. May the goddess guide me!

Eveline therefore seems to be the one who stole Jake's body and is therefore, probably, responsible for his murder. Rassilon, Estelle, Madora and Jahan now know where Evelin is hiding and decide to get there as quickly as possible. After being properly prepared, the four companions decide to leave town and head for the beach in the Northwest. But no sooner have they passed the northern gate of the city when they see an overturned cart, with ghouls devouring the ox that must have been pulling it, and realize that the road will not be easy. ...

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