Les Tribulations d'Aza: Divinity Original Sin - Episode 2

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The Tribulations of Aza: Divinity Original Sin - Episode 2 is here!

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Summary of the previous episode

Day 1

8:15 a.m.

Estelle and I will be able to undertake our very first mission together: to solve the murder of Councilor Jake in Cyséal. The latter seems to be linked to the Sourcery and we are therefore going to investigate in order to find the culprit. We landed on a beach located east of town because of an Orc attack, preventing us from anchoring at the port of Cyséal.

8:29 a.m.

On our way to Cyséal, we were attacked by a group of grave robbers fleeing from a ruin with a large red stone. One of them was an expert in the arts of necromancy, proof of this that the Source is indeed at work in the vicinity. We entered the ruins to try to find out what they were doing there and we came across the keeper. He told us about the theft of a "Stone of Blood" ... A name that really doesn't ring a bell.

10:35 a.m.

After leaving the scene, we continued our journey towards Cyséal and came across an Orc invasion at the gates of Cyséal. They were no match for us and the guard. One thing caught our attention, however, they seemed to be led by a human dressed similarly to grave robbers. Once the invasion was repelled, we met Arhus, a polymorphic mage who likes to spend his life in the skin of a cat, or is it the other way around? He told us a little more about the murder of Councilor Jake and advised us to go talk to Auréus, the captain of Cyséal's guard.


Chapter 3 - Arrival at Cyséal

The two companions finally arrived in Cyséal. It has only been a few hours since they landed on the Coast and they have already had to fight several times, and something tells them that this is only the beginning and that the fact of finally having arrived in Cyséal will not allow them not to rest on their laurels.

As they walked quietly, Estelle heard a funny growl. His knowledge of nature allows him to immediately understand that the latter is none other than an orc growl. She immediately warns Rassilon and the two set off in the direction of the sounds, fearing that one or more of them had taken advantage of the confusion of the fighting to infiltrate the city. When they got there, they discovered something they hadn't expected.

An Orc, surrounded by two guards. The latter does not seem hostile or afraid. On the guards side, one of them seems quite agitated while the other seems calm and serene. Rassilon slowly approaches the strange group when suddenly, the agitated guard calls out to him.

 “Ah! Source Track! Please help me convince my foolish friend that this monster is only a bloodthirsty predator and not a pet! "


 “That's enough Marius! I know some Orcs can be dangerous, but this one has backed up! A valid eye is enough to see that she is completely non-violent! You are so steeped in prejudices that you don't see a thing! "

 "That's enough, you two calm down. Explain to me what's going on here. "


 “Marius and I were patrolling outside the ramparts when we ran into this beautiful lady Orc on the beach. Our eyes met and ... fate did the rest. Undoubtedly moved and troubled, she jumped up and started running with all claws out in the direction of Marius. Lucky for him, I had the presence of mind to let go of my sword and strike it with my trinket bag! I had a love potion in it and, upon contact with its delicious skull, the vial shattered. As soon as her eyes landed on me, she fell madly in love! "

 "A love potion? Tell me more about it. "


 "My friend is a fan of alchemy, but above all a complete idiot!" Each month he receives an issue called “The Magi of Yuthul Gor” and he slams all his money into all kinds of trinkets and bottles of piss! Last month he ordered a so-called love potion on sale for just a few days which is supposed to be an international benchmark. "

 "I'm sorry Ninnius, I know these so-called mages by reputation." If the love potion is as unreliable as you might think, she might come to her senses shortly and her malice might resurface. "

 " I agree. Either way, with or without Spell, it's best not to trust the Orcs of the wild tribes that inhabit this region. "


As soon as Rassilon and Estelle have finished giving their opinion, Marius draws his sword and kills the Orc in front of his friend Ninnius and then leaves without saying anything. The two companions found this way of doing quite extreme, but did not end up telling themselves that this was probably the best thing to do given all the information and flaws the Orc could have revealed to his own if she had been released outside the walls. Ninnius stays there and mourns his late beloved. Rassilon and Estelle wanted to talk to him, but he didn't listen and so they decided to leave.

The two friends go back to discover the city and go to the Guard building to meet Auréus. They end up arriving on the main square of Cyséal.

The latter is very lively and a good-natured atmosphere emerges. In the center of the square is a magnificent fountain near which a painter has taken up residence and painted a magnificent Rooster sitting on a stool. All around him are numerous portraits of passers-by and some of the vendors in the square.

There are many stalls offering various products such as fish, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat and even some weapon stalls, especially for hunters, something that seems very common in Cyséal. To the north of the square are several stairs leading to the hostel as well as to the mayor's house. Further south, a woman watches over an enclosure where many animals are kept, sheep, chickens, cows, etc. In the distance seems to be a sort of platform.

Estelle and Rassilon go around a bit and take the opportunity to do some shopping. Estelle finds a magnificent crossbow which seems very well made and decides to buy it. As she was about to leave, she saw a nice leather armor out of the corner of her eye, but having already used up quite a bit of money, she tried to negotiate with the saleswoman. After a good ten minutes to negotiate, Estelle succeeds in obtaining the armor in exchange for 15 gold pieces, a gold glass and a linen cloth. Rassilon found nothing very interesting. However, he bought some nails, his experience has taught him that they would be perfect to make hooks in the event that a door or a chest is not too cooperative to open!

After having done their shopping, Rassilon and Estelle leave for the Bastion de la Garde. On the way, Estelle stops short on the spot and suddenly runs towards a house. She kicks open the door. Rassilon runs after him and tries to figure out what is happening to his new traveling companion. Entering the room, he sees a man, probably a butcher in view of his bloodied apron and huge knife, chasing after a rooster that coquelinates.

*Coooooot Cocooooooot Cococooooooooot!*


Rassilon, perplexed, turns to Estelle. He was astonished to see that she began to speak, as if responding to the rooster's lament.

 "Push yourself, push yourself!" This patient wants to turn me into a pie! "


Estelle walks away from the door before answering aloud.

 “Chickens have the right to live too! "


Rassilon is still a little confused about the situation. He may have been around for many years and heard rumors of people who can talk to animals, but this is the first time he's seen it with his own eyes. Seeing Estelle move away and her sentence, he understood the reason for this act.

 “Yes, let's let him live. Look at this poor little one, he doesn't deserve the knife! "


Rassilon moves away in turn and sees the rooster scurrying outside, cocking even harder. Estelle smiles and translates what the rooster has just said to her companion.

 "Yipiyyyééééééééé! I'm free ! Liiiiiiiree! Come on, bigger nases! You just have to eat your hand as a meal and save the other for tomorrow! "


Bursting out laughing after the rooster's words, the two companions leave immediately, not without hearing the butcher insulting them with all possible names.


Chapter 4 - The beginning of the investigation

After a few minutes of walking, Rassilon and Estelle finally arrive in front of the Bastion de la Garde. Many guards are on the square during training. Sword fighting, archery, physical exercises, it's all there. On his way to the stronghold itself, Rassilon sees out of the corner of his eye a strange person locked in a cage, but continues on his way. They enter the bastion and come across Auréus who is pacing inside his office.

 "What is it again?" Who are you and what do you want? You can't just cope with your shit on your own. I have enough worries and enough work like that without the first farmer coming to come and tell me his stories of missing sheep! "

 “Let me introduce myself, my name is Rassilon and my partner is Estelle. We are part of the Source Stalkers and we are investigating the murder of Councilor Jake. "


 “By the gods! A damn politician just needs to break his pipe and the entire city steps up to the plate! Ridiculous! Yet I had said and made this scoundrel of Arhu understand to do nothing. But he couldn't help but send me a goddamn Source Tracker, eh? Filth of magicians who yell at the Sourcellerie as soon as pigeon droppings crash into the head of a cuckold! "

 “If not, maybe you can give us more information instead of complaining all the time. The sooner we know what happened, the sooner we will leave you alone. "

 * mutters under his breath * "Yeah well it's okay, no need to be scathing like that." Witnesses said a woman arrived at the Royal Crab Inn shortly after midnight. She moved into a room on the ground floor. A man who had been sipping the same cup of wine for hours ended up joining her a few minutes later. About an hour later, another woman arrived and walked to the bedroom. Shortly thereafter, there was an incredible uproar and the few customers still on the scene, and really tipsy, claimed to have seen flashes of light. By the time the guard arrived, Arhu was already there snooping around and yelling that there were many traces of Sourcery. I told him to go and he turned into cat filth again. This old bearded man is damn quick, I haven't even had the pleasure of kicking him in his damn clerk butt. "

 "Do you have any idea who the two women are? "


 “No idea no. No one saw their faces, the only thing for sure was that the man was Adviser Jake. Many people claim that the second wife is none other than Esmeralda, the counselor's wife, and that it was she who killed her husband because of his probable infidelity. It would be quite funny, knowing that there are more men to have passed over her than in the main square. "

 “Thank you for your insight on the subject. Can we ... "


 "Yeah I get it, no need to take out your big phases, the crime scene is at the Royal Crab Inn." You can tell the guard that I am giving permission to access the premises. If you want to talk to Esmeralda, she's probably being fiercely consoled in her weapons and armor shop next to the Mayor's house. Now get out there and do it! "

 "Ooooook ... Otherwise, I noticed a strange woman locked in a cage outside." What can you tell me about it? "


 "Still there breaking my pits?" Go see Virius and Tullia if you want to know more. And if you want to condemn it yourself, great good to you. Come on, get out, I have a job, I'm not a slacker who travels the world pretending to save it! "


After this rather aggressive meeting, Rassilon and Estelle leave and decide, first of all, to pay a little visit to this Esmeralda before anything else. On leaving, Rassilon looks again in the direction of the cage where the young woman is and thinks that it is better to go to Esmeralda first before night falls and then return.

A few minutes later, they arrive in front of the store and enter it. Inside, they find many displays covered with shields, weapons of all kinds and armor of all types. A guard greets them at the entrance with a rather scowl. Across the room, a second guard is talking to a young and pretty woman behind the counter. The guard seems, from the snatches of conversation heard by Rassilon and Estelle, desperately trying to seduce the young woman who seems more amused than anything else by the guard's words and statements. The two companions approach the counter and the young woman moves away from the guard to go to meet them.

 “Hello traveler! I am Esmeralda, what can I do to satisfy you? "


While she had just finished her sentence, Esméralda ogles Estelle and Rassilon from head to toe and suddenly writes to herself.

 "Gods of the sky! Give me patience! You are Source-Stalkers, aren't you? And you came to see me because you think I killed my husband, that's it! How many times will I have to say and say again that I'm totally innocent? "

 “Calm down, see. Indeed we are Source-Stalker, but before accusing anyone, we want to listen to your version and conduct our investigation. Rumors are one thing, but the facts are what matter to us. "

 " Ah thank you ! Finally an intelligent man who, in addition, cute. As I have already said to every legionnaire in this city, I know nothing and above all, I have nothing to do with the murder of my poor husband Jake! I want her killer to be found and brought to justice, but everyone accuses me of this heinous act. So what happened? I do not know. I was not even present in this damn hostel! I was right here, alone with myself. But some gossip nosy noses from the local tavern call me a venal murderer! And these insinuations are perfectly intolerable! Ooh ... I feel like I'm going to have a migraine! "

 "And if not, are you going to explain something to us or will you continue to make your movies?"


 "I'm flattered, but I'm not interested in cocote!" On the other hand you, my dear, it is something else. " * approaches Rassilon and turns around caressing his shoulders * "Would you like us to speak in private?" In addition, I have a headache, I may have to go and lie down ... "

 " No. It will not be necessary, I have obtained the necessary information. Thank you for your information. "


Once these words have been spoken, Rassilon turns around and leaves the store, under the dumbfounded eyes of Esmeralda and Estelle who wonder why such behavior when they have learned absolutely nothing. She joins him and once outside, asks him what is happening to him.

 “This woman wouldn't have told us anything more. I therefore prefer to go and search myself directly and look for any clues. We will see whether or not she is guilty of this mischief. "


Rassilon took a key from his pocket that he had just stolen, neither seen nor known, from Esmeralda when she approached to rub against him during his proposals to discuss alone.

 “Well done my friend! I'm glad to notice that you are not like most men who pull out the spear as soon as a pretty face flutters their eyelashes! "


Rassilon smiles and they go around the shop to reach the back door leading to the private apartments. They arrive in the main room. The table appears to be set for four, a fire is burning in the hearth and the room itself appears to be well maintained. In a corner is a desk and Estelle searched it discreetly. At the bottom of a drawer, she finds a book called "The Perfect Murder".

 "A book explaining how to carry out the perfect murder ..."


 “You could say that Esméralda has very interesting literary tastes. "


As they continued to search the room, Rassilon noticed a trap door in the saddlery. The latter is closed and that's when he complimented himself on having bought something to make hooks. The padlock did not resist more than a few seconds and they went down into the cellar.

The cellar seems to be just a simple cellar where foodstuffs are stored. Meat is hanging, being dried, probably in anticipation of winter. Rassilon searches the crates and barrels and examines the few work benches. As for Estelle, she notices two little rats looking at the two companions and decides to go talk to them.

 *Couic ! * "Where's Jake?" It's been several days since we last saw him. He ended up setting sail with this very pretty young woman with white hair after all? "


 *Couic ! * “Good question dear friend! But Esméralda is still funny in her genre! It's strange for a woman that her sweet tooth is cured meats. Besides, she even has a little secret room here. This is ham heaven! I would go snooping around, but she is very careful that no one comes in except her, even us, she chases us when we approach! If only we were big enough to reach the mechanism hidden behind the leg over there ”

Estelle tells Rassilon what the two rats told her. They find the mechanism is a section of the wall opens, revealing a magnificent room, very well decorated and tidy, a strange thing in a cellar.

The ground is covered with very good manufacture carpets, hunting trophies are displayed on the wall as well as paintings. Several libraries filled with books of all kinds are there, as well as a large table covered with gold crockery. At the back of the room is a beautiful secretary in varnished wood. The luxury of this room makes one think that Esmeralda does more than sell equipment to pay for it or else get it all.

While searching the secretary, Rassilon finds a bloodied dagger and wonders if it may not have something to do with the crime.

After making a final tour of the area, the two companions decide to leave the area and come out of the building. As the sun begins to set, Rassilon tells Estelle that he intends to go see the young woman locked in the cage and the latter nodded.


Chapter 5 - A first companion

They arrive there and head for the cage. Rassilon looks very closely at the imprisoned woman and feels something strange to her touch. She even makes him think of Estelle a little, but he could not say how.

As they approached further, one of the guards shouted in their direction.

 “Hey! But who is this? Come on, move more! Stay where my good eye can see you! "


 "Very sweet, Tul!" You're talking to a Source-Stalker there! "


"You seem very aggressive, is it because of this woman locked in the cage? "


"He's a real wild beast!" I saw her crouching in some bushes, I just walked over and this mad bitch threw herself on me and scratched half of my face! "


Rassilon listens to the story while looking at the trapped woman, but something still seems strange about her.

"What will become of her? "


“It still remains to be seen. She doesn't look sick, despite Tully's worries. We're not going to be able to keep her locked up, technically she didn't do anything wrong, she only defended herself when she was surprised by Tull. But she looks pretty dangerous, neither can we release her in town and with all the dangers outside the ramparts, we can't release her outside either, that would be like sentencing her to death. "


Rassilon turns to Estelle and says:

“It might be profitable to take this unknown under our wing. I have the strange feeling that she and we are linked and that she will be useful on our journey. "


" I totally agree. A fearless huntress can be of great help to our investigation! Also, a little competition can't hurt, it's been a long time since I've met someone who can properly use a bow or crossbow. "


"Believe me, Source Stalkers, she's only good for making cannon fodder!" And do not turn your back on it, otherwise it will devour this savage alive! "


Rassilon and Estelle ignore Tully's words and free the woman from her prison.

 “Thank you to you Source-Tracking. My name is Bairdotr. I have heard the most wonderful and the most horrific stories about your fellow human beings. But today, I owe my imprisonment to the men and my release to the Source-Stalkers. ".

"Nice to meet you Baidotr. My name is Rassilon. "


"I am Estelle, delighted to meet you, my archery friend!" "


As they introduce themselves, the sun begins to go down and the new team decides to head to the inn to continue this conversation quietly.

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