Les Tribulations d'Aza: Divinity Original Sin - Episode 3

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The third episode is here! At the moment there is still a lot of dialogue, but soon there will be a little more action, we promise!

If you missed an episode or are looking for the following ones, you can find all the episodes of Tribulations of Aza - Divinity: Original Sin in the tribune Games Managers.

Summary of the previous episode

Day 1

11 40 pm

Shortly after arriving in town, we encountered two soldiers and an Orc. The latter was bewitched by a love potion. The first soldier, owner of the vial, thinks that this is permanent, the second is afraid that the Orc will "wake up" and make a real massacre, see leaves the city to inform his tribe of the faults and weak points of the latter , thus allowing them to finally succeed in invading it. Estelle and I tried to convince the first soldier of the low reliability of these potions, but, we hardly finished telling him that the second killed the Orc without any form of trial.

13 p.m.

We continued our walk in town and went to see Auréus as Arhu had advised us. The latter is quite ... nervous. We were grudgingly received and I think a few vacations wouldn't hurt him. Along the way, we saved a chicken from the clutches of a butcher. According to Estelle, the latter had a good repartee and it is undoubtedly fortunate that the butcher does not know how to speak the language of animals, otherwise he would have pursued him until death ensued. I noticed a strange woman locked in front of the Guard Bastion. After getting as much information as possible from Aureus, Estelle and I went to see a certain Esmeralda, who is the widow of Councilor Jake.

14:45 a.m.

Around noon, we arrived at Esmeralda's store. The least that can be said is that the men did not wait long to go and console the grieving widow. Two guards were already present and one of them was already trying his luck with the young woman. The least we can say is that Esmeralda is a strange woman. The body of her husband is not yet cold that she is already trying to go into the arms of another man ... mine. Her reputation as a fickle woman is apparently not fooled, poor Jake. Our conversation ultimately came to naught, but while she was turning around and rubbing herself, thinking that I would succumb to her charms, I managed to steal the key to her rooms from her. We went to search with Estelle. We found some pretty strange things, such as a book with the evocative title “The Perfect Murder”. In the cellar, we found a secret passage which leads to a very richly decorated room. In the latter, we found a bloody knife. Estelle on her side spoke with the unwanted residents of the houses; rats. The latter spoke of a young woman with white hair whom Jake seemed to frequent assiduously and that Esmeralda's hidden passion is the curing of meat.

17:45 a.m.

After that, we returned to the Bastion de la Garde, because the young imprisoned woman called out to me from the start. Something seemed strange with the latter. We managed to get her released after talking to the two guards in charge of her custody. The least we can say is that she has a temper, she reminds me of Estelle. After her release we discussed her name is Bairdotr. Seeing the sun start at sunset, we set off towards the hostel.


Chapter 6 - The Revolution and the Stones

Rassilon, Estelle and Bairdotr all go to the inn. Along the way, they meet the Rooster they saved from the butcher earlier in the day, the latter seems in good shape and, according to Estelle, he is even organizing the revolt of the galliformes and translating, by the way, a few sentences from the latter, which made the three companions laugh out loud.

“Freedom, equality and fraternity for all! We will direct the chopper of beheading at you humans! We cannot fly, but we can revolt! The revolution is on ! "

* Coooooooooot cooooooooooooot! * “Join me, my galliform brothers and sisters of all kinds! We are going to steal their feathers! "


Bursting with laughter, the three companions hit the road again. After a few minutes, they stumble upon a ruined and smoking house with a man, poorly dressed, but who seems to be happy in front of it. Thinking that it may be an arson and that the man in question is the culprit admiring his work, the team rushes to meet him.

 * Laughs and rejoices * “Ooh! I'm such a happy and humble man with it now! We must believe that they were right, losing everything has its good sides! "


Puzzled, Rassilon, Estelle and Bairdotr approach the man closer to talk to him.

 "Happy and humble looking at this house in ruins?" "


 "How can you say that after you've lost everything?" I will never understand men. "


 "Who are these people you're talking about who apparently told you that losing everything has its good sides?" "


 "Aaaaah, how foolish I have been in the past! Always looking for more pleasure. I had become an eternal dissatisfied. In my bulimia of pleasure, I went to seek advice from the famous Sentinelles de Pierre. If their help relieved me of the little wealth I had, it taught me humility! "


 "Tell me about those Stone Sentinels please." "


 "I was told that you shouldn't trust them, that they only gave stupid advice to the fools who sought them out. But a friend of mine asked them to fly, he jumped off the cliff and we never saw him again. Proof that he managed to fly away! So I went to see them. They told me that if I gave up my earthly goods, all of them of course, I would become a paragon of piety and humility and that through the ages, I would be considered a legendary Samaritan! "


 "About your friend ..."


 “Tatatata, let me finish telling the story of the birth of a legend! My own method was therefore purification by the flames! So I burned down my house. That day, I achieved enlightenment! But I admit that I did not think that enlightenment should be so difficult ... I am now on the streets, penniless and having nothing ... "

Taken with pity for this man, Rassilon gives him 10 gold pieces before leaving with his companions. Along the way, Rassilon and Estelle discuss these “Stone Sentinels” and the story of the man that strangely resembles the one found in the corpse's diary, landing on the beach that morning. Bairdotr, on the other hand, seems quite perplexed about this story.

 “If I understand correctly, statues told him that in order to become a great spiritual leader, he had to give up all his earthly possessions, right? "


 “It's absurd, since when has poverty been a prerequisite for faith? "


 “On the other hand, it may sound sane. How do you give introspection a chance if all you think about is chasing wealth? "


 "And now he's praying for survival!" Everything went as planned! No ? Ah ... "


 “There is a happy medium to be found. This man went from one extreme to the other without thinking, based on a conversation he says he had with stones. However, these stones seem to have a real power, to manage to make two men do such extreme things. Maybe we should go investigate a bit later, when we're done in town. "


So the small group continues on their way to the inn as the sun slowly sets behind the hill where the village church and cemetery are located.


Chapter 7 - The Inn and the Renegade

The three companions finally arrive at the inn. A good atmosphere reigns inside the latter. By the fireside, a cat is lounging and jumps from knee to knee to have caresses. The smiling waitress goes from table to table with various drinks and food. Whether it's the customers, the waitress or the boss behind the counter, there is a good-natured atmosphere, which quite astonishes Bairdotr and Estelle. The latter have always heard that inns were places of debauchery, promiscuity, where alcohol, fights and other insults were common currency.

As they walk towards the bedroom where Councilor Jake's murder took place, Rassilon notices a woman, in armor, carrying a large two-handed sword and she reminds him of someone. He walks in her direction to talk to her.

"Back vermin!" Or I ... But what is? Ho ho! Madora! Hope for a nervous godiche! A thousand pardons, comrade. The old bear that I am is sometimes more irascible than a wolverine! "


 "Madora? You weren't at the Académie du Nord? It seemed to me that I had already met you somewhere! "


 “Yes, that's exactly it! And you, are you from the academy of the west? You came to give some lessons on magic and how to use it to detect and counter Sourcery if I'm not mistaken? It is a real pleasure to see you again! "


 “Indeed, that's it, you have a good memory! But what are you doing here? Are you investigating the murder of Councilor Jake as well? I was unaware that another Source Tracker had been assigned an assignment at Cyséal. "


 “In fact, I am officially retired, but I still did not go out of business! But I'm not here for the murder of Councilor Jake. In fact, I was investigating at Hunter's Oree, located further north. This region is under attack by the Orcs. But not the ordinary bullies we are used to dealing with, but rather Orcs who are transformed and who now practice dark arts of rare power! "


 “We ran into Orcs who tried to attack the city on the way. They were led by a man and one of the Orcs knew how to use magic. It is already rare in itself that an Orc masters magic, but he knew how to cast extremely powerful spells. "


 “This is indeed what I also observed at the Hunter's Oree! I noticed something else as well, they seem to have come looking for something. They invaded the village and captured the villagers in order to question them about caves and a stone. But whatever the reasons, my duty and send them home, preferably with their own horns stuck in the butt! So I made my way to Cyseal to ask for the Legion's help, but they're stuck here with the same Orc attacks and as a bonus, undead. And sadly, even at my best, I don't have a chance to hunt Orcs without help! "


 “You could say you were lucky to escape. What do you plan to do now? "


 "I need people I trust to be able to take back the city and hunt the Orcs, and I think we can help each other." While looking for possible comrades in arms, I unearthed a lot of information on the murder of Councilor Jake. If we join forces, blades and wits, it won't be long before we find the culprit and hunt the Orcs at the same time! "


 “This is a great idea! Faced with a trio of Source-Stalkers and a seasoned archer, not one of the evils that plague this beautiful country will be able to resist us. What do you think my friends? "


 "One more Source Hunt in the team will make us all the more formidable in the face of this unholy magic that is Source. Welcome to join us, Madora! "


 “Entering into an alliance is unlikely to upset your business. I am not a Source Hunt, I trust you completely on this matter. "


Getting late, the new group of four companions decide to have a meal and reserve a room in advance for the night before continuing the investigation.


Chapter 8 - The Wild Woman and the Miraculous Stone

During the meal, Rassilon and Estelle decide to resume the conversation they had earlier with Bairdotr in order to get to know her a little better and to know more about her, her intentions and her motivations.

 "So Bairdotr, I'd like to continue our conversation and ask you a few questions." "


 "Ask then, dear friend. "


 " Where are you from ? I thought I heard the guard calling you “bear girl”. "


 “It's normal, I have been raised by bears since I was a child. Besides, your cities are much wilder than my native forest. There, the rules are clear: your fate depends on your presence, your strength and your speed. Here, a tiny crier no more vivid than a dying maggot can confine you in a small cage! "


 “We have one thing in common, I was also raised by animals. It was not easy for me either to discover and live in what they call civilization. I have the impression of being constantly restrained rather than free, even outside of a cage. "


 " It's exactly that ! Fortunately, the innocent and good souls that you are, have been there to free me! "


 "Like Estelle, you also seem to speak well, who taught you our language?" "


 “Jareth, the wise Jareth. He taught me the songs of your ... well ... of our people. Without him, I wouldn't have learned anything more than what the animals could teach me. Jareth taught me all the songs of our people and I remembered every word. It also allowed me to learn about your ... uh, our history. There is only room in the memory of animals for truths. If we know that it is better to avoid quest nests, it is because a long time ago a mother bear realized the danger and taught it to her cubs, who themselves have transmitted this knowledge, and so on. We don't remember the song from “Rito against the Raging Swarm.” We only retain what is useful to us. Rito's memory will be lost, but the lesson she teaches will be remembered. The existence of animals and those of men are very different. Animals learn to survive, humans store knowledge. "


 "Who is this Jareth?" "


 “He often came to see me. He came to sing in the forest at the beginning. Over time, he taught me his songs and much more. He ended up building a small cabin in my native forest. He quietly studied his books and his magic and he told me the stories of the world of men. He was for me a teacher, a friend and a tutor. Then one day he had a great disturbance. A terrible evil befell the forest and the creatures that lived there turned into a kind of living carrion. I have seen many loved ones rot from the inside to death. "


 "This is Sourcellerie or I do not know myself!" "


 “Indeed, it looks a lot like it. "


“I ran to warn Jareth, but his reaction struck me as strange, he didn't say a word and it's locked in his cabin. I thought he wanted to be quiet to find the cause and how to cure it, but after three days I started to worry. I broke down the door and there I found nothing. His equipment, his books, his potions, there was nothing left. I'm sure he was kidnapped by the very people who caused the disease in the native forest and his research was captured in the process. I only found a few pieces of a letter in the fireplace that had not yet burned with the following words: “dead” - “come for you” - “stone of blood” - “Attenberah” as a signature . That's why I came to Cyséal, to find answers and above all, to find Jareth! "


 "Stone of blood? We encountered a group of people leaving ruins with a stone. As we explored these areas, a “keeper” told us about the theft of a bloodstone. Maybe it's related? "


 "In Cyséal, there is a healer who claims to be able to heal everything thanks to the power of a stone she discovered." I thought it might be Sorcery, so I investigated. This is the apprenticeship of Thélyron, a healing mage. »


 “This is a strange coincidence. Three stories, three stones and all these stones are apparently blood red in color ... "


 “Indeed, it is a very beautiful strange coincidence. Maybe we should go see this apprentice before we continue investigating Jake. Something tells me that everything is connected, including the murder and that Sourcellerie is behind this story. "


The four companions hurry to finish their meals before leaving for the healer's house in order to meet this famous apprentice and above all, to learn more about the mysterious stone she owns ...

Once the meal is finished, they leave the inn to reach the main square of Cyséal. This is where the house of the healer and his apprentice is located. The house looks more like a laboratory. Table covered in blood, vials of all kinds, books open in every nook and cranny of the room, utensils more reminiscent of butcher's tools, etc. At the back of the room is a door from which come out complaints of suffering people, probably injured. Beside the door, a man is busy behind a desk and leafing through various books.

The latter introduces himself to the companions as Thélyron, the legendary healer who managed to cure the Duchess of Arata of her inexhaustible thirst with a pinch of atropa belladona in her tea, every morning. Whoever has discovered that a single application of cicuta douglasii tincture on the tongue can stop aging.

Rassilon ends up getting him to stop his list of exploits to ask him for more information about his apprentice and his mysterious Revolutionary Healing Stone. The adventurer's group therefore learned that the apprentice in question is named Eveline and that she shows a critical sense and a rigorous attitude when it comes to making delicate medical choices. Thélyron also teaches them that the famous stone makes him from a small village to the north, named Val d'Argent and that it was given to him by an abbot who had previously blessed him in order to confer his powers of healing, but that she refuses anyone to study her.

Thélyron sets out again in his endless tirades on his exploits and the capacities of Eveline that he helped to develop, that he taught her everything and much more. Exasperated, Madora crushes his foot and asks him firmly where Eveline is. Rassilon and Estelle smile when they see Madora's behavior, as for Bairdotr, she looks at Madora's behavior with a puzzled air, wondering if it was normal behavior or not. Thélyron explains that Evelin is in the next room, trying to save two seriously injured people.

The four friends therefore go to the room where Eveline is. In the latter are two men lying on beds. The first appears to be an old man with a serious head injury while the second, a young man in his thirties, also appears to have a serious head injury.

 " Excuse me ! It's a private dispensary! By the Seven, who do you think you are to land here? outside I tell you! At once ! "


 “Calm down, we are here to lend a hand and help you. "


 *sigh* "Sorry ... it's this job ... Basically, who am I to play with life and death like this?" I am an apprentice in the healing arts. But this decision is diametrically opposed to it. I only have one healing stone, see, and two badly wounded men are in dire need of it. "


 "Can you give us details of the two men in question?" "


 “The first is Boris, one of the few merchants brave enough to use trade routes infested with undead and Orcs. A game man, but an excellent trader, before he was struck with a club from the northern orc. Lucky for him, a cattle dealer found him at the gates of death and brought him here without delay. The second is Steven. The typical example of the veteran of Cyséal, who recently had the joy of being a grandfather for the third time. He was leading a team of builders when an ill-fitting beam hit him right in the temple, a few days before retirement! Almost everyone in Cyséal knows Steven's smile and, as you can imagine, his family really cares about him. "


 “It's an easy choice! The youngest and most vigorous generation should be privileged! "


 “In the animal world, I completely agree, but in the human world, it's more complicated. "


 " Exact. But tell me about this stone, where did you get it? Why can't you heal both with the latter? "


 “It's a very curious relic. I got it from a nice abbot named Loïc, from the town of Val d'Argent, to the north. He is part of a cult whose faithful call themselves the “Immaculate” and believe that certain stones have the ability to heal bruised flesh! I have to say I was skeptical at first about his claims, but something happened when he handed the stone to me: a small cut I had on my hand instantly closed, leaving no stone unturned. trace! But ... The stone can only be used once before becoming inert again and recharging. It then takes time to recover its magical properties. And unfortunately, by the time it recharges, it will be too late for either of them. "


 "I see ... My decision is made. Boris's life is just beginning, we can't end it now. The stone must come back to him. "


 “No way Boris will receive this stone rather than Steven. Think of his wife, his children and grandchildren! "


 “Steven is an old man, he has had a long and full life. It's sad, but Boris should have this chance too. "


Estelle and Rassilon strongly disagree, Madora and Bairdotr also find this choice difficult and also disagree. After long minutes of debate which saw the tone rise among all, Rassilon finally manages to convince that choosing Boris is the best.

"So Boris? Either, I'll give him the stone. I still rejoice that I can save at least one of the two, even though my heart is broken for the other. "


As Evelin uses the stone, bluish lightning comes out of it and thunders Rassilon, Estelle, Bairdotr and Madora and completely blinds them.

The group gets up in an unknown place, in the middle of ruins. It is very dark and all around them is only a starry sky, without a single moon.

Upon closer inspection, they notice that they are in fact on a rock that floats in the vastness of the sky.

 "What ... what happened?" "


 "This stone ... I don't know how, it sent us to the stars".


 "Is this a dream? "


 " I do not believe. Or we all do the same. "


Confused and lost, the four companions do not know what to do. After observing around, they notice a glow in the distance and they decide to go there. They don't know who or what awaits them there, but one thing is certain, if they want to return, they have to find answers ...

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