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Going on an adventure to explore an ancient temple, you have arrived in front of what appears to be a natural harrow. Decided to go ahead anyway, you fall into a trap. After an unfortunate fall, you find yourself trapped in what appears to be an ancient labyrinth. Alone and destitute, you are forced to find an exit to this dark basement. The place looks strange and eerie, and the sheer darkness of the place wouldn't necessarily scare you, but a strange voice rings out and chills your blood. The latter welcomes you and decides to guide you in this dark place. Without really knowing its purpose or towards what end it will lead you, you decide to listen to it in order to survive. So, alone and unarmed in the face of darkness and its many dangers, you move forward in search of an exit.

Inspired by Dungeon Explorer in first person, I can't escape : Darkness is a dark and oppressive game. The title indeed puts on a fragile but realistic side of the hero. We feel weak and vulnerable in the face of many dangers. Lost in this place that breathes death and humidity, you will have to move forward on your own in order to survive and escape from this anteroom of hell. Having initially only a flashlight and a backpack, you will quickly find various items that can help you in your quest.

Your inventory, limited to your backpack, is necessarily limited. Everything here has a realistic limit, and you will never be able to carry more than your bag allows. Items are also subject to restriction and have their own lifespan. As you can see, the batteries in your flashlight are running out or the lighter gas is flying. The weapons will not be outdone and will also be minimalist and realistic.

And it is thanks to this modest paraphernalia that you will advance more and more deeply in this dungeon where you will have to be most careful because there are many ways to die here. From simple poisonous mushrooms accidentally eaten, to rats and questionable plants, everything is done to make your life difficult. Many traps will regularly arise in front of you, regularly causing you to suffer or die as the case may be.

Filled with traps but also puzzles, the title will take you on a journey through many rooms and corridors where it will not be rare to meet various demonic creatures such as ghosts or even living walls seeking to crush you. You will therefore have to constantly be on the lookout but also use your brains to solve various puzzles and thus advance in better conditions. Because yes, everything will not be delivered to you on a tray, and you will have to search the rooms and guess their mechanisms if you want to find new objects useful for your getaway. Fortunately, many notes left by old explorers will be there to help you significantly.

You can also draw a map of each floor, which will be of great use to you during your wanderings. The exploration will indeed prove to be quite long and it will be important to refer to it regularly to move forward more easily. The different floors, as for them, will have to be visited with care because many clues will be hidden everywhere. So it's up to you to explore as much as you can, in order to discover for yourself the mechanisms that will allow you to survive and move forward.

Dark, obscure and oppressive, the title from Fancy Fish Games may well make you live long hours of stress and fear. Having a difficulty all the same important, you will be advised to advance cautiously and to save regularly. Echoing old titles such as the famous Myst for its lonely and oppressive vibe, I can't escape : Darkness will want to be intense and thoughtful.

In the end, we end up with a game that is certainly difficult, but with an oppressive and unique atmosphere. Addicting and stressful, this game will awaken your darkest fears, offering you a most successful cocktail of monsters and darkness.

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