Overwatch – Patch notes du 12-04-16

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On the night of April 11-12, Overwatch's beta servers were shut down in order to deploy a balancing patch of around 1 GB. Let's see what the beast has in store for us.


The time taken to capture points on the following maps has been increased:

  • Point A of Volskaya Industries
  • Point B of Volskaya Industries
  • Point A de King's Row

Classified games

In order to reduce the waiting time of players classified in Heroic rank, they will be able to evolve with players not being classified in Heroic after a certain time spent in the queue.

Hero balancing


Tracker (MAJ. G.) draws smaller targets closer to you.

The movement penaltySquarer (A) has been reduced.


The stun duration of Grenade Flash (E) is increased by 0.2 seconds.

The waiting time before you can shoot again after using Grenade Flash (E) has been increased by 0.2 seconds.


Loads of Seismic shock (A) can no longer be generated by the use of Seismic shock (A)


Other changes were made including bug fixes and improved performance on CPUs that do not support hyper-threading. For more details, see the patch notes on the beta forums.



A good change for McCree, his grenade being even more dangerous! Chopper receives changes for a better quality of life, and that's no denial!

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