Blade & Soul - Little Scarab Guide: Undine Transformation Stones

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Welcome back, little scarab! Today will be a short lesson, but one that can be very useful to you, as it will be useful for the other little beetle Talyssia who wanted more details on the subject.

So I will explain to you how to make . Remember, during our lesson on the evolution of equipment, you may have realized that a lot is needed (among other things).

From there, two possible choices: either you buy them at the market (usually 6 right now), or you make them (or you ask a nice gentleman to make them for you in exchange for the components).

I'm not going to teach you how to buy in the market, I think you can manage for that. So let's see how to make them.


In total, you will need four professions to be able to craft them: Logger, Green Hands, Enchanted Potter and Order of Balance (it is this profession that allows you to make stones). With these four trades, it is possible to be completely independent for the manufacture of these stones.

First, here is the list of materials you will need to make these stones (you get 10 at once for making them). Note that you will need to reach Rank 3 in the Potters Guild to be able to craft them.

  •  x100
  •  x10
  •  x5
  •  x5
  • 13 8


Soul stones

Soulstones can be collected as rewards from faction quests, in the Misty Woods, and in the Seaside Outpost. You can also collect some by doing PvP and trading your .

For more details, I invite you to go reread our previous lesson.

Undine tears

To recover , it is on the side of the dungeons that it happens. And more precisely on the four dungeons of the Big 4 (the level 45 blue dungeons) and the Leviathan Horde.

Quartz ondin

For these , you will have to arm yourself with patience, because you have to farm in the region of the Undine Plains to be able to collect these materials on harvesting nodes. These nodes are visible on your map, only they are also visible to other players, and therefore it will happen very often that the node has already been harvested.

Another point, to be able to harvest this , you will also need a , which you can buy at the market or craft with the Enchanted Potter craft, for:

  •  x1
  •  x3
  • 13 8

High quality snow white clay refiner

This is where it goes bad! Did you think until then that it was awfully complicated to make the stones? Wait, you haven't seen anything yet!

Already, the first step is to obtain the Secret Technique of this , which is in the Dungeon Ruines de Brillepierre (a priori, it can only be found here). Which will already represent a significant amount of time depending on your luck. You can also buy it at the market if you don't have the courage, but know that at the moment it is traded for around 21.

Once the Secret Technique has been acquired, here are the materials required to craft them (note that you get 5 at once when you start crafting):

  •  x5
  •  x1
  •  x5
  •  x10
  • 13 8

But it is still necessary to be able to manufacture  et .

Snow white clay refiner

Materials required (for 5 Refiners):

  •  x10, to be ordered from Green Hands
  •  x5
  • 2 56

If you remember the lesson on crafting, you remember that you have to collect samples first to be able to order from the guild (50 minutes for the order). Little reminder if you no longer know where to find them:

Undine Plains, Lycandi Foothills

White cedar sap

The profession of Logger allows you to command the . But as for the , it will be necessary to collect a sample to be able to place an order (20h for the order).

The sap is located at the top of this climbing plant. Go to the left side to climb it.

Total Materials Required

You are not discouraged at least are you? No ? Wait, here is the total of the materials to be collected to craft 10  :

  •  x110
  •  x15
  •  x10
  •  x10
  •  x1
  • 41 84 (only manufacturing costs, not including pickaxes or other ancillary costs)


There you have it, now you know everything you need to be able to make (or have made) stones. Now ... good luck!

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