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Today we are going to see one of the metal workers: the gunsmith. Be sure to check out the Crafting Mini-Guide before reading this article. For information specific to the gunsmith (locations, spells), consult his arsenal sheet.

Remember to look at the Blacksmith's craft book, some confections are needed for this one and vice versa.

Class quests

As you already know, no matter what class you are going to take on FFXIV: ARR, you will have to complete a quest every 5 levels giving you gils, experience as well as a tool (primary or secondary ) and equipment.

  • Lv 1: 1 Bronze Ingot
  • Hv 5: 3 Hoplon
  • Lv.10: 12 Bronze Plate
  • Lv 15: 1 Ornate Barbute and 1 Rondache
  • Lv 20: 1 Iron Hoplon set with a materia of your choice
  • Lv 25: 1 HQ Steel Ingot
  • Lv 30: 1 Chainmail HQ Steel
  • Lv 35: 1 HQ Steel Frying Pan
  • Lv 40: 1 Mithril Breastplate HQ
  • Lv 45: 1 Mithril HQ Coated Caligae, 1 HQ Reinforced Mithril Elmo and 1 Mithril HQ Sabatons
  • Lv 50: 1 Haubergeon In Cobalt HQ set with Divine Gaze Materia III


Place of mandates

  • Nv 5: Red Rooster farm - Bass Noscea
  • Nv 10: The swift - Western wedding
  • Nv 15: Port-aux-Ales - Western Noscea
  • Nv 20: Quarry mill - Southern forest
  • Nv 25: Quarry mill - Southern forest
  • Nv 30: Costa del Sol - Oriental wedding
  • Nv 35: Observatoire - Coerthas
  • Nv 40: White Ridge Post - Coerthas
  • Nv 45: Find of Saint Coinach - Mother Dhona


List of mandates


As said before, look on the side of the Blacksmith's notebook to see if you have any items where there would be Armorer prerequisites. This could save you some valuable money orders.

Alternatively, you can also use theGames Managers tool regarding warrants to calculate how many items you need per tier!


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