SWTOR - 4.0 - Event vendors

The recurring events follow one another in SWTOR, but the vendors who offered the exclusive items were still scattered across the galaxy. With this update 4.0, they put their suitcases on the fleet to all offer their various items in the same place. And as a bonus, a new saleswoman appears and offers items from past events.

To find them, head to the Cartel Bazaar on the fleet.


Recurring events

Currently, three events return regularly in SWTOR: the Gree, the Bounty Hunt and the Rakghouls. Vendors offer items exclusive to these events. The list of these objects has not changed much, so I invite you to find our previous guides on the subject:

  • The enclave of the Gree
  • The OHNR (Hyland Organization for the Neutralization of Rakghouls)
  • The Association of Premium Brokers
  • Jeelvic

The only new items are decorations that we present to you here.


Ambassador Ky'lee / Jirrik

This young woman / Chagrian is therefore the new NPC, who will offer you items from old events that will not return. Like the Chevin event (the Acquisitions Race) or the first version of the Rakghoul event.

But if these events don't come back, I'm sure you'll ask me how to get these famous items! Rest assured, the developers have thought of everything, and to get these items, you will only need the currencies collected from the three recurring events discussed above. Be careful, that does not mean that it will be easy to obtain them. You will see it right away, you will have to earn these items!


Coins :

 Completed Bounty Hunting Contract

 Gray Propeller Component

 Rakghoul DNA Cartridge

  • Diverse
  • Chevins
  • Rakgoules

Decoration: Ambassador Ky'lee (Republic) / Ambassador Jirrik (Empire)

15, 10, 13


Red shiny powder

5, 3, 4


12, 8, 10

Automatic laser crossbow Precision laser crossbow Light laser crossbow

Hypersonic shredder Kashyyyk's Legacy Assassin's Touch


Bloodguard Sandmen armor set

155, 102, 123


Decoration: Representative Chevin

20, 13, 17

Vehicle: Hyrotii Pickup

50, 33, 43

Republic Containment Armor Set

110, 70, 94


Glad to see the return of these old objects?

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