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In a recent poll, gamers reported that current bots aren't human enough, yet they don't want them to be stronger.

This new update therefore aims to improve the bots in their behavior and their analysis according to the situations available to them, such as for example dodging shooting skills or counter-attacking an action:

Thanks to this change, bots can now try to dodge shooting skills ... but that's not perfect.
If Veigar casts all of his spells on a bot and that bot survives, the bot has no reason to run away. On the contrary, now is the time to crush this miserable little @ $! # !.

On the other hand, a bot will not be able to jump obstacles with a skill or a summoner spell and there will be no jungler bot that will help its bot friends on another line. But the classic "Flash in + ulti" can be used by bots:

A human easily understands why a path suddenly turns left or right: it's because there is a wall straight ahead! A bot, on the other hand, is content to follow its "autopathing".
Bot Annie can now chain Flash-Stun-Tibbers. Plan a change of underwear.

Thus, bots will soon be more human, more reactive in the face of a situation of danger or an opportunity, more intelligent in their analysis and therefore more difficult to kill. Co-op vs AI games will be a lot more fun and realistic than before.
For more information on these upcoming changes, it's here!

Are you ready to take on these new bots? 

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