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Present with Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Elder Scrolls Online is this weekend at the Paris video game show, Paris Games Week. Aayla brought us a photo at the risk of her life:

Many images were posted on social media, including Twitter. Small anthology to see the stand from all angles!


Twitter Visitors

At # PGW13 we test elder scrolls online at the Bethesda booth! @TESOnline_fr

— Lacaille loic (@Not_loic) October 30, 2013

Test of #ESO with my cabbages! 3 factions ... beautiful revival of DaoC.A us the PVP people! #PGW

- Marie (@MarieCPalot) October 30, 2013


Official Twitter

We will be present with #ESO throughout @ParisGamesWeek, don't forget to drop by!

— ElderScrollsOnlineFR (@TESOnline_fr) October 31, 2013

If you want to try your hand at #ESO, don't forget we're at @ParisGamesWeek until tomorrow night!

— ElderScrollsOnlineFR (@TESOnline_fr) November 2, 2013

Cosplay is not mandatory to come and say hello to us on the #ESO booth during @ParisGamesWeek!

— ElderScrollsOnlineFR (@TESOnline_fr) November 2, 2013

The #ESO team will be there for you throughout this three day weekend at @ParisGamesWeek!

— ElderScrollsOnlineFR (@TESOnline_fr) November 1, 2013

The calm before the storm, #ESO at # PGW13. RT @ Jeremy_Eg Elder Scrolls Online before opening that's it!

— ElderScrollsOnlineFR (@TESOnline_fr) November 1, 2013

Soon the end of @ParisGamesWeek, but we met some # ESO fans! Are you past this week?

— ElderScrollsOnlineFR (@TESOnline_fr) November 3, 2013

Last #ESO game session at Paris Games Week. Thank you all for coming!

— Bethblog Spain (@bethblog_fr) November 3, 2013



And the game won an award at the show: best MMO!

After E3 and Gamescom, it's the turn of Paris Games Week to reward #ESO!

— Bethblog Spain (@bethblog_fr) November 1, 2013


Did you have the chance to brave the crowds to test the game? Or would you rather wait for it to arrive in your living room?

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