WildStar - World Boss Event January 7-11

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From January 7 at 11:01 a.m. to January 11 at 8:59 a.m., a special World Boss in-game event will take place!

The principle is simple: by killing a World Boss (list and locations here), in a raid group or not, you will get to 100% chance a bling-bling token to be exchanged with a seller in capital. You also have a certain chance of stumbling across a safe key allowing you to open the chests obtained at the end of the dungeons, note that they are normally only recoverable in the in-game store.

In addition to the World Bosses, each creature in Nexus has a low chance of dropping a token, players who are not level 50 will still be able to enjoy the event by simply playing WildStar.

Finally, the number of particles to spawn a boss has been lowered, allowing you to make them appear faster!

In terms of rewards, you will have a new NPC in each capital, at the Academy Corner (1203, -2412) in Thayd, and at the Alpha Spaceport (-3353, -542) in Illium, which will exchange you nice gifts for tokens. bling-bling, including:

  • a Vegetable Launcher Toy
  • a Grass Green Dye
  • a companion lopp hunter
  • a Crusher Mount (Lopp)
  • some other trinkets ...


What a little occupy the players while waiting for the next update (our assumptions on the content to come here!)!

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