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You asked for it, here's the guide to the vehicles currently available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are 4 types of vehicles in Star Wars: The Old Republic:

  • 90%. Costs 35 credits. Purchasable at 000 for subscribers, at 15 for others.
  • 100%. Costs 150 credits. Purchasable at 000 for subscribers, 30 for others.
  • 110%. Costs 330 credits. Purchasable at 000 for subscribers, 40 for others.
  • variable speed (depending on the license purchased)

You will also find the vehicles missing during the updates at the end of the list. It is also possible, through inheritance, to reduce the level at which one can buy a license:

  • at level 10: inheritance 2 / 40k credits or 475 Cartel Coins
  • at level 25: Legacy 3 / 175k Credits or 225 Cartel Coins
  • at level 35: Legacy 5 / 250k Credits or 225 Cartel Coins

Then you have to buy vehicles whose cost varies from a few thousand (8000 credits) to more than a million credits! I will try to make a point to help you make your choice. There are also mounts that can be crafted with the Cybernetics profession, which can be collected in operations and hot spots or in the f2p store.

Although more expensive, 110% vehicles are much more resistant to enemy fire, so you will no longer be slowed down in your mad rush through enemy troops!


Location of sellers

There are only a limited number of mount vendors:

- the Market at the fleet station : the speeder merchant, the dark side merchant, the light side merchant in the "Galactic Market" district
- the VIP lounge, above the Cantina, on the fleet station: the VIP merchant
- Tatooine : Mos Ila or Anchorhead, next to Taxi station
- Tatooine : the Merchant of social objects in the Cantina in Mos Ila or Anchorhead
- Tatooine : black market merchant in the PvP area (coordinates -300, -850)
- Alderaan : Thul Palace or Organa House, next to the Taxi station
- Alderaan : The Social Objects Merchant at the Thul Palace or the Organa House
- Quesh : Republic Base of Operations or Imperial Garrison
- Belsavis : The Mission Support Merchant (Lieutenant Plodd) at the Domination Outpost
- Voss : Nuen the Honest in the Alien Enclave of Voss-Ka


Vehicle 90% from 8000 credits!


100% vehicle from 25 credits!


110% vehicle from 55 credits!


Variable speed vehicle

Missing vehicles

In 1.2, vehicles disappear.

You can find practically all the vehicles in the tab Collections from now on !

Updates :

  • 12/03/2013: Contraband Resale Company (Diplomat's Meditation Airplane, Ubrikki Purple Skull and Overlord's Throne of Command), Blue Sphere
  • 18/02/2013: Firaxa Praxon
  • 12/01/2013: Ambassador meditation aerochaise and diplomat meditation aerochaise
  • 09/01/2013: Leader Longspur
  • 12/12/2012: Diplomat's Meditation Hoverchair et STAP royal Longspur
  • 16/11/2012: cartel market vehicles and focus on the subject
  • 10/11/2012: Desler
  • 20/08/2012: Hirotii collector (Chevin event)
  • 06/04/2012: price change, new vehicles and vehicles removed (1.2)
  • 02/03/2012: missing photos
  • 11/01/2012: photos and location of vehicles
  • 12/01/2012: location of Gurian Hammer (Marteau Gurian) and Orlean Flurry (Salve Orlean)

Photo credits: Zam and Torhead

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