Project Genom - Arrival of the Open World

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In order to end the year on the right foot, Project Genom is offering itself an important update. Among the main novelties, the world is now without loading screen, allowing you to visit the map without any delay!

For its part, the progression system is now based on a principle of internal organs. There are 3 possibilities: do not change anything and remain human, replace organs with implants to progressively evolve into a synthetic being or undergo genetic modifications and become a mutant. Each organ gives access to active and passive skills, for which it is necessary to invest points gained during the installation of an implant. Developing and replacing an implant allows you to gain more points, therefore more skills.

It is also planned a disease management : while traveling, the character can contract an ailment that affects an organ and will gradually block the active and passive skills that depend on that organ. It will then be essential to quickly find a cure or the disease will progress, which can go as far as infecting the whole organism!

The game is available now for early access! For more information, you can find my overview on the alpha a few weeks ago.

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