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When it was released, the Sims 4 has been talked about a lot, especially with the lack of certain objects and certain construction modes that we already had in the Sims 3. Little by little, the updates arrived and today we finally have access to the swimming pools!

The mode of Constructions swimming pools has been worked a lot, allowing in particular to be able to make diagonal swimming pools, on any floor of a house and even on the roof! The height of the walls can also be changed to be able to control the depth and we can also put windows on the walls to be able to make windowed pools which are absolutely beautiful!

To build a swimming pool, it's simple: in the mode Construction, click on the tab Construction then on the swimming pool image. Different predefined pools are available (triangular, square, diagonal, octagonal) but it is quite possible to use the pool tool to create the one of our dreams!

Different types of predefined construction

Pool tool construction mode

The decorations of the swimming pools are numerous. You can add lighting, windows as indicated above, as well as textures for floors and walls to create an original swimming pool.

Swimming pool in windowed floor

The above ground pools are also possible. However, don't forget to make a path for the Sims to access it. You can add a foundation to it by removing the walls or you can have a pool above the ground with a bit more height.

Example of an above ground pool

Your Sims can enjoy the pool with news interactions, including socialize with your feet in the water ou splash other Sims.

Pool Party !

New types of deaths are also appearing thanks to swimming pools such as drowning wanting to take a midnight swim!

Watch out for drowning!

Here is some pictures which I found interesting and which, I hope, will give you ideas for making your own creations!

rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (dot) com). We will be happy to publish the most original!

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