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A circular from Explosive Devices Office Imperial (BEE) has just been made public. She charges the participants with an event called Day of Life, accused of terrorism. Officials have obtained an official license to trade on the Vaiken spaceport. They encourage improper behavior, such as dancing, singing, and a certain affection towards wookiee enemies. The BEE therefore took steps to ensure that the goods of this "Master of ceremonies"are classified according to section 53-T relating to contraband.

Here is a short list of the material sold by these organizers:

  • The snowball : If it does not seem at first glance to be able to cause great damage, this object is likely to cause great disturbance because its main purpose is to be thrown at its neighbors. In addition, some would collect surprise packages that would serve as change for larger goods. Its price is exorbitant compared to its quality since it is not less than 1 credits.
  • Sled : this speeder exceeds the authorized quota of festive decorations and is particularly noisy. It would be worth 24 of these packages contained in the snowballs. If you find one, we recommend that you send it to us so that our scientific team can study it.
  • Special fireworks : these are explosives in the shape of a tree, sold for 500 credits. Know if you activate one that you are solely responsible for the damage caused. BEE insists on this point.
  • Cyan sphere : there seems to be a connection between the decadents of the Day of Life and the Gree. The Gray Secant has been spotted approaching Ilum. And to get this speeder, you need 16 of their gray propellers but also 36 packs covered with snow.


The license of these Day of Life officials is supposed to last from the 17th until the end of the month. Until then, BEE advises you to be careful.

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