Deliver Us The Moon - First Look At Fundraising Game

I had the chance to preview Deliver Us The Moon, developed by the Dutch studio Keoken Interactive. This exploration / survival game plunges us into the shoes of an astronaut sent to the Moon in order to save humanity. I want to clarify that the graphics are in epic quality.



The game kicks off with an introduction that puts us in context: humanity has run out of resources and is on the verge of extinction. The WSA (Worldwide Space Agency) decides to send an astronaut on a one-way trip to find a solution on the Moon.

Here I am in the basements of the WSA. I cross long cold corridors to arrive on a catwalk. There is no one with me. I come to the surface. The environment around me is hostile. There are sand dunes as far as the eye can see. And in front of me is the rocket that I'm going to enter and flee from Earth.

I continue to walk slowly towards the rocket. Around me is material and the absence of human affection. I take the elevator to climb to the top of the thruster. Here I am finally in the cockpit.

Two screens are in front of me and a multitude of buttons surround me. I follow the instructions on the screen to start the device. I lower the helm of the main engine. It's decided, it's too late, I'm leaving this planet. The rocket begins to fly * as does my PS3 controller plugged into my computer which became possessed when the game made it vibrate *. Once in space, I follow the procedures to reach the space station.

I continue my journey without oxygen. I start to run to activate the generators of the bridge leading to the moon. I found a few oxygen cylinders that managed to keep me alive. I finally find the footbridge and arrive at the lunar station. Fortunately, the latter has oxygen and I go on a visit in search of objects. I come across an Electric Pulse Pistol, a weapon that allows me to open doors that require energy to function.

I open a few more doors and arrive in front of generators. On a table is an inanimate robot in cylindrical shape. I put it on the pedestal in the center of the generators that I turn on. The robot comes to life and decides to follow me. I decide to call him Bobby.

Bobby and I are the only ones present at the station. I did not find any human. I find myself in front of an ultimate defective footbridge. Bobby fixes it and we are out of the station. We walk on the Moon without knowing what could happen to us ...


The demonstration of the game ends on our exit from the station. Deliver Us The Moon promises an original exploration game in space and, if the budget hits its mark, the game could be released in alpha very soon. I leave you on the two trailers of the game:


The development team has just launched a Kickstarter to fund the development of the game! So if this preview has convinced you, do not hesitate to donate a few euros to contribute to the future success of the game, with levels of rewards!

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