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This Tuesday, Update 2.4: Dread Warfare rolled out to servers and with it the moon Oricon. And who says new area says new story elements. On Oricon, these are six in number: one for each of the dreadmasters remaining after the operation Lair of Infamous Malandrins and one on the Dread Fortress. Here are their locations.


The Dread Fortress

This element is the easiest to find if we follow the series of quests proposed and / or if we do the new operations: it is indeed the large banner just between the camps of the two factions near the start. to the operation "The Dread Fortress".


Holocron of corruption

This entry is dedicated to the Dreadmaster Bestia. We find the holocron near the entrance to the phase to enter the cave to the south where you have to face a subteroth. A few jumps will be necessary to be able to access it, but nothing too complicated.

First, take the path that goes up to the left of the phase entrance, then go right after the hostile NPC group and the chest. From there, you will have to make a few jumps, the stages of which you can see on the various screenshots.


Holocron of visions

This holocron is the least easy to find in my opinion and it is dedicated to Dread Master Calphayus. Start by going upstairs to the watchtower through the portal that you find in the cave (you must have gone through it to get the way to enter the dread fortress during the questline). Once upstairs, look to the left of the platform, on a small piece of stone behind a lava fall and there it is! After a little jump without difficulty, you can access this story element. Then you have the choice: jump into the lava, into the void or call a shuttle.


Fireworks holocron

Rather easy to find and obtain, the holocron is dedicated to Dreadmaster Brontes. It's simply located on the back of one of the many disabled droids that can be found. Hop onto a droid's paw and then onto its back, and the codex entry is yours.


Holocron of Trials

Equally easy to find and obtain, the holocron on Dreadmaster Raptus is located at the southern entrance to the Heroic Zone.


Stratagem Holocron

Finally, the entrance linked to the Dread Master Tyrants is located in the heart of the heroic zone, under a tent guarded by half a dozen NPCs. Nothing insurmountable even in solo, a priori, but nothing prevents going there when you do the heroic daily quest (and its bonus, which is right next to it) in a group.


Codex entries

For those who are unwilling or unable to retrieve these items but would still like to have the story, here are the resulting codex entries:

Codex entries


And there you are, you are now "Historian of Oricon", and above all you know more about the peculiarities of each of the masters of fear, while they were until now only relatively little discernible from each other .

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